9 comments on “Pilipinas really got Talent!

  1. I voted hundreds of times for Ms. GERPHIL Flores. My reason is that Ms. Flores is simply THE BEST among ALL the finalists, Filipino and foreign. She is the total package – golden classical voice, passionate and dedicated performer, intelligent, articulate, humble and very beautiful! She epitomizes the best in Filipino artists and she would be the perfect ambassador for showcasing Asian (and Filipino) talent to the World. El Gamma is quite limited in their presentation and issues to tackle, and I cannot see people buying tickets to see them perform, unlike Gerphil who is the possibly the next big star in classical and crossover music. BTW, Ms. Lea Salonga, Ms. Regine, and Mr. Oggie Alcasid have also expressed their support for Gerphil in social media.

  2. imposible manalo ang pinoy dito. bukod sa mahati sa apat ang votes ng pinoy yung ibang kapitbahay hindi boboto sa pinoy dahil sa alam mo na…. sana manalo ang penumbra

  3. I am proud and happy for the Filipinos who reached d finals, but i don’ find them unique. & i dont like too much drama. Laging nag-iiyakan yung mga dancers at shadow play group, lagi silang mukhang kakaawang tingnan. I do love Gerphil, but i wasnt as happy with her impossible dream than i was with her love story. Though the former was technically more difficult, the latter was more flawless, sincere & mesmerizing.

    Nevertheless my vote goes to Gerphil or d Mongolian ensemble or d Chinese couple or d Jap group.

    Anyway, may d most deserving win!

  4. Wow! all of them are sooo talented.. Beautiful girls, breath-taking dancers and amazing singers in the Philippines are a dime a dozen therefore I also want to vote for El Gamma Penumbra… I have never seen a shadow play as extreme as this and they have meaningfull messages to convey… Love it! 😀

  5. el gamma penumbra and/or new junior system for the win.. gerphil and gwyneth both outstanding too, but filipinos have long been known for singing.. para maiba naman i’d go for the previous too.. at any rate, whichever/whoever among them deserves THE win..LET’s VOTE IN!!! for the Philippines..

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