30 comments on “Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach in Bohol for the Inquirer Lifestyle

  1. omg, imbes na pumapayat lalo pa yatang lumolobo. kahit malalayo ang kuha kitang kita ang laki nya lol

    • Wala ng before before pa… wala ng after after pa… ang maganda ay maganda. No excuses!

      • Sabi ko din yan… pero wala na tayo magagawa.. andyan na yan… John Cuay better work on this huge canvas and the product must become an exquisite masterpiece!

      • Sabi ko din yan… pero wala na tayo magagawa.. andyan na yan… John Cuay better work on this huge canvas and the product must become a flawless masterpiece!

  2. Keeping in mind that she is also under direction of how the photographer envisions his images. Pia is the subject and she is only doing what the artist wants.

    She is beautiful in these images. It isn’t AS editorial because their are a lot of props. Maybe a lack in resources? Who knows. I still think she is radiantly stunning.

  3. Don’t want to sound rude here but will, i have friends who have better selfies than these photos.

    • Paki post nga ang mga better selfies ng friends mo para maniwala kame.

    • Well can you post them? Many on this thread would love to see them! I know I would.

    • I love Pia but I have to agree, whoever took these photos seems an amateur.

      (I think Ilovebeautypageant meant the quality of the photos and not Pia…)

      • Just by looking at the ideas of this photographer makes me wonder who the h*** she/he is….

      • Great minds think alike Alex. Exactly my point. How could one claim that these photos are amazing when they are not. I have nothing against Pia.

  4. Her training should include reining in certain facial expressions, the way they did with Ara. Pia can sometimes have an ‘old lady’ look depending on the angle and her smile. Knock on wood that we’ll at least break through the top 15.

    • Ara definitely knows her angles. Even her selfies in her IG are all awesome not to mention the camera just loves her face.

  5. Not yet solved for now. I have to wait a few more months after her training and make up sessions.

    Wala ngang ingay even when shew won.

  6. I have been researching a lot about the early TOP 16 predictions… Puro hindi tayo kasali…

    IMO, ngayon palang kailangan na ni Pia ng ingay….How are we suppose to do that?!…

    Buti pa si Janicel… hindi pa sumasali sa BBP kalat na agad internationaly…

    Paano na ba yan?…Anything newsworthy?

    • Btw, ayaw ko ng styling ni Pia dun sa Cjocolate hills and yung yellow dress…

      Bagay yung Maxi dress and ganda nung serpentina gown…

    • @Closer2Fame medyo nang sta stalk din ako ng mga sites and beauty pageant account on Ms U, I’m getting quite concerned na hindi rin lumalabas name ni Pia. Puro si Ms. Japan.

      Pero please kung ingay din lang wag na sana palakihin yung association nya kay Pnyoy Nakakadiri! pota

  7. I observed that ‘PIANATICS’ is outnumbered by ‘MJALLTHEWAY’ fans kasi pag gumawa si Sir Norman about MJ dati ang daming sympathy/support posts pero kay Pia parang di gaanong active ang mga ‘PIANATICS’ or naki-simpatiya. Well, I guess, we can compare it properly when MU is nearly approaching. Feeling ko kasi mas maraming sympathizers at nakaka-relate kay MJ. 🙂

    • Maybe because MJ’s prettier and has a more inspiring life story that everyone can relate to?? 🙂

    • Still despite the number of MJAlltheway fans, this did not result a top 5 placement in MU. Not that fans are immaterial but all I am saying is that this is not a guarantee. Case in point Janine Tugonon who beat MJ in Bb Pilipinas twice.

  8. I like the first photo, the rest are tacky and I’m talking about the way she’s photographed not Pia per se.

    • Agree! She’s so stunning and enchanting!

      She is beautiful!

      Watch out!

      She’ll definitely rock the universe!

  9. Ang ganda ng venues, kahit ruins. Sana nag shoot din sila sa napuntahan naming coral stairway na mahabang-mahaba malapit lang dyan sa watchtower.

  10. Pia is very beautiful… but I wish she would experiment with different hairstyles besides this straight-and-flat-and-parted-in-the-middle look. I’m sure she can rock other looks too. 🙂

  11. Hope that Pia will bring back the glory and honor for the title of Miss Universe 2015, go Pia and conquer the Universe. If China will host then we will need double time considering Chinese.

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