25 comments on “Angela Yagaya: Future Model or Beauty Queen?

  1. She has a lot of potential to be a beauty queen..she just a proper preparation and a good styling!! Her beauty is unique and in fact she is a class valedictorian right? So I believe she is very witty too. She is from Antique and I believe most of the people there are good looking. 🙂

  2. If she can transform from a girl to a woman, she’d be hard to beat in BBP. She needs Venus to coach her.

  3. She has a lot of potential. Hopefully A&Q takes her in and gives her the refinements they’re well known for. Sending her to an international pageant (MU would be my preference for her) would once again show the world the diversity of the Filipina beauty – and probably light up the internet as well. 🙂

  4. More body toning,skin should be even….moremore,more training…kulang sa spark and spot..

  5. Love her! What a beauty. Potential MUP or MWP for sure!

  6. GOW!!!! Yung body maganda na…yung color panalo! Tamang training at polish pa pwedeng pwede

  7. honestly, parang typical na dark skinned woman
    maybe because pics lang baka di sya ganun ka photogenic

  8. Pwede sya bbp, If Pia would win in MU at pag sumale ito sa bbp, ok lang na sya ang rep naten, para maiba namn, pero i think she dosnt look like filipina. Pero may potential sya, just polish her. Next 2 years is the sure time for her,

  9. I saw her during the parade, she’s in a float with four others. Shes stunning. I hope she trains well. She can be Bb Pilipinas Universe next year or in two years time. Shes naturally pretty at wag ng mag enhancement. She just need some good styling and prep. Good luck Angela! Uniquely Miss Philippines!

  10. I see her as a beauty queen. She really needs improvement. Improve her catwalk, communication and most of all her overall look. If enhancement is needed why not basta mild lang and not too like her nose or maybe idaan nalang sa magandang make up at pwedeng pwede na sya siabak maybe in 2 years -3years.

  11. Miss Universe Philippines 2020! Marami pa ang improvements na magagawa sa kanya.

  12. Very promising ang mujer na itey, promise.
    Wag lang sanang uunahin ang paglandi.
    I want a BBP_Universe for her, para maiba naman.

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