11 comments on “Christine Balaguer: To Re-join or Not

  1. Is it true that the reason for her disqualification at BBP was the airing of her life story at MMK during the contest period? Whatever it is, it is already “water under the bridge”. However, if she is still qualified for MWP, I think she would be an excellent representative to this Beauty With A Purpose pageantry. The novelty of it all– a physically challenged spokesperson, a competitive paddler-cum-ramp model, an exotic beauty from a Third World country– would be a tremendous value-adding points to the MW brand. In today’s noisy troubled world, where the voice of reason and compassion is easily drowned out by political harangues from the high and the mighty, a nonverbal message can resonate more effectively. I believe a physically challenged MW will not only be a good role model for the youth, but will also be an effective influencer to corporate sponsors about the “beauty in giving”.

  2. She can join modeling pageant international. ANTM, there are pageant that are not looking for spokeperson.

  3. Pahinga na sya sa pageant.
    Tama na nang naging inspirasyon sya ng mga pipi at bingi.

    Sa totoo lang hindi naman sya “beauty queen” material.
    Na highlight lang ang pagiging pipi ang bingi sa circuit ng beauty pageant.

  4. Im sure the reason why she was removed is because of her nude photos. She has been modeling for a long time with a lot of sexy pictorials and ive seen a couple around.

    • kaya siguro mum na rin ang bpci para ma protektahan ng slight image nya.

      • pero sa tono ng pananalita (well, ng chat convo) nya with tito norms, hopeful na hopeful pa si ateng. so her disqualification must be caused by something tentative. i dont think someone disqualified for nude photos would think of rejoining since alam naman na nya na hindi sya matatanggap.

  5. i don’t see a winner in her. Sorry but i think hindi sya maganda

  6. No offense meant but if Balaquer wins, how will she be a spoke person (literally) if she is deaf and or mute?
    I get that she can win with that face ; no question . Will there be an interpreter all the time along her side to be with with the press ? What if she wins the Universe title ? How will she represent PI? To Donald Trump ? Chances are so slim i suppose.

    I do not hate the idea ( of Balaquer winning ) – but i do not it love either.My point is let us be practical . But that s just me .

    Btw …@ Norman, on the picture of Balaquer wearing black and white , may i know the lady wearing green long sleeves and lady in white ? They are gorgeous .

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