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  1. Rogelie oozes loads of Mutya Datul vibes without being her clone!

    This winsome Cebuana charmer is in my TOP-5 list for the
    2015 Miss SUPRANATIONAL crown.

  2. I saw one comment here saying that she/ he is distracted with the nose and hope she can have her nose fix to make it look naturally.

    I BELIEVE SHE DID !!! COMPARE HER OLD PHOTOS FROM REYNA NG ALIWAN, MISS WORLD PHILIPPINES, MISS CASINO.. ( my thought.. to bad don’t know how to post picture..plan to post collage of her transformation).. IT MADE HER BEAUTIFUL.

    • I didn’t even know she was a vet. Wowowee!!! Makeover to the extreme!!! I was never a fan of plastic surgery. But Rogelie’s doc did a great job.

  3. @Mrs_Spainhour Mars! Nabuhay ka!

    Why does Kris Aquino still have a career?????? She’s annoying as F*CK!

    • Her family owns majority shares of Lopez group of companies. As what some insider told me, Kris own’s majority shares of ABS next to the Lopez family.

  4. Rogelie ur so beautiful, sorry dahil nag disapproved ako noon sayo dahil sa looks mo sa Bb.. But now ganda mo pala… For sure winner ka…

  5. TG — I have not seen her before and I find no distracting feature on her face. She’s lovely and articulate. She is adorable during interviews. Her pasarela is good. What else can one ask for?

  6. mas maganda siya ngayon kesa nung nanalo siya. i mean idk, siguro naaayos na ang styling nila? sabi nga ni kris, okay siya kausap. kasi nga dun sa experience niya working in a hotel.

    I think what she needs to enhance or work is on she deliver her message or answer, ako i am okay with her kasi ma ttrain pa, but when we were watching A&A, mga tao dito sa bahay, medyoa nairita sila how she speaks, parang maypagka maarte daw. na parang hindi ganon ka spontaneous ang dating like rehearsed or something. ako syempre tahimik lang, baka sabihin bakla ako e. charot.

    pero yun nga ang tingin ng iba, pero kakapanalo lang naman niya, maaayos pa yan!

    every batch naman, we can really see the potential/s in them, that they can win. pero syempre we’re looking at them individually, but hindi natin alam ang timpla ng pageants and ng mga kalaban nila dba. so we’ll just see.

  7. I like her..She is even prettier than the one who got the MUP crown. I can see her and Janicel making the Philippines proud in their respective pageants.

      • Agree. Especially if Pia Wutrzbach will slim to the max. Especially if Pia will try other stylings. Especially if she will especially prepare for the Miss U in China. I hope she wins, especially.

  8. I like Roger, she sounds articulate not to mention her very feminine aura.
    Kahawig nya si Mutya Datul at si Ehra Madrigal.
    Roger for Miss Supranational 2015.

  9. Cge na nga, fan na ako! 😀

    You go gurl!!! Get your country another Supranational title!

  10. Wow! I must say that after watching her interview there is something suprisingly appealing and likeable about Rogelie. With all the buzz around Pia, Janicel, Christie, Hanah, Alaiza and Winwyn, I didn’t even notice her during the Bb prelims. Thank goodness the judges did because she’s a one beauty of a gem.

  11. God. The negativity in this thread. SMH.

    Ontopic: I like her. Her words make sense. Her answers in the show’s interview are not flat. I wish her the best of luck.

    And I agree with those who said that I see a bit of Mutya in her.

  12. She obviously tries to please everyone.
    Good luck to her winning Miss SupraPersonality.

  13. i am really bothered with her nose.. hope she can have her nose fix to make it look naturally.

  14. She’s very articulate. Kung may off man sya na masabi minsan hindi mo matitimpla sa sarili mo kung off nga sa pandinig or hindi kase malambing na malandi yung delivery nya. She has a very Mutya Datul vibe in her so now nakikita ko na pang Supra nga sya Oo pero I need so see and hear more of her para lalo pa ma convince na likeable sya. Ang kaibahan lang nila ni Mutya kahit may pagka same mold, hindi mo na need i convince sarili mo na gusto mo si Mutya. Gets?

    Wait post ko lang to kase gandang ganda ako sa photo na to…pati yung gown actually…

      • @Fabian Reyes

        Yup no doubt pretty naman sya pero yung enhancements nya ang obvious lang kase talaga eh medyo nakaka distract lang kase yun agad napapansin mo.Siguro hindi lang ako sanay na sobrang in your face yung enhancements (kase medyo nag belnd in bay mga enhancements ng past candidtes like Bea and MJ hindi naman sobrang halatang halata) Nag improve naman talaga looks ni Rogelie pero siguro for me medyo sobra lang yung work sa nose and veneers. Sakin lang naman.

  15. i bet she will shine even better and better in these coming supranational……….God bless ija!

  16. She is pretty darn good conversationalist,,. She has the making of a good host actually..very articulate and very wit much more, a very straight-forward.. Im beginning to like her. 🙂

    • I agree. Magaling at may substance. She will be a good representative for our country.

