6 comments on “The Q&A that won for Trixie Maristela the Ms. Gay Manila 2015 crown

  1. I love this Q&A portion…. If I have to chose between a practical answer and a pageant patty answer.. I would preffer the pageant patty route… Why?.. Joinning a pageant is usually one of the few moments in your life where everyone are all ears to hear your thoughts… as cliche as it may seem, I will give all my efforts to assert my advocacies when given the opportunity and that chance is during the Q&A portion.. It is a chance for you to inspire everyone to change the world for the better so why waste it?! 🙂

  2. Based on the interview alone, nobody came close to the eventual winner. She gave the best answer, one that appeals to the intellect and emotion. Not shallow, not mayabang, not pabibo, not pa-impress, not trying to be funny. Only sincere, smart, honest and heartfelt answer. Great job. She elevates the image of a transgender woman and LGBT as a whole to the highest level. One that is worthy of respect and love. Kapuri puri ka Trixie. Punong puno ng class and sophistication.

    • Asus, impress ka na sa ganyang standard ng sagot sa final q&a? Pag nakausap mo.si God ganyan mo ba sya dapat tanungin? At puro LGBT laman ng utak based on his/her answer. Hanggang ganun na lng ba talaga? Ang babaw. Buti sana kundi sana nagstammer para technically man lng maimpress aq.

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