20 comments on “Mr. Gay World 2015 and the tour of Cape Town, South Africa

    • Over-aged na… It is harder for the celebrity to come out since Filipinos are more critical and unaccepting about bisexuals then homosexuals. Being an OUT bi-guy here is like a death sentence when it comes to having a male-female relationship because to most Filipinos, it is in the same category as just being gay and more associated with promiscuity that both of which our catholic nation abhors. šŸ˜¦

  1. Hmmm aside from last year’s winner who’s Brit, all the past winners are former Brittish colonies… We were occupied by the Brits for only 2 years therefore it may take 5-10 years before we gain a real fighting chance of winning this competition… Unless we send an out.. err.. gay version of Andrew Wolf or Neil Perez to this competition next year.. šŸ˜€

    • SAYANG. IKAW sana ang nandun. Di bale pede ka pa naman next year kaya wag ka na ma-depress . be strong.

      • Di ko ninais, mas pipiliin ko pang gilitan ka kayasa lumahok sa Mr.Gay World.

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