  17. Rogelie is articulate, but she lacks sincerity in her answer! She is even inconsistent! Example: she says that she would marry a less successful man…because “love is unconditional”. Bravo! Kahanga-!!! . But when asked what if the man is “batugan?…walang trabaho, palamumin?”….she then gave a contradictory answer…that she won’t marry that kind of man! AND I thought Love is unconditional for her? Ang babaw nya…As for me, I will marry a Batugan, if I truly love that person, because I believe that my Love is Powerful and Creative… and it can inspire and transform that person to productivity, responsibility, wholeness…it is because my love is assuring that person that somebody is believing in him and in his capacity to soar to a greater height!

    • I kinda agree… mas na off ako actually nung sumipsip pa sya kay Kris by saying Cory Aquino is an inspiring woman… No further comments…

      • I don’t think she was trying to suck up to kris. I’m sorry you’re from ilocos. But most men and women in the Philippines have only good things to say abt Cory.

      • Sorry, I’m not from Ilocos…

        I just know the REAL History, not just those limited, biased, altered or even fabricated stories on your school textbooks. If you’re one of those Lemings who patronize these so called “National Heroes” then by all means go ahead. Nobody is stopping you. 🙂

      • C2f, now you are calling me a lemming? Didnt you tell me not too long ago that my opinions differed from everyone else ( or something like that)?
        And what is your source if not books?
        Are you a paniki who has lived through centuries of war and pestilence? Hahaha

      • @Fabian

        Well FYI, my sources are not just from books. Try centuries of oral tradition and 1st hand information. You’re the one who replied with prejudice to my comment intended for someone else. You got the piece of my mind you asked for so why are you complaining?! 🙂

    • I think she meant that in a relationship, even if your partner is less successful than you, it won’t matter because love is uncondtional BUT that’s not excuse to be a bum.. Just because one is less successful doesnt give them the right to stay at home and let their partner do the working and providing. For a relationship to work, both sides must try and put effort. And I think for Rogelie, it’s ok if the guy is less fortunate etc but as long as effort is being made then everthing is alright…

      And I agree with her… Kasi honestly, ang hirap naman nun pag yung long term partner mo is batugan. While you’re busting your ass off at work, nakatambay lang siya sa bahay. Like no. that’s out of the line. Abuso na yun. Unless the person is disabled or whatever, that’s a different story.

      • @Joy

        Well she wasn’t able to explain it like you did…
        Ikaw nalang sumali sa Supra, mas sincere ang dating mo kesa sa kanya.

      • @c2f, that’s exactly what Rogelio meant or any sensible human would . Give her a break. She didn’t have the luxury of pen paper and time to answer the question. Not every Pnay beauty queen can talk like Pia

      • “love is uncondtional BUT that’s not excuse…” =Then do not use the word unconditional. You just gave a “condition”.

        As in her first interview: “Hindi naman sa ayaw ko, pero napamahal na ako sa…” =Contradiction.

        I do not see Mutya in her. Maybe the softness in the accent, but the overall aura no.

      • @alex but it’s not even a condition though? I think it’s just common sense that effort is very much needed in a relationship… If a person really loves you, dapat walang ng issue regarding that concept eh. common sense na yun.. hindi ka puwedeng maging tamad at palamunin sa isang relasyon. Kung kaya namang magtrabaho, go! Doesn’t matter if you have a lower salaray than your partner..

        Idk man, i feel like you understand Rogelie’s point pero you choose to look for “error” in her para makapagingay and prove your point na hindi mo siya bet.. Kaw ba, you marry someone, tapos walang ginagawa kundi kumain at matulog. Ni maglinis ng bahay, waley… ANO KA SHUNGA??? Papalampasin mo na lang ba yun because “love is unconditional” lol that’s stupid.

      • @Joy: then we do not use the word “unconditional” nga. However you view it those arguments you gave contradicts the definition of unconditional love. Let us stick to the definition.

        Your argument implies that “love is logical”. Sabi mo nga, common sense. Sa simula pa lang how we pick our partners in a way often comes from logical reasons. Even our instinct, it may appear illogical initially, but intuition does not really mean the absence of logic. I’d call it the split-second version of human reasoning.

        Unconditional love, that only applies to God and Christ. We human beings are not perfect enough to be really capable of it.

        I’m just sticking to what unconditional really means ha.

      • I understand your argument but like you can’t take EVERYTHING literally.. Words in general, whatever language you are using, have their definite literal meanings which can be found in the dictionary — this is what we call denotation . BUT aside from that, words have their emotional undertones and secondary implications which we refer to as connotation. Language is malleable, symbolic, semantic, generative and structured. Overall, it’s complex. I understand that you’re going by the literal definition of “unconditional” but you gotta take into account that words can go beyond their meaning. In a way, they can be modified depending on the context. In a way we can say Rogelie used figurative of speech (hyperbole to be specific) when she answered her final question during BB. So just take a chill pill and don’t take everything literally lol 🙂

    • Marrying someone who is “batugan” is not unconditional love–that’s stupidity. I’m beginning to like Rogelie after this interview in A&A.

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