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  1. Her name fits her so much. Raj I think is king in hindi. Parang Royal Beauty. Love it!

    • Maria Venus Raj – Meaning:

      Maria – “wished-for child”, “beloved”, “love”, “star of the sea”

      Venus- “Godess of love”, “love and sexual desire”.

      Raj- means “rule”, “king”, “ruler”, “emperor”, “royalty”, “paradise” or “heaven”.

  2. Her transformation from BP to MU was amazing. Her face was radiant and she walked like no one else.
    That’s why I strongly believe A&Q will turn Pia into a winning form- from head to toe- just like her 4 preds

  3. @d3ch Gut feeling and just by looking at Pia. I am not saying that she is not beautiful but her beauty is not for MU. If we are to look at Janine, Venus, Ariella, Shamcey and even MJ, we can say that they have this aura and individual uniqueness that made them stood out amongst the rest. I don’t see this in Pia. past MU winners were not necessarily the prettiest but those that have “je ne sais quois” as they say here in France. Pia may be considered beautiful in a place like the Philippines wherein every man or woman of mixed raced particularly those who are maputi are automatically considered as maganda and guyapo. Have you ever wondered why Janine and Mirriam Quiambao almost became our 3rd Miss Universe? I’ll end my comment with that question.

    • I feel the same way.. I always support the candidates we send, but my preference lean towards the exotic Pinay look. Maybe she gotta be brown to wear the crown.

  4. ganda talaga niya. she’s really a contender noon, syempre di lang pumasok sa banga ang sagot. but still, one look alam mo nang beauty queen si ateng!

    iba ang tindig niya, ang lakad nia, ngiti niya, tingin nia at pose niya! kahit alam naman natin ang wardrobes na pinapadala sakanila ay hindi amazing, hindi naapektuhan ang itsura ni venus doon,

    if pwede lang sana, now siya mag compete, for sure pasok pa rin siya sa banga. i prefer her long hair look though, pero pretty pa rin naman siya.

    may nabasa ako sa forums na nakita nila si venus, naka jeans and tshirt lang pero makaagaw pansin pa rin ang aura niya. love!

  5. Such a classy girl. There was a lot of buzz about her in Vegas… she was so focused even during dress rehearsals. We saw some of the contestants breaking form (Venezuela was slouching during breaks) but Venus was always projecting. When she was called last, the auditorium exploded. So proud to be Pinoy at that moment.

    • Ligwak lang sa q and a. Sayang kasi parang para sa kanya talaga yung question na yon. Pagkakamali nya na muntikan na syang hindi makasali sa MU dahil sa maling birth certificate. Yon ang recent and big mistake nya ang hindi pag-aasikaso sa mga legal documents nya.

      • Yeah, it was a missed opportunity. Soon as I heard the answer, I was like either she’s fourth or she’ll win.

  6. Remember the early 2000s when India could do no wrong ? I feel if Bb keeps messing up who to send and what they wear, the Philippines will experience the same pageant demise. Bb is really so incompetent . Pia + Barazza = disaster

    • Viveka.. I think it’s not about the clothes, but it’s about choosing the right candidate for MU. Like this year, Pia is not the right candidate for MU. This year, we will see the demise of the Philippines because fo her.

      • Wow #VAN and #Viveka. You 2 are so negative. You 2 watch TOO many telesyeria’s. The only reason why we won’t win the Miss Universe Pageant is because we have such sad and negative people like you who are SO bitter, narrow minded, incompetent, debbie downers that you are.

        Van the only thing that you said that was remotely correct, is that it isn’t about the clothes. It is about how the wearer wears it. Seriously, your negative vibes are starting to annoy a lot of people on this forum and just because your bets didn’t win, doesn’t mean you can drag them down your negative trail of thoughts. We are trying to be optimistic here. Both of you on the other hand are being sad and low. It seriously makes me laugh at how pathetic you are by STILL sooking about Pia’s win. Get the EFF over it!!!!

      • Wow AJAY you are taking the comments here too seriously. Please do not include or attack the personal life of someone you don’t know by saying they are living a lonely or pathetic life because you may be living a lonelier and more pathetic life than them.

