71 comments on “Sunday Specials: A Law on behalf of Filipino-made Gowns?

  1. Walang masama kung maisabatas ito. Pero kailangan bigyan ng budget ng gobyerno ang gown na susuotin. Dapat ang raw materials ay at least 75% gawa at galing Pinas din. Lahat ng problema ng Pinas ay dapat pansin ng gobyerno. Ang Bill na yan ay sa promosyon ng galing at kultura ng Pilipinas.

  2. I thought we want beauty pageants to be relevant. I view this proposed legislation as an excellent way to make beauty pageants a vehicle for showcasing the artistry of our world-class fashion designers and jewelry craftsmen. Beauty pageants are effective venues for promoting our local fashion industry to global markets, indeed less costly than mounting a trade fair or a fashion show in some fashion capitals of the world. No amount 20-seconder would compare to a few minutes of TV exposure of a world-class Filipino fashion creation in an international beauty pageant being watched by billions! All the more if our candidate gets to be in the Top 5, or the eventual winner. A well developed local fashion industry means dollar inflows into the country’s economy, income for the thousands of workers and artisans in the industries that supply the raw materials and provide services to it, and so on down the line of multiplier effects.

    • I agree!!!! If our local designers would use native fabrics in their design… It would showcase the talents of our people as artisans… It could help presserve the dying culture of our native tribes… it will increase the value of our native products and handycrafts… it could create demand for those authentic products and provide jobs/income in our rural areas.. etc…

    • Beauty pageants can be relevant without being constricting.While the bill seems enticing on the outset with its intention to promote the local artists, the repercussions of putting a rule into paper that could become definitive or final for a very, very long time is unpropitious for an industry that is ever evolving. A few minutes of tv exposure is no more than a 20-seconder advertisement if it is only watched once or twice a year. Even if it is watched by billions. Take heed in the fashion industry’s history, and how fashion capitals flourish. Those that became mainstays in this business adopt an attitude of producing the best fabrics, having fashion-fanatic locals, of patronizing top-quality products, keeping the collaboration on a global scale, and attracting top designers be it local or foreign to keep the industry moving forward. These places simply encourage expressiveness and vivacity in artistry. I agree with you on a well-developed local fashion industry as being a good wellspring of income though. But to achieve that is not by working on a possible law that will be one directional. Instead, why not consider making websites that include local top designers and their world class artistry, allow collaboration with franchises and businesses for free, sponsor, blog a lot, encourage the locals to adopt a proactive attitude on being innovative, use facebook, twitter and all other networking services (The Filipinos are way solid on this), use technology a lot, etc. These can be done either at a cost or for free. The good thing is, these things aren’t self-limiting, unlike producing a one-way bill that could plausibly develop animosities with foreign and local artists alike (because local artists will most likely fight for their works to be flaunted every time).

  3. I do not agree as well. Yes we should prioritize our own but hey We should not just limit the possibilities for our representatives. What if she wants a gown made by a designer from another country? Wala na syang right because of the said policy? What will our Filipino Designers feel if a very gorgeous candidate from another country wants to wear his creating but she could not because her country has that policy??? Let us not limit the possibilities. I agree with Aces, beauty pageants are private entity and they have the right to choose and decide for the candidate that they chose to represent our country.

    • Ang layo ng pumili ang candidata ng Foreign designer para sa ikagaganda nya kumpara sa yung national director ang pumili ng gown para sayo na clarong-claro para pumanget at masabotaje ka…. ang layo-layo please lang!

  4. ano ba ang mawawala sa atin kung isasabatas ito. bakit ikumpara ito sa iba pang problema sa pilipinas. Hello, at kahit wala pa itong batas na to hindi na malulutas ang corruption sa atin. Di ba more than decade na tayong nag iingay na patronize Filipino designers at so far hindi naman nangyari kc wala nga tayong magagawa. At ito na, may kasagutan na. Hindi naman sa makitid ang utak ko pero maganda ang hangarin ng nag implement nito. at lahat tayo masaya at satisfy na

  5. cory quirino please can you ask Donald trump if he can just have you take charge of the miss u franchise? we’ve had enough of the foreigner wife of a Filipino tycoon.

  6. Di ba halos isumpa ng buong bansa ang National Costume ng Pinas sa MU? Samut sari ang mga pagbatikos. Lahat na lang may kanya kanyang suhestiyon. Kulang na lang saksakin si Stella Araneta dahil sa sobrang tigas ng ulo at walang pakialam.

