10 comments on “A small vindication of sorts for Angelia Ong

    • I like Ong & Thomas. I also like Darlene Pepito. IMO Thomas is an MW material while Ong is MU material.

  1. They are all beautiful and deserve to win. I would say Miss San Antonio got the whole package – She is down to earth, beauty and brain and perfect body and the height. For sure Miss San Antonio is winner.

  2. Angelia is so lovely and a very down to earth person.. I wish she bring home the crown #MissManilaForTheWin 🙂

    • Yes that’s the first thing I noticed and they are both MU material. IMO

  3. With or without the issue, I would root for Angelia over the two. Those fiery eyes just remind me of Patricia Velasquez.

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