7 comments on “Alaiza Malinao and Monika Sta. Maria: Future BbP and AsNTM?

  1. Alaiza for Binibini 2016 or 2017 ! Still one of my bets for MUP title !

  2. Alaiza, with the right styling, can cinch a Binibini crown…. Monika on the other hand isvthe winner if Asia’s Next Top Model S3. She can win a Binibini crown as well shoukd she decide to join….

  3. Monika here looks like Carla Abellana at first glance. Beautiful! I really hope she won ASNTM3.

  4. So tapos na pala ang Taping ng Asias Next Top Model? Kasi si Monika matagal na nandito sa Pinas. I wonder kung nanalo sya?

  5. I like Alaiza Malinao’s beauty. Like ko rin si Monika kaya lang based from the photos above, she looks more like a Chinese or Korean beauty. Baka naman sa make up lang.

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