10 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: The Dethroned Bb. Pilipinas Anjanette Abayari

  1. Aside from Anjanette Abayari, there are 2 other BbP Universe winners who were dethroned (Tisha Silang and Janelle Bautista). Noon pa napakairesponsable na ng BPCI. Why do they accept these ladies as official candidates, may mga problema pala sila sa citizenship? Kung kelan makoronahan na saka lang malalaman. Nangyari na kay Anjanette, naulit pa at naulit pa ulit the following year!!!

  2. I think she said in one of her interviews that she never married any of the father of her sons. She’s already happy to have kids. Anyway, do you know the reason why Patty Betita declined? I think she has better chances than Alu Gonzales in Miss Universe.

  3. years ago… i had that thought that AJ has a similarity to Alicia M. #justSaying

  4. Can you feature also Christina Fandino in your blog.

    “Christina Fandino, Former Bb Pilipinas of the World (N.America) and Top 10 Finalist in the 2001 Bb Pilipinas, is on her way to becoming a Hollywood Star! She’s in the movie “Love and Other Drugs”. Christina’s character’s name is “KHAE” and she will star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in this movie and it’s directed by Oscar-winning Director Edward Zwick”.

  5. Ninang, if I’m not mistaken, is Janette Fernado also a Bulakenya like us?
    Ano na update sa kanya, pa-feature naman sya ng solo.

  6. I never really fancy her beauty back then. I just didn’t understand so much tan face than her body.

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