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  1. This resort is subdivided into different portions mimicking the world’s famous islands like Mykonos, St. Tropez, Bali, Toscana etc so what’s the big deal? WIth their over the top rates, I would rather go and see the actual islands not some fake and tacky imitations or might as well go to Amanpulo. This is just one of those “pasosyal” resorts run by oligarchs.

  2. Most of my filthy rich friends do not carry credit cards nor wallets and clip some twenty to thirty thousand in thousand domination but they’ll probably bring their centurion card if they have to.

    I heard before that Yaya’s meal are served when the yayas aren’t dining with their amos. Ain’t bad if it is really followed strictly but discriminating and very offending when the amo and the yaya are dining together with outsiders.

    In some exclusive places particularly hotels, they offer children’s meal and basically that’s the kind of food that our yayas order because they cannot finish adult meals and since they’re feeding the child beside them, it’s more practical I’d say.

    • If their employers are not around then yayas could be given meal stubs as soon as they are signed-in to be charged to their employers as part of their stay. Wouldn’t that be more ethical?

      • Meal stubs? Isn’t that like waving a banner to those nasty snotty waiters ‘ Look, I’m a yaya’ ? Silly idea, I thin , c2f

      • If they have an inconspicuous place exclusive for them, I guess this stub thing would really be ethical.


    All human beings are born equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and
    conscience and should act towards one another in the spirit of brotherhood.

    -UN Declaration of Human Rights, Eleanor Roosevelt, Chairperson

    So what of all these titles, names, and races? They are mere worldly conventions.


  4. Our laws against discrimination and segregation may apply to race, culture and religion…
    BUT do we have laws against discrimination and segregation among jobs, gender and social classes?!

    We are supposed to be a capitalist economy but our small entrpreneurs are being supressed by large taxes and the lack of support or maybe even opression from our government!!!


  5. Yaya’s Meal? Sana meron din Driver’s Meal, Maid’s Meal, Houseboy’s Meal at Gardener’s Meal para makumpleto. At syempre pinakamaraming choices ang Amo’s Meal!

    Sobrang descrimination naman yan? No Credit Card No Food Rule?

    Thanks Maggie!

  6. Are you kidding me? It’s a private business . the owners can do whatever they want to do within the boundaries of the law.

    • Exactly! We are a country that boasts democracy and freedom and yet we have very few laws against discrimination and segregation! Through our political system, the oligarchy created this extreme economic inequality as an alternative to slavery! We think we are free and yet the freedom of the masses are limited to what they could afford because our buying powers are dictated by the monopoly of the rich. By making us think we are destitute, our large ignorant population are being herded by our nation’s opportunistic oligarchs for their own benefits and consumption!


      • C2f, you are a communist!!!
        I think the idea of a yaya’s meal is meant to be funny. Lighten up, you dork!!

        And the problem is not the owners. It’s the enforcers. It’s the people who have direct contact with the customers that are nasty powertrippers- the waiters, the salespeople at the mall, the customer agents at the airport , the lawyers at the DFA etc. that’s why I hate coming home.

        I love u , c2f:)

      • @Fabian

        I am not a communist! Communism and Socialism are all forms of Oligarchy which I am purely against. I want a real democratic country that is ruled by selfless god -fearing individuals who uses their power for the greater good.

  7. What a shame. Prejudice and racism also includes rich Filipinos too. Here in the States and Canada some North American born Filipinos have a derogatory term for “any” Filipino national with an accent or who speaks tagalog as a first language -F.o.b. (fresh off the boat).

    Notion is you may be rich and educated in the Philippines BUT it is 3rd world rich with an inferior quality of education which stereotypes one as a cheater, thief or a crook. You can be rich or beautiful, but you are still considered less than to those who only see the Philippines as a laggard and developing economy. It’s a vicious cycle really and very sad. It must stop.

  8. It is happening in reality that helpers, drivers, and guards are treated with respect and equality is rare. For Balesin to put up a facade as a classy destination but to name a meal after people who are serving their so-called classy clientele, simply because some members demand seperate meal for them, is so blatant and crass.

  9. Bakit ang bad rep ng Balesin na to? They could have just made echos and called the meals something else. Kailangan Yaya’s meal talaga? So ano yun blame the staff na lang for his bad delivery? Eh kung nag eexist talaga yung ganung meal bakit sa porbreng staff na naman ipapasa? Sus…I’m with Sheen in recognizing that employes have a different budget from helpers since some helpers can be so “masiba” pero naman, let the employers decide. If may dala dala silang yaya sa expensivo place like Balesin I’m sure AFFORD NILA AT KAYA NILANG PAKAIININ. Basta…nakakainis lang makabasa ng ganito.

      • I think I was banned for a while 😉 I was just trying to play a devil’s advocate but it has gone awry. But believe me I am a good person 🙂

      • I think I was banned for a while. I was just trying to play a a devil’s advocate but it has gone awry. I am a good person though in real life 🙂

  10. The policies of these high-end establishments are a reflection of how our country’s oligarchs keep the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. The caste system is not even invisible in our society at all. The opression must end!


  11. They’re bringing back the “iliustrados and Indios” concept of Spanish Era!

    Whatta crap!

    Mga Pilipino talaga, di na natuto!!!

    • Dude, that concept never died out in our society! It just took on a different form!

  12. Yung ibang members daw ng Club ang nag-request. It’s disappointing.

  13. so many “interesting stories” about Balesin.. remember the Heart and Chiz wedding that supposedly “bumped-off” a previously reserved schedule of another couple? And now this..?! Tsk, tsk.. so sad, Balesin.. and soo discriminating..!!

  14. This kind of story breaks my heart. What could be more painful than knowing that this resort is being managed by fellow Filipinos and it does happen in our own country. This resort’s so called “yaya meals” surely leaves a bad taste in the mouth!

  15. Pa-sosyal naman masyado iyang Balesin na iyan!

    Tamam lang na batikusin ang Balesin.

    Hindi makatarungan!!!!

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    Probably there are Kevin Costner meals, Jaguar meals, Maid in the Philippines meals and what have you. God knows who knows what others are hiding.

  17. While I can still be lenient on why some employers have a different budget for their helpers (like for some of my colleagues, their helpers have a humungous appetite and can finish 1 whole loaf bread in 2 days), I can never understand the concept of having such menu in a restaurant. Very discriminating.

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