9 comments on “More Good Friday on the couch with these Beauty Pageant Oops and Spoofs!

  1. Tito Norman I respect you so much but sharing this repeatedly is kinda insensitive to people involved. If you were in their shoes will you feel happy?

  2. Dindi won the all important preliminary judging that even a super performance from Rufa couldn’t take the crown away. Same thing happened to Janina, she built a cushion too big for the other contestants to catch up to.
    In as much as I love Janine, I think MU2012 was between Irene and Olivia. Irene blew her chance in the Q&A but still managed a 3rd place finish. She shone that night, and her energy was infectious.

  3. Wow Tito Norms, can’t believe you are sharing this…. Gee..thanks. By the way, did you know that the Joanna Lising video was taken by CNN from my brother Mikey’s YT account?

  4. “I can’t speak…!”, was all Miss Brazil 1968 could say during the Final Question round—yet, she went on to win Miss Universe of 1968, Martha Vasconcellos.

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