10 comments on “Sunday Specials: Artem Levy shoots Sasha Tajaran and Verge Llego

  1. yes he’s very exotic looking and i am glad Neil won, I find Neil more versatile than him. Yes, he should go to Paris, his unique look will do wonder on editorials and runways. Though, practice posing, the posing seem contrived and amateur, once u get that get a one way ticket to Paris…

  2. If the underwear would have been in white than what is, this would have perfect; but that’s just me.

  3. I agree with you @C2F…

    Plus this guy has I think one of the sexiest bodies in last year’s Misters. I do not recall how tall he is but if he is at least 5’11”, I would say he should give Misters another try. If he wins one of the titles, it would be easy to enhance his looks as he already has the body and (hopefully) the height.

    If his height is below 5’11”, then focusing on modeling is really going to do him wonders as his exotic looks make for very good photographic registry.

    • Yeah,

      He’s the pineapple farmer who was able to finish his studies.. He could be a great model specially abroad…. Alam ko mukhang halfmoon side view ng mukha nya but that’s what makes him unique even among models who are suppose to look weird… Wag manlang nya pagisipan na ipagawa ilong nya or else he would lose his most exotic feature. That would be his money-maker abroad.

  4. Exotic ng mukha ni Verge… palakihin pa nya butt and calves nya para mas proportioned as model… kung gaano kalaki Biceps… ganun din dapat ang calves..

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