16 comments on “Easter Sunday SEN-ti Specials: To Sushmita, Miss Universe 1994

  1. Wow! I was only 14 when Sushmita was crowned here in Manila. She was like the Venus Raj of her time. Started the winning streak(s) of India especially in Ms. World.

    I also remembered the heavy or should I say Filipino favorites at that time other than those mentioned above were Thailand’s Areeya Chumsai (Ruffa G. deadringer), Mexico’s Fabiola Perez (not sure if I got this right?), and the only African girl who almost made it to the Top 12 (had they chose 12 -Australia and Namibia), Namibia’s Barbara Kahatjipara (She won Ms. Congeniality though).

    Sushmita is ala Melajie M. They conquered the “universe” of men. Hahaha!

    On the other hand, Sir Norms can you also feature Carolina Gomez. I believe she also lived a colorful and somewhat controversial life after Ms. U 1994.

    • No she didn’t start it. There was a pretty Indian lady right before her who almost won MU but she botched the final question. She went on to win first runner up to Michelle Aldana at the Miss Asia Pacific Quest held in Manila

      • Thanks for the info. I think she’s also the Indian representative in the 1992 or 1993 edition of Ms. U. Who made it to the top 5?

  2. Happy Easter, Tito Norms,

    If only the Interpreter of venezuela translated Minorka’s answer correctly she should’ve been the 1st runner up. I was rooting for Colombia and Venezuela then. Sayang, kasi si Carolna, 3 years in a row silang 1sr runner-up.

  3. Wow! Sushi pala has a lot of relationships. Mahinhin*^t?#, she lent truism sa word na iyon. Btw, si Michelle van Aimeren, shes the wife of Ogie Alcasid before he married Regine, di po ba?

    • Lagi ka wrong spelling sa mga comment mo. its Eimeren. She was the wife of Ogie and the God mother of Ogie and Regine child.

  4. It’s really hard when you are very attractive… People are more than willing to change their whole personality to create an ideal image just to have you… but once they do, the mask would fade in time and the true colors would come out until both of you would realize that you were never a match to begin with.

    • The opposite is also true. Some men marry beauty queens, expecting they are marrying a goddess of perfection, only to realize that what they are marrying is just another human being with flaws and imperfections. When that image is shattered, some men feel disappointed and somewhat cheated. I forget which big beauty queen mentioned this, but I think it may have been Miriam Quiambao, when she was discussing her failed first marriage.

      • Sad but true…

        Fame is just a state of mind,

        Glamour is just an illusion


        Beauty is just skin deep.

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