      • Do you have any logic Van? First of all, I never said you were lonely in that comment I posted. I said that YOUR negativity isn’t contributing to Philippines obtaining their 3rd Miss U Crown? Just because your bet didn’t win, you have to DISS Pia? If you don’t like her, Must you continue to put her down?

        So for you to say that I am putting you down? WTF? You really are incompetent because now you know how it feels don’t you? You continue to put PIA down. So then I’ll stick up for her. You don’t even know her. You only see what you want to see. So don’t try and lay the guilt trip on me you hypocrite. If you are gonna put someone down who you barely even know, then EXPECT IT BACK TO YOU in ten-folds

        Oh and I don’t hate you. I just think you are being negative and it says alot about your character for someone who boasts so much about how someone is going to fail. If YOU want to win in life van, I suggest you stop treating other people as if they are all failures. TOUCHE.

  7. She was so beautiful back then… Very exotic and sexy. High fashion.

    She’s still pretty now… But she looks much different before

    • Its the dark lipstick… Why Venus?!
      Pero konting RF sa cheeks and around the eyes… She’s back in business! 😀

  8. How I wish na sana kumalas na ang Miss Universe franchise sa BPCI soon. Magconcentrate na lang si SMA sa Miss International.
    Nagawa na nga ng Miss World sana Miss Universe naman.

  9. Sa totoo lang… kahit noong 2010… ang papangit parin ng mga pinasuot kay Venus but whatever she wore, she made it look like a million bucks. Pag maganda ka maganda ka talaga kahit basahan pa isuot mo… Pero pag maganda ka na tapos maganda pa suot mo e… Miss Universe na ang tawag dun… LOL 😀

  10. She ended the DROUGHT and opened the FLOOD GATES! Since 2010, the Philippine rep has almost always been a top 5 pick @ MU. MJ is no exception. PIA will continue the tradition of excellence that Venus top 5 finish revived. You did good girl! 😀

    • I don’t think so that Pia will continue the dominance. This year will be the demise of the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant because of her.

      • Just stating the fact. Do you know that I am madam auring 😉 if you remember when MU was held in Manila, madam auring predicted that she saw letter “V” in his crystal ball so eveyone thought it was Venezuela but as per the interpretation of Madam Auring that meant “Vumbay” as in bombay so she was right when Sushmita Sen won lololol

      • Hahaha but instead of predicting Pia’s fate in MU, why dont you just support her and be more positive. Give the girl a chance, she worked hard for this. 3 D’s are needed, she has the first 2 ( Desire and Determination). The third one ( Destiny) is no longer in her hands. I just hope everyone supports her, and if some cannot, they can just shut up 🙂


        How is it a FACT when it hasn’t even occurred yet? Learn how to express tenses in the correct manner and maybe the rest of the people on this website won’t think you are so stupid after all. So NEGATIVE!

  11. I really foresee na there will be an MUP search in the next coming two to three years, and the Araneta’s will loose their clout soon 🙂 Can’t wait that day to happen. Just like MWP!!!! I guess Colis, Janicel can join again.

  12. I hope she grows her hair long again. It fits her well. Long hair looks good on her.

  13. Venus Raj’s styling and look are iconic. Leila Lopes copied it the next year and ran away with the Nexus crown. A&Q really knows how to package its girls. From Venus to Ara, each had distinct and unique personality and look. I expect nothing less for Pia.

      • On MJ – pero gustong gusto ko yung blush pink and hot pink looks nya from gakuya by kim gan. Yun yung tatak na looks nya for me 🙂

      • I’m sorry to be quite honest but MJ’s styling was for me a huge disappointment. As much as I love her, the make-up, the hair, and the gown that night altogether were regrettable when she’s supposed to look her best. I can’t even replay her videos because it’s just painful to watch.

      • @Laila, yes I agree. I love that pink dress on her, and how she looked prior to the pageant night. Pero nung mismong labanan, doon pa pumalpak at nag-experimento. I also love the way she looked during the introduction of the new crown. I really, really felt sad when I saw her styling during the competition itself.

