6 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Shamcey Supsup’s life before the pageant

  1. for me, ang muntik na nating 3rd MU Crown ay kay Miriam Quiambao 1999, Venus Raj 2010 and Janine Tugonon 2012.

    • Between 2010 through 2013, anyone of them could have/should have walked away with the crown. 🙂

  2. What’s with all the “ahs”.. I thought she is eloquent. I don’t like speakers who fill their speeches with Ahs. It doesn’t sound smart.

  3. If ever there was a time I was sure The Philippines was getting its third MU crown, it was the night Shamcey competed in MU. She was flawless that night and she was a super beauty. Even her final answer impressed me. It was so not pageant patty and it blew me out of the water. No insult meant to Miss Angola but that night belonged to Shamcey. The Spanish commentators that I listened to thaat night were going crazy for her. When the translucent door opened and Shamcey stepped forward in her evening gown, the commentators went, “WOW!!!”. Alas, it was not meant to be. I kept asking myself after the show, “What more can The Philippines do? That performance was perfect.”

    Shamcey is one of three Filipinas I thought should have won the MU crown. With all due respect to the eventual winners, the three Filipinas that should have won the MU crown the night they competed are Lalaine Bennett, Miriam Q., and Shamcey.

    Just my humble opinion…

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