10 comments on “Portfolio-preparing Parul

  1. Can Parul still join MWP this year? Her credentials (not sure of age) are more than qualified for this pageant of advocacy. Anyone?!?

  2. Oh, beautiful Parul! I will miss that gorgeous face and sultry voice. Best wishes!

  3. there was a rumor that she was joining Femina/Ms Diva India, but then again, is she still qualified. Yes this stupid Tourism is false hope. Fucking MSA needs to reinvent this one…she’s so stunning,saying talaga and her JLO voice, so unforgettable…

  4. So I wish she competed international…!!!,this Tourism title is useless and time wasting for young women. Good Luck Parul, may Mighty God bless your life abundant!!!

    • Maybe she should visit you country?…. Filipinos are very marketable models in South Africa, right?

      • LOL!!! We will welcome any Filpino and the world at large with warm open arms.

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