14 comments on “Miss Summer International 2015 3rd Runner-Up Athena Catriz

  1. Athena, you just made a great contribution to Philippine Beauty Pageantry, Congratulations!

    And after your journey and if you are still into pageant business, ask A&Q to prepare you for a bigger and more challenging role. Good luck!

    • The gown is gorgeous. This may be a low tier pageant but all details were perfected not only presentation skills. I don’t know when that pageant institution will change. National costume lang ang nasabing will be Filipino-designed. I may be wrong but basura na naman yata ang evening gown.

  2. Parang less than 15 yung contestants nung pageant! Congrats sa kanya! Its a confidence builder for her to join a bigger pageant next time!

  3. I knew it!!!… Athena is a smart girl with a killler body and a vibrant personality!!!… Partida, that pageant has always been dominated by Latinas, Colombia pa host and owner…. Wahahaha!!! Ang galing!!! Exotic ang Peg… pang Miss Universe!!!

    Next stop… Binibining Pilipinas!!! 😀

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