17 comments on “Sunday Specials: Janicel Lubina in Relaxed Mode

  1. I pray for her success after miss International. May she continue to be blessed with a wonderful career. She’s a nice girl with big dreams and with what she has right now, she’s a diamond in the rough. She’g got many things to offer!

  2. Guys, if you don’t have anything decent or intelligent to say JUST SHUT UP
    It is too annoying and trash to read your rubbish comments…pls..

  3. The first photo of Janicel reminds me of Vanessa del Bianco. Ang ganda talaga ni Janicel, sana naman maging successful sya on her quest for Miss International 2015.

  4. I really like Janicel, but I think her life story was exaggerated to win the hearts of the public.
    E kung kasambahay yang si Inday Janicel e tyak na ginapang na yan ni Kuyang, at kung magkagayon at natanto ni Ateng na ginagapang at pinapatungan ni Kuyang si Inday ay tyak na maghuhumirintado si Ateng, puputulan si Kuyang, at dadakutin ang anit ni inday at kakaladkarin palabas ng nayon at pagpepeyestahan ng Sitio La Preza.

      • @Fabian

        She was 15 years old… if that really happened… I’m sure she would have said somethin about it since then…

    • @c2f , her saga has just started. She may Dish out something later after MI. Not necessarily to keep her name afloat but maybe because she doesn’t know how any story like that may affect her chances at MI.

      • Fabian.. your statement is bordering on desperation and hatred. Sorry to say that but the fact that you were able to fabricate such story which is very personal is beyond my understanding and reason and a very cheap one at that.

      • Magaling! Hindi na ako gagawa ng kwento for Pia. Baka magalit na naman sila Fabian and friends! At baka baligtarin na naman ang pangyayari.

        Pero pag ipinagpatuloy pa nila yan baka mapilitan akong manlabas ng mas magandang kwento. Hahahaha!

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