    Ngaun na may gustong tumulong na isa-batas para lang maisakatuparan ang hinaing ng sambayang pilipino, eto meron naman mga samut saring saloobin at pagbatikos.

    Wala na yata talagang pagkakaisa ang mga pilipino.

    Di mo alam kung saan lulugar ng tama. Lahat na lang kayo marunong! 😦

  7. He who has the gold makes the rule, hence Jonas Gafud’s comment not opposing the decision of the one who has the gold, otherwise….(you may add your own opinion here).

    Jonas Gafud will be axed anytime by the golden girl herself, SMA…. (my opinion)

    • Normal na yun mahirap ng ma ban at di panalunin girls nila kaya dapat safe ang sagot. I agree with what he has said naman.
      Pwera nalang kung si pnoy na mismo ang gumalaw, nakow for sure mangyayari ang mangyayari

  8. mga baklers! nakakaloka! hahahahahahaha although we all want naman talaga our filipino designers to dress our representatives. we just don’t need to do this kind of sht!

    i mean, sa dami nga ng problema ng pilipinas, nauna pa ito? at inuna pa ni teh ang pageant! hahaha sa dami dami ng problema sa corruption, sa pagka gutom, low employment rate, sa hiv, sa gender equality, nakakaloka lang na unahin pa ito.

    ang kailangan lang naman dito e pag uusap at mabuting relasyon with BPCI and our local designers. that’s it! nakakaloka parang ewan lang. hay nako. lol

  9. Maganda ang sinasabi ng bill, but I think hindi na kailangan idaan pa sa law. Para sa akin yung NatCos at gown, mas maganda kung idaan na lang sa contest kasabay ng mga local pageants.

      • Kaya nga dapat magkaroon ng contest sa designs ng natcos at long gown ang mga national pageants natin. Kahit saan pa gawa ang design, kahit local or bazurra design, basta yung nanalo ang gagamitin ng mga candidata sa international pageants.

  10. i so agree with this. if this is the only way that Stella would give up the Miss Universe franchise i support 101%. Stella didn’t like the designs presented to her by filipino designers? what about her colombian designer? did she like it? or she just wanna get cheap. Miss World Philippines owner should buy out Stella. Thank you Stella for the many years you served for the country but it’s time for you to give it up.

  11. I wont express my opinion just yet. Gusto ko munang marining ang chika ni P’Noy sa isyung ito nang magkaalaman na.

  12. Gusto ko talaga na pinoy designer ang gumawa ng mga kasuotan ng kandidata naten, dahil aminin naten magagaling ang mga designers naten, may mga pagkakataon na nasa gown ang problem o nasa ganda ng kandidata naten pero sa totoo lang manalo matalo dapat pinoy pa rin ang mag dedesign ng gown naten, lumilipas ang panahon at pati din ang mga imahinasyon ng mga designers nagbabago, nada dagdagan ng pagiging creative nila kaya dapat pinoy deisgners for our own candidates, representative, pero ang hinde ko lang nagustuhan ay ung paggawa pa ng law, related sa gown designers sa pageant, kung international pageants cge pwede dapat pinoy talaga, pero if locally hinde ako pabor may mga choices ang mga kandidata o handler nila related sa gown. Ung mga sumasale sa miss earth phil, bbp, mwp etc. pwede kahit international designer. Pero ung international competition mu, mw, me etc…dapat pinoy designer. But honestly hind ako pabor sa law na yan. Ang magadang gawen alisin nalang si sma sa bbp at ipalit si tito norms, lol, ang dapat dyan, manalo matalo, i consider ni sma ang pinoy designers. Kung may iba pang mas magaling kay barrazza go ahead, now pa pa lang mag pa contest na sya sa mga pinoy designers ng mga gown na babgay sa mga reps naten, ganun din ang natcos.

    • It is more possible to create a bill to require SMA to use Filipino made gowns than replace her as owner of the Franchise of MU. She bought the frachise and so she can do anything with it as long as she doesn’t break any laws. If you could suggest a more possible solution then let us hear it?

      • Paano kaya ang contract ni SMA sa Miss Universe Organization? every year kaya nya nirerenew yon? Bakit ang Miss World nakaalis sa kanya? Baka naman pwede rin umalis ang Miss Universe, ang Miss International na lang ang kanya. Dun naman sya nanalo di ba?

      • Miss World Org transferred franchise because Julia Morley wanted a dedicated pageant for Miss World Philippines.

