10 comments on “MPE2015 and SM Markets: Fashion and Creativity using a Greenbag

  1. I think the use of eco-bag as a garment is tasteless. A simple shirt even costs less than these bags when sewn together. They could have thought of using recycled material for national costume instead, if they haven’t thought of that yet.

  2. Hi Norman,
    Just wondering who among our current BBP queens is going to compete first internationally…
    and what about Pia? It has been a while. Any update on her?

    • Pia is deep in gym training now. Among our 2015 Queens, first to compete internationally might be Janicel.

  3. Carousel Prod. should include this in Miss earth. Not only the top 16 will compete in swimsuit and evening gown, they should include this competition in the top 16. That way, it will make miss earth a bit unique compared to other pageants

    • I do agree. Besides Miss Philippines Earth and Miss Earth are promoting environmental awareness. By the way, all of the visitors of Norman Tinio’s blog shall also visit my blog at http://obpfphofficial.wordpress.com because there’s an ongoing poll of readers choice to whom is the Miss Philippines Earth 2015-OBPF’s Blog Readers Choice.

      • King: YES! Its some kinda news blog about beauty pageants. Ginawa ko sya for the sake of those who really does not know about beauty pageants and some twists also. Sorry about it, King. I am just doing my job as a blogger.

      • alam kong nakakasore eye because of the background but I can get back to the original slate if you insist. because in the first place, I am into blogging since when I was in college pa lang. pero, natigil lang ito nang mag3rd year college ako. pero, thanks for your compliment and I do really trust your instincts that it might be an eyesore to blog readers like you but most of my blog readers who are likers on my Facebook page appreciates what was posted there. King, thank you for looking at my blog actually. But do wait until I change my blog into something unique and can appreciate everyone just like you. But I did not get any single day that has no views. So, please understand me because I am new into beauty pageant blogging and I need to improve more as time goes by. besides, I’m into 6 months of pageant blogging. and thank you for those who agreed and disagreed. I know that some of you appreciate my blog and I will continue to serve more beauty pageant fans and for those who do not appreciate my blog, please understand me because I am an amateur beauty pageant blogger and still need to improve more.

        Thank you and sorry for this long explanation because I wanted King to understand why I am not yet into that good blogging yet.

      • You dont have to say sorry. I think bloggers dont usually explain, they learn and perform.

        I went into your link and your posts are interesting. Its just that I cant barely read them because of the yellow background. I’ll definitely look forward to see improvements in your blog!

      • Well, more improvements will come your way, King and thanks for your clarification. As of now, I have changed back to the original slate of my blog but more will come your way in the next coming months.

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