32 comments on “Sunday Specials: Reyna ng Aliwan 2015

  1. ask ko lang sana kung anong comment niyo sa candidate no. 19, cyril valera? honest comments lang, please!

  2. i’m a friend of the winner, ms. stephanie joy abellanida and i can say she’s really stunning and deserves the crown. nakalaban ko siya in a pageant sponsored by our regional organization a few years ago in which she won the title and i landed 2nd runner-up. i never complained about the results nor had negative things about her. she’s truly amazing at hindi siya nagbago from the first time i met her. the crown fits her well! 🙂

  3. If I remember it correctly when Salud was still active in BBP, there was an incident where he actually reprimanded and offended a contestant backstage for choosing not to wear one of his creations. Honestly, I never like Salud. So these rumors may be true.

  4. ****** PLEASE confirm, if SALUD wasn’t just a Judge, BUT also a handler / manager of candidate number 6….. thank you in advance ….

  5. I would like to know if someone here knew what really happened bakit naka wheelcahir si salud during that night, coz he was claiming due to car accident, BUT some said…. nadulas sa bathroom.

  6. ******* 20 minutes before the show started….. one of the judges, Renee Salud , in a wheelchair, came inside the dressing room where all the girls were gathered together. salud said: ” WHO IS FROM CEBU?” and then Gazini raised her hand and said: ” AKO PO”. then infront of the many, SAKUD said: ” DAPAT NA KAYO E DISQUALIFY, LAGI NALANG KAYO NANANALO!” …….. after the judging….. turned out that Gazini was ranked #15 in SALUD’s scorecard. **********

  7. Saludo ako sayo sir norms on how you handle freak pips! 😉 makasalita akala mo ferpectt sa kayabangan mo nay patutunguhan din yan keep it up ar!! ayayaya..! I really admire your being humble sir norms!

    Balik tayo sa topic! The winner is a breath of fresh air! Youthful, elegant, her smile does not look rehearsed. Her national costume fits the aliwan theme. Mukhang pwede sya sumali sa streetdancers anytime . Herred Almodal fits her well! Red is her lucky color! 🙂

    Congraularions province of nocot! 🙂

  8. The winners were all proclaimed. But I take particular notice of the candidate from Iloilo Paraw Regatta, she was statuesque and black, so beautiful, that I know we will see her again in the nationals. She can be the next Binibini. Cebu’s Christians Gazini is stunning too, esp her gown.

  9. tito norms id like to clarify po. Steffi rose aberasturi po ung name. Not stephanie. Clarify ko lng dn po n shes not part of KF cebu. Iba po handlers niya. Thank you po

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