22 comments on “Christi Lynn McGarry on Aquino & Abunda Tonight

  1. Mcgarry will do great. She will prob be in the top 3 at least.
    I wish Colis and Mcgarry had gotten the runner up positions.
    But what would happen to Laura next yr if that was the case?

    • A&Q will field Laura next year and KF will field Lorraine Kendrickson. It’s the battle of the 2014 1st runner ups!! #interesting #LauraVsLorraine

  2. I can see why many of you are not happy with Kris. But you can’t argue with success. As much as you hate her, more people out there love her to death

  3. Kris is annoying in all aspect. She’s lousy in everything: acting, hosting, singing, interviewing, dancing etc. etc. I don’t know her as a person but from what I see, I don’t know what she’s really good at. How did she ever become an asset to the entertainment industry is beyond me. Give a name of a bakya celebrity and I will tell you mas me class pa rin yun kesa Kris. Ok, Kris A. fans shoot me now.

    • Correct. Kris draws attention more to herself than to her guests. She annoyingly interrupts Boy or the guest with irrelevant comments.

    • Kris is only there because of her last name…. otherwise, she’s a sub-par host and interviewer. She may be a nice person but we’re talking about her skills as an interviewer, not judging her as a person. She is more fit to do a noontime game show (instead of a show with an interview-type format) — but having said that, she would not have gotten any gigs at all if it wasn’t for her last name. Our entertainment industry is full of nepotism so it’s not a surprise.

  4. Very articulate and confident, she should be credited for being a smart interviewee.
    She stood out with her answers and comments despite her limited airtime. Buti na lang mabilis siyang sumagot at magsalita kahit na sila Boy & Kris pa ang hosts.
    That’s the way to do it. Bravo Christi ! ♥♥♥ 🙂

  5. Mapapamura ka talaga kay Kris. I don’t know what she’s doing there. I like it better when it was just Boy Abunda (Ikaw Na). She’s so freaking annoying. If I can create a compilation of her stupid a$$ questions and post it on you tube I would. Nakakataas ng dugo at unit ng ulo.

  6. Christi Lynn is so much improved compared to how she was in 2010. Hopefully she could better our country’s best of second runner-up in that pageant. 🙂

  7. Kris is so irritating. I always thought that she is smart but she doesn’t know what comprises Oceania.
    On McGarry, this type of hair style doesn’t suit her facial features. She should experiment on what would best suit her before Ms. intercon.

  8. I’m sorry but I don’t care for the hostess on this show too much. During interviews, with her irritating nasal twang of a voice, it’s as if shesnlike. I’m just waiting for her lay an egg! DVD

    It seems as if she’s always interrupting not giving her interviewees ample time to complete their thoughts.

    • Correction…It’s as if she’s like a chicken that clucks too much…lol

  9. Nagtataka lang ako kay Ms. Kris Aquino na biyahera at isang edukada kung bakit hindi pa niya alam ang world geography. Bilang host ng isang talk show dapat maghanap ng oras para magsaliksik tungkol sa paksa at sa taong kakausapin mo para hindi ka magmumukhang nawawala. Mabuti lang kamo mabilis at marunong sumagot si Christi Lynn.

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