16 comments on “By impulse: the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Queens do Tagaytay

  1. Maybe it is only me but Janicel and Rogelie look like real sisters. It is probably because of (KF) styling.

  2. Im beginning to like Hannah. Except for two, the rest are lovely.

  3. gaganda nila. Janicel looks young and fresh. Ang payat ni Pia. Ang ALTA ng look ni Hannah…Colis…alam ko na bet na bet kita…same tayo ng hair palagi hahaha

  4. Ganda ng Pinay!

    I am so proud of this batch!!

    Galingan nio sa international arena!

    We’ll support you all the way!!


  5. Norman,
    It’s off topic, but I want to know if you know many things about the Miss Globe International pageant. As per their website, their historical title holders date back to 1925 so that would make it the oldest beauty pageant org out there. It is quite a big one based on the participating countries. Their last pageant was held in Baku, Azerbaiajn which was their 89th edition. Moreover, it listed Maricar Balagtas as the winner in 2001. BBPCI should have the franchise of this.

    • BPCI used to have its franchise, reason why Maricar Balagtas was sent before. But somewhere along the way, there were inconsistencies in the manner by which the annual pageant was organized that prevented Bb. Pilipinas from awarding a title dedicated to Miss Globe or a Bb. Pilipinas Globe for that matter. The details are vague to me now, but if ever one of the reigning Queens will be sent to the same, there must have been major changes in its conduct that would make Madam green light our participation.

      • Thanks Norman 🙂 Btw, Maricar was I think the first candidate to join BBP 3 times. On her third attempt, she got the MUP crown 2 years after winning the Miss Globe Intl. Correct me if I am wrong.

      • Oh Maricar also joined 3 times… so Pia is our 4th winner who joined more than twice…

      • C2F yes, she was unplaced on her first try, 2nd runner up on her 2nd try that got her the right to compete in the 2001 Miss Globe pageant in Istanbul,Turkey where she won, then after a year or two, she joined BBP for the third time and was crowned BB-U. She was unplaced in the MU finals that year.

  6. This is a very good looking batch I should say. I think 2015 will be another great year for us on the international pageant scene. I am pretty confident with our girls : )

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