14 comments on “It’s green-and-go for Police Inspector Sofia Loren Deliu in MPE2015

  1. Pag nanalo si Aling Pulis, ano na?
    May mababago ba, uunlad ba ang nayon?
    Maiibsan ba ang kakulangan ng tubig sa mga kabukiran sa lalawigan?
    Magiging straight ba si Piolo?
    Haaay Sofia, mag-twerking ka na lang.

  2. Just read from SASH Factor: No Miss Philippines Earth for non-winning Bb Pilipinas Candidates
    Posted by: Jesson Capuchino | Posted on: March 27, 2015

    No Miss Philippines Earth for non-winning Bb Pilipinas candidates says BPCI…

    With the Binibining Pilipinas pageant season over, pageant aficionados now turn their eyes to the Miss Philippines Earth competition. While the screenings for MPE has already started there still are some questions on the future of the pageant cross-overs. Bb Pilipinas 2015 candidates Mia Howell and Anja Vanessa Peter have screened for MPE. However, there seems to be a ‘pageant lockout’ agreement that the BPCI have made legal for their 2015 candidates.

    According to a news report by ABS-CBN, all of the Bb Pilipinas candidates cannot join any pageant within 6 months after the finals night; which would bring the possible candidacy of Mia and Anja into a halt. As both girls are already 26 year old, this will put a stop in their pageant dreams as only MPE is the remaining national competition (for the 4 Alpha pageants other than Bb Pilipinas) that accepts 26 year olds in their pageant.

    Is this a fair to the ladies concerned? If it is indeed in the BPCI contract that they signed then we have no other choice but to follow the rules.

    Video of the TV Patrol news below:

  3. For an instant I felt her Kim Suiza vibe so if she could do Kim’s 2015 transformation, she’ll surely have one of the crowns. 😉

    Good luck, Sofia Loren!

  4. Isa siyang magiting at kagalanggalang na alagad ng batas na handang ibuwis ang buhay para sa lahat at sa ating bayan. Siguro naman kailangan natin na bigyan ng respeto siya.

  5. @Senora Santibanez haha patay tayo dyan. Next level of name calling na to…bad yan

    • Laila, matanong ko lang, virgin ka pa ba?
      Kung oo, saang banda?
      North, Eat, Wet or Mouth?

  6. She has good facial bone structure and doesn’t a nose job, that’s a good start. I think she will transform well.

  7. She’s cute…. She’s definitely a winner based on credentials but she needs to improve her physical beauty to compete with the other front runners who excels in the beauty department. More sex apeal please

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