15 comments on “The Mister United Continents 2015 Glamshots

  1. Mr. Philippines… please try to feel sexy so that you will look sexy. I agree with what has been said, there’s something lacking ngayon. Your picutres in MUCP even looked better and they were far fiercer.

    I do not know who coaches you or who your NatDir/handler is…and honestly I don’t care. But that person is not doing you justice. Focus instead on the inspiriration na ibinibigay sa iyo ng mga kababayan, kaibigan at pamilya mo…that inspiration will make you perform better…and win the title.

    Alindog pa more…!!!!!! 🙂

  2. parang tight (no pun intended) ang competition parang nawawala ang spark sa manok natin for me. For me that ones really hot is Indonesia (but i think he’s short) Guam (this guy oozes sex, sex, sex), Namibia (hot but konti push pa), Angola (this guy knows his angles very well) and Philippines (kulang pa Rey, always remember competition na to not test shots, medyo nawala spark mo dito, find ur angles flex more on those muscles and kahit its a guy’s glamshots its more than ok to have that long neck.

    • mahina yata ng NatDir ny kya siguro ganayan…walang push, walang guidance, walang direction. The next most influential person in a delegat’s pageant performance is his NatDir. Kaya ganayan

  3. My TOP 6… In no particular order…

    Dominican Republic

  4. So how many delegates in total have participated? I wish the org success so that there’ll be more delegates next year!

  5. Kawawang Pakistan, naubusan ng battery ang digicam at kinunan using Nokia phone.

    #NoTeaNoShade #Truth

  6. Mas gwapo pa rin ang mga Asians. Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia at Borneo.

    • next year may rep na rin ang cordillera at bangsamoro! 😆

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