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  1. What I love about Mayor Joseph Estrada is allowing this to happen and make it big. I like how he transformed Manila today. Better check this video I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCR1dn7eQlE

    The video features everything about Erap and highlights the recent happenings in Manila that make the city one of the greatest cities if not the best city in terms of infrastructure, education, energy, peace & order and economic development – all under Mayor.Joseph E. Estrada’s governance.

    • I never questioned Erap’s intentions. Just like Marcos, he favored the masses and faught against the war in Mindanao… It’s the war that causes our political instability which drives money into the pockets our country’s oligarchs. Therefore, stopping the war will favor the masses, give rise to small scale entrepreneurs and will weaken the power of the oligarchy over our elitist government.

    • @c2f, I’m so disappointed in you . I thought u were different. Si Erap ay isa as pinakawalanghiyang presidente Ng Pnas. God bless you, Pnoy!!!!!

      • @Fabian

        WTH?! I’m not a big fan of Erap but he’s definitely better than Pnoy, Ninoy, Cory and the rest of the Aquino-Cojuangco family who are the epitome of our country’s oligarchy. Hello?! The Cojuangcos pioneered the Philippine stock exchange through Coco bank… so who do you think they would favor? Aral-aral din pag may time! 😀

      • @Fab

        Ok, this is tiresome… the history is too long to explain to you in this comment box.. Rain check Nalang. Until then, magsama muna kayo Pnoy and his roots of corruption. 🙂

      • @c2f, I’m not a history major but I’m very interested in history and politics. To defend those lying thieving corrupt assholes is unconscionable.
        If what u said abt the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos were true, they would have come out when Pnoy Ninoy and Cory ran for pres. But nothing of that sort did. It’s amazing how you invent stories, u must be a dram anthology scriptwriter lol

      • @Fabian

        I’m also not a history major but aside from articles written by local and foreign authors, I learned what really happened based on my family’s oral history, first hand information from my relatives and fromreading existing historical documents. Here is an online article from a reputed historian and a video that basically tackles the tip of a collosal iceburg:


        NINOY + PEOPLE POWER: Hidden Truths The MEDIA is…: https://youtu.be/VikoHKuEzng

        History is always written by the winners thus there will always be two sides of a story. 🙂

      • E anong tawag mo sa pamilya ni Pnoy na ang pinangalingan ng yaman ay mula sa pangungurakot at pangaalipin?!

      • Bakit madame pa rin squatters ang Manila? Lalo na sa bandang Pier, Tondo, at Abad Santos areas.
        Wala akong nakitang pagbabago sa pamumuno ni Erap sa mga lugar na yan as far as squatter is concerned. Traffic sa Abad Santos lalong grabe ngayon.

      • Bakit hindi pa sinosoli ng mga Cojuangco ang Hacienda Luisita?… Sino ang Presidente na nagbenta ng government shares ng Petron? Sino ang mga administrasion na may pinaka malaking utang sa ibang bansa? Bakit mahal ang realestate sa Metro Manila? Bakit mahal ang bilihin? Bakit mahal ang gasolina? Bakit sobra ang traffic? Sino ang makikinabang pag may traffic? Bakit may madaming nag OFW? Gaano kalaki ang nakukurakot mula sa SSS remitances ng mga OFW?

  2. Ninang, what if the aspiring candidate has all it takes to be Miss Manila but unfortunately she was associated to some sorts of sumpakan in Tondo and batang hamog harbatan in Carriedo, will those be grounds for disqualifications?

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