5 comments on “Of Headshots, Glamshots, Talents and National Costumes

  1. Guam is hot and i find angola is hot as well. Tito Norms where are the rest of the head shots would love to give them head hahaha… more of these tito norms.. btw, Guam i think is short.

  2. Could the organizers please publish the official height of the delegates?

    The thing is we are making predictions based on face value and what we see online. And the pictures do not do justice to effectively approximate the comparable height of the delegates.

    I like Indonesia. He is handsome, sexy and charming. But he stands 177cm, and that is below 5’10”. Philippines stands at 182cm and is definitely taller than Indonesia. Lebanon and Dominican Republic are definitely much taller than both. Guam is unfortunately not as tall.

    So who will bag the crown? If the shorter guys will, then definitely that deviates from history, where no International title holder stands below 5’11” (and Neil Perez is the shortest at 5’11”). I think that if MUC chooses a “short” delegate, that would be a strategic mistake.

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