      • Yeah that Barraza gown ruined her chances to be in the top 5. She did very well in all performances (except that horrible NatCos). It’s just the gown, but her styling is okay

    • I agree with you Alex, MJs hair was awful. It made her look so much older than she really is. She is even prettier now than when she competed.

      • actually, MJ’s styling are predictable. or should i say, iisa lang halos ang arrive. walang variety.

        i knew it na babalik ang MUP sa A&Q, they know what madam wants and what MU wants.

  14. Viveka, bakit hindi ikaw ang magfranchise? Anez? Ang dami mo kuda at alam. Wala ka naman credibility. Wala ka rin sigurong booking. Hahaha!

  15. She could have been our third MU. Sumablay lang talaga sa Q&A. To be fair with her, that was really a tough question, even leaders struggle with that tricky question.

    • “She was favored to win . . . until . . . “, thus goes a US news documentary on her and on others asked the same questions.

  16. Had it not been for major, major disaster, things would be different today. Venus started an exciting trend which peaked with Janine but, unfortunately, it is downhill from there. Just like in Economics, diminishing returns happen the more you repeat something.

    • Malay mo naman Franco, ang pagiging fans natin ng Miss U ang mag defy ng diminishing marginal utility. At dahil nasimulan ko na, itutuloy ko na; the more you utilize a commodity, the satisfaction you get from it lessens to the point na masusuka ka na. Feeling ko, malayo pa tayo dun. Ewan. Basta..

      • Joshua, I see your point but 5 years is a good run. Even Osmel Souza hit a low point with Migbelis after 3 crowns in 6 years. Pageant fatigue sets in and people become complacent. Everyone is now expecting the Philippines to make it to top 5 regardless if the girl truly deserves it. Isn’t that odd?

      • Franco, respecting your views and all, but in my eyes the Philippines has had five straight top 5 “contenders.” Norman had posted that a reliable source revealed that MJ finished 6th. IMO, she was a “gown” away from another top 5 placement.

        The streak will only end on the night of the MU pageant, should PIA not be selected as a semi-finalist. Until then, if that happens at all, she has my full support and hopefully yours as well.

        Keep posting! 🙂

  17. Had it not been for her major, major disaster, things would have been different today. Venus started an exciting trend which peaked with Janine but, unfortunately, it is downhill from there. Just like in Statistics, diminishing returns happen the more you try to repeat something.

  18. Best Body (MJ din) pero sya kase long and lean. Pero look at the ensemble they prepared for her. 5 years pa lang nakakalipas pero super dated na tingnan. Talagang stuck sa Jurassic age styling ng BPCI parang nanadya lang. Ano ba? gusto ba talaga nila matalao at mag mukang kawawa mga candidates natin? Kung hind recycled, kung ano nalang maipasuot ka bwisit.

  19. In the last pic …. Sorry to keep saying this but OMG Pia needs to level up compared to the previous candidates. Ariela looks great with light or noble up even . Pia’s smile just so… Ewan …. UGH!!! can’t let go !!Janicel, Lorraine and cristi are wasted beauties .
    Norm how long before MU breaks away from Bb? Aren’t they considering an independent francise?


    • Viveka, bakit hindi ikaw ang magfranchise? Anez? Ang dami mo kuda at alam. Wala ka naman credibility. Wala ka rin sigurong booking. Hahaha!

    • I agree. If Janine ang MJ were in that group picture above, Pia would still be least beautiful. So this year will go down the drain not even a top 80

      • Remember the early 2000s when India could do no wrong ? I feel if Bb keeps messing up who to send and what they wear, the Philippines will experience the same pageant demise. Bb is really so incompetent . Pia + Barazza = disaster

      • @Viveka ano kayang level ng galit natin pag nagka alam na Barraza na naman at wala nang bawian? Yiykes

      • @Van i want to know the reason kung bakit sure na sure ka na mali-ligwak si Pia. Pero in fairness, gusto kong makita silang anim together in one picture, then we’ll judge.

    • I want to remove someone from that group picture and add Janine, Mirriam Quiambao and Nina Ricci Alagao 🙂

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