      • Masaya si Donald Trump kay SMA… tuwang tuwa sya pag nagkakagulo tayo dahila lang sa gown na yan… Hello?! Free publicity?! Pag malinis ang pagpapatakbo ng BPCI, ano mapapala nya?

      • Sana magkaroon din ng sariling national pageant ang Miss Universe Philippines katulad ng Miss World. Sir Norman, ano kaya ialok sa yo ni Donald Trump ang franchise?

        Binibining Pilipinas International na lang kay SMA at mga minor international pageants.

  13. Mga vhaks, whether my ulterior motive man o wala, ipagpasalamat na natin yan na may isang mambabatas na nagkaroon ng initiative para isabatas yang pagbuo ng costumes sa mga kandidata natin..buti na yung ganun para wala ng choice si SMA. Kasi, baka sa sususnod, tae na ng kalabaw ang design ng national costume ng mga kandidata natin, hindi na icing ng cake!

  14. Kung makapagsalita naman ng bobo ang iba jan patungkol kay Mr. Gaffud eh wagas. Kayo ba eh nakapagtapos ng kolehiyo sa U.P.? Ano bang kasalukuyang estado nyo sa buhay? Naintindihan nyo ba ang artikulong yan tungkol sa proposed law? Baka KAYO ang BOBO! Pareho kayo ng nagsusulong ng batas na yan..

  15. Ill advised and unnecessary in my opinion. Do you honestly think we need laws to force SMA to bow down to public pressures? While I agree that Filipino designers are more worthy to dress our girls representing the country in international pageants, we don’t need a law to do that. Konting hinahon naman at pagiisipan ng mabuti yan. Power tripping lang si Madam ngayon dahil sikat na sikat ang BbP queens. Tapos ayan power tripping din ang mga trapos. We need to knock some sense into their twisted minds. How? Yan lang problema.


  16. I view this piece of legislation as a way to promote not only our culture but the flourishing Philippines fashion design industry. Yes, the Philippines has a lot of socio-economico-political problems, and a lot of these can be traced to cultural malaise. If enacted into law, I believe that this will add to the country’s initiative to present to the world a truly authentic Filipino culture expressed in the creations of world-class Filipino fashion designers and artisans. The Philippines is one of the emerging global economic growth leaders. One of the industries that can drive this growth to unprecedented heights could be the local fashion industry, with its extensive forward and backward linkages to other industries.

    • While it is heartwarming to showcase your very own, you don’t need to bill to be patriotic. The bill certainly will not enhance one’s patriotism either. Besides, what sort of impression will this give the world. It might only be misconstrued that the country isn’t as open to the global fashion industry. Commerce progresses through open mindedness and innovation, not restriction.

      • You’re supposed to be viewed as welcoming, not deflecting. See, if all other countries believe that the only way to break through the fashion industry is to stick to their very own, don’t you think they would have done so eons ago? Now here’s to ponder. They didn’t because they probably understood that the fashion industry cannot and will not thrive on limits. What it needs are global allies. And pushing a bill that would not allow free commerce might only deter prospective investors to tie with the country. Showcasing only your own does not equate to a worldwide following. What message are you going to possibly be giving? That it’s okay for the world to wear yours but not exactly for you to wear theirs. It’s great to be nationalistic. But to press your nationalism to the world is like waging war. Please bear in mind that the Philippines is not the only country with artisans, or culture for that matter.

      • Global pageants promote interconnectedness and world peace, not divide.

        Also, why make a bill that only targets beauty pageant orgs? Why not include concerts, formal parties, national ceremonies, or any other globally-broadcasted event that would showcase the Filipino artistry? This appears to be some form of bullying in my opinion, if not riding on sentiments to the so-called gown fiasco. Some people who got personally acquainted with SMA say that she is a sensible woman. If the issue is her, why not rally the entire Filipinos to formally write a request/complaint to change certain policies in the franchise instead , or gather a gazillion signatures perhaps before doing anything drastic? That should talk some sense. Filipinos are known for being good-natured. That’s what makes the country endearing. I hope the people keeps it that way.

  17. Tama lang na pinoy gumawa ng gown para sa kandidata natin. At least kung matalo sa competition e walang sisihan. tsaka wala ba kayo tiwala sa mga pinoy designers jusmio magagaling ang mga filipino designers natin.

