23 comments on “fbb Femina Miss India 2015: My Picks

  1. Femina india miss world – aditi arya (5’11)
    Femina india miss international (ist runner up) – Rachel vaz (5’11)
    Femina india miss grand international (2nd runner up) – vartika singh( 5’8)

  2. India’s reps to Miss Universe lately have been getting and better and better in the recent years. Rushali and Vartika are seriously beauty contenders. Both fit the Universal mold. Very queenly and sophisticated. India is trying to claim Asia’s beauty pageant powerhouse title back. It sets up some good friendly competition for us pinoys.

    I think Pia still gives them a run for their money. She has that Girl next door yet classy aura. Love Pia! 🙂

    Good luck beautiful ladies of India. =)

  3. Cory Quirino can certainly learn lessons from the FEMINA team.

    Among them, hold the Miss World PHILIPPINES Pageant early so as to give ample time for the winner to prepare without feeling rushed & pressured!

  4. Deeksha and Vartika are my top choice. Both are shoo ins for either the Miss Universe and Miss World.

    I think fbb Miss India and Femina Miss India is the same. What does fbb means? Is it a sponsor?

    They have another competition called Miss Diva for their Miss Universe representative, although the said pageant is also organized by Femina Miss India.

    Too bad because Vartika has Miss Universe written all over her, she reminds me of Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta. She got the look that the Miss Universe Org prefer.

    Deeksha, would look good wearing the Miss World crown, she has that look of innocence trying to be sexy like Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra.

    • Femina Miss India did a wonderful make over for Vartika Singh and Deeksha Kaushal .

      • Just found out that Vartika Singh participated at the Miss Diva Pageant 204, she also got Miss Photogenic and made it as far as top 7. Noyonita Lodh won the title. Miss Diva also select India representative to Miss Earth and Supranational.

        Are there other “cross over” contestants at the fbb Femina Miss India 2015 from the Miss Diva pageant?

  5. I so love the group shot. Reminds me of those glossy mag covers of vanity fair in panoramic pull out. The all black footwear of the ladies look classier than the flesh-toned platforms bbp girls were wearing.

  6. Si Medhika… Nicole Richie na Mila Kunis ang peg…

    Ngayon ko lang napansin… ang India, Venezuela and of course USA e Holywood ang peg ng winners… Iconography at it’s best… like Megan Young, sexy dusky version ni Audrey Hepburn na medyo Coco Rocha ang peg… Si Venus din mala Sophia Loren, Jessica Lange and some hints of Iman. Si Samcey medyo Penelope Cruz daw pero parang hindi naman… Dapat talaga ganun din winners natin.

    • By comparing each person to lets say a celebrity or a previous beauty queen, you are taking one thing that is rightfully theirs. originality. They each bring their own persona to their own table. They maybe be influenced but it is hardly a comparison because they are all completely different from each other and beautiful in their own right.

  7. They are all stunning! Really beautiful Indian women!
    Vartika stood out from the rest….I wonder how tall is this pretty girl.

  8. mas gusto ko c rushali mas queenly ang dating at hindi matapang feature ng kanyang mukha. c vartika mas bagay sa miss universe yung dating nya ay stunning, fierce at saka maganda if she will win miss universe india for sure my laban ang india this year.

  9. Il choose medhika and vartika, they are superb MU. Sana sila ang top 2 sa Femina India. Stunning beauty, they are seems ready to compete in MU. But i choose vartika for universe i like her eyes in the last photo ni laila and medhika or deeksha in miss world. they are back in the game with japan. If vartika won, top 1 yan palagi sa mga predictions. this years competition is gonna be a tough battle. Grrrrrr. Pia’s team should start to prepare their training, experiments. I have a feeling that Pia will do better in MU, if vartika won MY feelings is down to 70 percent of Pia’s chances for the DIC crown.

  10. Vartika is my top choice followed by Deeksha. I’ve a feeling India will do very well this year.

  11. Can vartika join MU India ? She can bring the crown back to India . I wish norm you would include the height of the girls.

  12. Oh my ang gaganda ng mga to! Vartika ako nagagandahan. May pagka Talisa Soto. Shucks….

  13. Nakakainis! Ang daming magaganda sa kanila.
    Pero feel ko si Vartika, parang drawing lang! Ang ganda ng mga mata.

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