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  1. Closertofame

    I will stop now coz I don’t want to debate… Read the interview again and maybe go ask BPCI if you have access to them. I was trying to give u the correct info but you can go on believing what you want. And oh, read fashion magz and catalogues too… Up until the time of Miriam Q— our Binibinis were wearing Valentinos and other designer dresses —- u can check the designer of Miriam’s gown— yes, they can afford

    • Well you also speak like what your saying is the absolute truth with no evidence to back it up… Maybe, If u posted pics as proof instead of just saying I’m wrong then I would automaticaly rest my case… Chow! 😀

  2. With her towering height and unique beauty(I just do not like her teeth or the way she smile?) I felt that she will have a big place at that time.

    I am not sure but they way she constructed her sentence about her evening dress for MW, she is playing safe and there’s a need for her to say those perfumed words to please someone. Well di ko sya masisisi makakalaban nya naman kasi e ang mother ng pinanggaligan nyang beucon kaya sige na nga 😀

    Good job sir norms! Looking forward for your next interviews with our past beauty queens!

  3. Great job Norman…. ayaw kasi maniwala ng madami dyan about that red dress hahaha

    That red dress is by Alfredo B!!!! And it was not even inspired by a Verscace dress— if you check out the catalogue of the spring collection that year- you will see that it was inspired by somone else

    And please- that red dress was worn by so many Filipinas as well- I remember Carlene,
    Maricar and even Giona wearing that same dress

    Now- don’t get me started with the Cara S gown in the 1994 MW…. I will wait for Cara’s interview so Norman can have this cleared once and for all — or again and again and again

    • Cara’s real gown was stolen… The one she wore was just borrowed from one of the girls…

      • Ok dear- here we go again…. where did you get that? you speak like its a fact!

        here is the deal- I said its so many times, and BPCI has spoken about this too—- Cara chose a Valentino gown (go and check the catalogue for VAlentino that year— that dress, that most people are critizing is actually a Valentino dress…. now if only Pinoys know that- I think the opinions will be different

        SMA advised Cara to wear teh white gown but Cara, at the last minute decided to wear the Valentino dress…. you can email Cara about this- and Im sure she will not deny.

        During the 1995 MW SPECIAL- channel 5 (you can still youtube it), SMA herself spoke about that dress…. Cara was hosting the event.

      • Who the Fff are you kidding?!!!
        BPCI and SMA will say anything to save face…

        FYI, Mafae is just saying that it’s “Barraza inspired” to not contradict SMA/BPCI while keeping a good relationship between them. But the gown is in fact straight from Mafae herself And was never worn by other binibinis. The recycled gown that you say that was worn by Carlene, Maricar and Giona is a different dress which looks like a cheap knock-off of the one worn by Mafae. Pictures are worth a thousand words:

        Now compare them to MafAe’s red gown..

        The construction of the bodice alone is a far cry from the recycled gow worn by Maricar, Carlene, etc… ROFL!!!

        As for Cara…

        Please kill me now if that frumpy gown really is Valentino and BPCI could afford to buy one plus another gown to pick from….. PUHLEASE!?!?!

  4. “Barraza inspired outfit”!!!

    So it really was from a different designer!?! 😀

    Love her… so fashionable….

    One of my favorite Binibinis… hehehe 😀

    • It came from the Barraza…. He owns a sort of “fashion house” in Bogota… The gowns are actually made by someone from his “factory”

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