6 comments on “Sabine Langer wins Miss Filipina Austria 2015

  1. Nakakatuwa naman ang mga founder ng patimpalak na itey, para lang silang mga patatas na pinagsuot ng gown.
    Haaaaay, sakit sa ulo.


    Tito Norms, pardon my indiscretion but I need to plug this help request from our candidate Nomer Yuzon who needs his video on You Tube “viewed, liked, and shared” as this will form 10% of his score. I got to see this from his fb page (through TPQ) and I hope our kababayans will help him out.

    Just to clarify, I am not related to said candidate nor do I even know him. I just feel that someone who brings honor or who seeks to bring honor to our country deserves our help.

    Thanks much…

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