12 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Olga Alava, Miss Earth 2011

  1. Initially I was rooting for Mexico. Ecuador was only in my top 16 list – especially since last year Jennifer Pazmino, Miss Earth Air 2010, resigned to get married, I thought it might affect Olga’s chances.

    But surprisingly, she is one of the best Miss Earth winners. Reports of her being bubbly and friendly and dedicated to Miss Earth’s cause makes her the best pick to win the crown. I am also very happy to hear she has now a stable career.

  2. Was this the time when Ecuador won two international crowns at the same time? I think I remember a pictorial with the two queens (both from Ecuador), wearing some gypsy-like flowy dresses. And hearing the name Olga Alava brings me back that imagery.

  3. She has an unmistakable charm. Draws you near and you’ll like what you see – a woman of earth. 🙂

  4. Olga truly embodies the sum of grace, confidence and humility that it’s easy to be captivated by her charm. First time to know about her and I’d say, I like her! 🙂

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