12 comments on “A Message on Health & Fitness from Sam Ajdani

  1. Sam, be yourself and u will win the heart of millions of people! Good luck buddies!!! We will pray for u!!!

  2. Honestly, Neil has the edge because he is very down-to-earth. And we already know each other. Sam is like a dream on a pedestal. He is a nice guy, albeit distant. 😉

  3. Strong contender for Mister World 2015. Best of luck, Sam!

  4. Dream ko talaga magka abs again pero hindi ko kaya kinakain nya.. matutuyo utak ko… LOL

    • Closer2fame, half – half ka? Kala ko talaga 100% girl ka…hehe, sorry sa tanong…lol

      • What?!…

        My personality has nothing to do with my sexuality and vise-versa…

      • But its ok…. hehehe… I understand what your saying! 😀

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