26 comments on “Ann Lorraine Colis on Aquino & Abunda Tonight

  1. It’s not Ann’s time yet. Let’s wait for the stars to align for her. In the meantime, ang sarap i-duct tape ang bibig ni Kris, the pambansang bratinella.

  2. Nasa dugo na nila Kris A. kung anuman ang napapansin nyo sa kanya. Look at Josh. Sana hindi maging evident kay Bimbi ang napapansin nyo kay Kris A. pag naging binata na. Huwag name sana at mahihirapan ang ABS-CBN to convince them to star in “The Crazy Family TV Show-TCFTS”.😃😆😃

      • Actually deserving naman sila lahat to represent the philippines abroad…support din po ako ke Pia for her journey for MU at si lang lahat, kaso takaw eksena kasi tong Ann na to, kahit ung height nya…ang tangkad. Pati nga ung arabo at turkish na kasama ko dito sya ung may appeal daw…lol

        @Fabian, you’re devoted fans of Pia…I wish she will make you proud and the entire philippines including me comes MU nyt…hahaha. At pag nangyari un dapat lang na ipasuot sau ni Pia ung Korona pag nanalo sya😄😄😄.

  3. the girl is gorgeous in stills but i guess bec of her awkwardness due to inexperience medyo nasapawan ng ibang experienced candidates. maybe another year of exposure and training would have made her polished even more. sayang.

      • I hated Kris’s busangot face! Pero sakin lang….sana she finished na lang kung 3 bwan na lang at nag pa polish pa ng skills nya para sa next year. Masasayang lang sya sa Tourism masaklap pa she cannot join next year and bag a bigger prize kase wala na yung option na yun. If ever BPCI comes up with a franchise for her to compete it…it will be for a mediocre pageant na wala man lang name recall. hay…


  4. I have to agree with you Sir N. Among the 5 Binibini queens, her A&A TV guesting was pretty “safe” comparatively speaking. It did not showcase her one on one interview skills owing to the “safe” questions & comments thrown at her. There’s no denying the fact though that she is very pretty and registers so well on camera. Just like what’s on her wish list, I hope she gets to represent our country and compete internationally 🙂

  5. I like the fact that Ann Lorraine impressed Kris which only means that she is truly a beauty physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Furthermore, gut-feel tells me that Ann Lorraine would be able to compete and that she’d place well. 🙂

  6. Haaay . . . instead of us knowing more about their guests, they, especially, Kris reveals more of, nay attracts more attention to, themselves. In fairness, Boy asks more relevant questions.

    • Please remember that Crass Aquino fell from the stage in a GMA show way back in the late 80s.

      That’s why she is acting peculiar because her mental capacity has been impaired as a result of that fall.

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