  18. 1 natuwa ako kasi we can finally say bye bye to bazura creations.
    2 natawa ako kasi sa dinami-dami ng problema ng pinas, may naisip pang bill na ganito.

    bb pilipinas lang naman ang maaapektuhan nito kasi yung ibang pageants like mw at me, local designers ang gamit nila. ba’t di na lang nila ito banggitin kay sec. mar roxas para mapagsabihan niya ang tiyahin nyang matigas ang ulo at mukha…

    • natawa din ako sa comment ni jonas, sana tinanong muna niya si nad re this bago siya nag-comment.. 😀

  19. Baklita ba si Rep.Erica Olivares?
    Ang hilig sa gown ng bruha!
    Hoy, wag mong sayangin ang pork barrel mo sa pag-uumepal mo!

      • E ano naman?!… Ang daming Politico na LGBT… from barangay captain hangang president… Congressman at Senators nga andami e…

    • Hindi nasayang ang pork barrel nya….
      Napaka active sa charity works and pagpapagawa ng classrooms for public schools ni Congressman… His family owns Olivarez college…

  20. I agree with Michael. There is a strong danger with monopoly. One’s freedom to choose will only be limited to what’s there. Unfortunately, as is the case with this kind of system, what’s there doesn’t always translate to what’s best. If a designer in one’s country is really good, nobody can stop that person from getting worldwide recognition because people notices an undeniable talent. And talents that are undeniable will always be highly sought.

    • I hope bashers would stop cussing about poorly-made gowns. The candidate’s chances of winning does not rest solely on this issue. Yulia Alipova had top designer gowns which are really good but the MUO judged way passed that anyway.

      • SMA and Jonas Gaffud deserve credits more than what is given. SMA started BBPCI and continued to this day despite all the costs and pressure of running a beauty pageant. With her status in the society, she could have easily spearheaded it elsewhere. But she chose the Philippines for all its worth and produced streaks of champions in the MU that can only be envied by some. Jonas Gaffud provided consecutive winners as well. All because they have unwavering passion for the industry and care for the Philippines. I can only commend these people.

  21. Maypagka bobo rin pala si jonas… Private.organization within or under by a state parin yan, pag church pwede pang di yan pakialamanan ng government… Private organization nga daladala na man pag sumigaw PHILIPPINES… Ok lang pag nirepresent MARS walang pake ang pilipinas dun…palibhasa pera at boys lang nasa isip mo hindi ung Bayan natin kaya hindi ka pinagbibigyan sa ngayon ng crown sa universe…

  22. Wala ako paki sa sinasabi ni lola jonas! Pero magandang balita matutupad na ang mga pangarap natin magsuot ng pinoy designer ang ating mga reyna!

  23. Miriam Quiambao wore a powder blue Halston gown in the 1999 Miss Universe Pageant. The beading was done by the Barraza Team.

  24. Well, to be honest, while reading this I am saying to myself, “Finally.”

    I thought this is a bold move, to preserve our culture (in a way). Freedom is good, but there should be a limit to what people (or private organizations for that matter) can do, especially if it hurts our nationalism and identity – and on a global stage, with a global audience, at that.

    TBH, I have cringed enough from watching our recent candidates try their best to pull off tasteless Barazza creations. I feel for our candidates who spent months or even years of training and self-discipline only to come up on that stage wearing a ridiculous-looking gown they knew is just so uhm wrong. (Ugh! That “3-in-1 plus 1” terno.)

    So yes, maybe it’s just me, but I think this is the light at the end of the tunnel for the MJ Lastimosa gown fiasco (and Ara’s terno, and Bianca’s EG, etc.). Seriously, those gowns felt like sick jokes and it has got to stop.

  25. For many years, no one can convince SMA to use Filipino designers. Overkill as it might look like, as Jonas said, it can only help recognize the local talents around. I do not agree with him and question why he wants Filipinos who wants to dress Filipinos should be dressed by foreigners? He also said that BPCI is a private organization, but it is representing the whole country so the government should have a say on how it should be represented. Kudos to the proposed changes and hope it gets passed into a law.

    • Hahaha! Exactly! This is the one I’m talking about. Awa ko nalanv kay MJ na kulang nalang patayin ang sarili sa pagpursigi para masungkit ang korona, ta’s eto lang pala ang ipasusuot sa kanya?



  28. I don’t agree. How would our Filipino designers feel if other countries would have the same law prohibiting the use of gowns made by other nationality or by a Filipino? If other countries have the freedom to use designs by international designers, why shoudn’t we? We should not discriminate. On the other hand, I actually think that by opting for a gown and costume made by a Colombian designer, Stella Marquez has made some of our local designers competitive – proving that they can do better. We don’t need a law to change Stella’s mind. We are better than that.

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