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  1. Bakit kasi parang wala siyang sincerity when you watch her? Gabriela isler wasn’t my bet, not even landed in my list, but whenever I watch her, i could feel the genuine warm and kindness of her heart, matapang ang ganda pero may humbleness…as opposed to Paulina who is so gorgeous and mas maganda (para sa akin) pero mukhang mayabang. Just my observation.

  2. Call me bitter- at least I’ll admit it and not be delusional about the fact that we can’t move on from some things..but my blood just boils every time i see her smirking pa tweetums face with that hint of a smirk..i just bloody haaaaaaaateeeeeeeee her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arggggggggggggg..akkkkkkkkhhhh (omg almost choked on the biscuit I was eating)

  3. I will be very happy when her boring reign is over…I have never been so bored by a MU queen..everrr! 😉

  4. Kindaa snoozefest din yung winner ng Puteri Indonesia noh?
    Hindi kasing fierce ni Whulandary. Hindi kasing lansi ni Elvira

  5. Tito Norms, we don’t need news like that. i don’t think its helpful we put her fvcking face here. ughh… she’s so trying hard… i can’t wait for the new MU, hopefully us pero who knows…

  6. Indonesia is really desperate in bringing their candidates to the finals. Notice how their representatives are getting semifinal slots just now when they started inviting the miss universe winner into their country. Thy are rich so I guess that they can afford to buy their place in the competition. But before that, they were a country of clappers, just like Thailand. Sorry not sorry.

    • However in fairness, there is one thing that I admire about them, is that they respect their culture so much! They don’t need to depend on foreign or western designers to look beautiful, they have their own clothes and gowns and it is actually stunning. I hope Philippines can learn from Indonesia’s respect for their culture. We have our own art and creativity, we don’t need to fetishize the west at all.

    • Indonesia is just like the Philipipnes economically. Just look at World Bank data.

      Well, I love Indonesia except the Miss U….hehehehe

      • In this event will I only have competative and borderline bitter views towards them. However, I have no overall feelings . They are our neighbors, and I respect them just as they respect and appreciate us. We Asean countries need to stick together in the end of the day after all.

  7. Mag bikini na lang sya. Dun ko lang sya nakikita mag shine. Ayoko naman ipangalandakan na na bobore ako sa kanya kase eto ako nag bobother mag post ng comment on her but, whatever she is doing talaga wala akong ka inte-interes. Kayo ba? Parang inaantay ko na lang matapos yung stint nya yun na lang. Kung nasa Indonesia sye ok EDI WOW. Parang di ko rin bet na mag punta sya sa Pinas and be involved with our pageant ek ek (charity ok pa kase no choice sya dun) kase parang ang awkward. Mag sasabi sya ng positive stuffs na siguro true naman pero makaka amoy tayo ng dugo at mega bash tayo sa media at kung saan saan pa kaya wag na lang para manahimik na lang. I think marami pa rin satin hindi masikmura last antics na nangyari sa MU and it’s not even only about MJ.

  8. she said ” Indonesians love beauty pageants, I’ve never seen that enthusiasm anywhere..” well, because she hasn’t been to Manila/Philippines..they said she showed some “air” at Miss U.. well, i think the sensitive viewer can see it here.. or is it just me..

  9. We will never forget how frustrated the audience/universe and booed MU 2014 crowning (Paulina)!!!! haissst……Trump politics!!!!!

    The crown has lost its glory when it was put in the head of a fake queen PAULINA VEGA.

    It should be given to the rightful Queen to regain its glory!!!!

    I hope this year MUO will crown the most deserving queen!

    GO PIA!!!! Its your time to shine! 🙂

  10. Wow! The organizers of MU Indonesia can afford to invite MU to crown their winner almost every year. Rich country, indeed!

      • yeah, gorgeous only. period.

        you cannot elevate her to a “queenly characteristics” just gorgeous!!!!

        because she doesn’t possess the “brain” fit for a queen!!!

      • No! The girl from Narra is gorgeous than her..Siya ang bet mo di ba, kaya di ka maka-move on VANdolph? Hahaha!

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