14 comments on “Jose Anmer Paredes, a Venezuelan living in Singapore (and sometimes, Manila)

  1. Malakas pa rin ang dating ni Niel kay sa katabi niya fr Venezuela!!!🇵🇭😎👍🏿

  2. We love & appreciate good looks, so mabuhay Jose! Hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Mmmwahh!

  3. @Charorot…

    Di naman siguro because chaka ang pinoy kaya people hire models from abroad… but it is worth mentioning that last week, 24 year old American model Sean O’Pry, the world’s #1 Supermodel (earned $1,500,000 last year with estimated net worth of $6,500,000) ramped for Penshoppe.

    So magkano kaya ginastos ng Penshoppe to bring in Sean O’Pry??? And let him stay at El Nido prior to the FS? But a company has got to do what it has set its direction to be.

    So hiring foreigners to model “may” deprive our models of work or projects, but hey, the economy is doing alright which means more companies can hire more models and give more locals more projects.

    It’s like our engineers are in the middle east, our teachers are in the U.S. our nurses are everywhere, and our sailors are in the seven seas.

    So I say we let Anmer have a piece of the action here in our country.

  4. Guys… I am posting some pix from the MI page for your “comparative pleasure” 😉 hehehe but more important than comparing who looks better…maybe we should look at it as something to be happy about and proud of.

    Venezuelan economy is in tatters and its social fabric unraveling… We have traffic and smog and PDAF and DAP and SAF, but we do not have as much social unrest and 65% inflation…so anyway, perhaps we should welcome Anmer in our country and regardless how long he stays here, I hope he will have a wonderful time. Anmer is in the best place he could hope to be.

  5. Chaka ba talaga ang mga pinoy at kailangan maghire ng ibang lahi? Pinoy kaya papatok sa venezuela? Siguradong hindi. Sigh!

    • Ang alam ko mas mura pag Brazilian models yun nga lang mahirap kausap kasi di marunong mag-English. Pag Filipino kasi maarte na di pa kagandahan yung iba.

  6. Neil looks way better….. And Neil is a policeman not just a model…

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