18 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: We never get tired of Venus, Shamcey, Janine, Ariella and MJ

  1. this video explains why MJ didn’t enter the top 5, unlike her predecessors. and it wasn’t the gown.

  2. MJ was the worst then Shamcey but the latter’s head made up for what was lacking physically. Venus looked like the winner until the Q&A . Janine was the winner from beginning to end. I could see Ariella placing better than no 4 but it was the judges.
    Overall, the 1st four made great transformations physically prior to MU. MJ did not improve at all so I was not surprised she lost.

  3. Beautiful video, thank u for sharing it, just brought glistening tears to my eyes… anyhow, I hope MJ or should i say Stella fucking Araneta didn’t kill our luck…I am still hopeful for at least a runner up. Though my intuition says Ms Japan will definitely win the crown but I’m hopeful with Pia Papaya to be a runner up. I just hope there’s that change from the org that they would let our own candidates wear our very own proud creations of amazing Filipino designers…

    ps: tito norms, what happened to those hot men competing some Mister whatever pageant? was hoping to get a glimpse of those hot men this weekend

  4. The photo and the video above were taken from one of my Youtube videos that was published in February this year.

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