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  1. Why is it that BPCI is very reluctant to apply for the franchise of Miss Globe International where previously won by Maricar Balagtas 2003, fornow there are 114 expected candidates to join this international pageants. Having acquire the franchise for this international title BPCI can send Bb Pilipinas Tourism instead of waiting for this MQTI which could not be happened due to so many Ms Tourism title attached to it ( Universe, World, International & so on ) then change the assigned title to Bb Pilipinas Globe and scratch the Bb Pilipinas Tourism title, so far there were so many Miss Tourism Philippines being given yearly like Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism, Miss Tourism Universe & Miss Tourism World. BPCI should give these titles to others and not be branded to join the band wagon for the Miss Tourism title hopelessly it would not be Miss Terrorism Title.

  2. Binibining Pilipinas 2015 Winners – News to Go Appearance and Interview

  3. The Buzz? What else is expected of that show? Viewers stay atuned for hot gossips about celebrities and I bet they made their fans happy, happier and happiest. So what’s all the fuss?!?

    I watched the video links and I just can’t help but admire Queen Pia’s beamish aura. Her presence alone made me happiest! 🙂

  4. Yes, Rogelie won her title fair and square, but she could have at least looked at the bigger picture and consider that switching crowns might actually help spare the Philippines the embarrassment of having to send the same candidate to the same pageant twice. And spare Christi the same.

    Some may even argue that Miss Intercontinental is a slight step up, so a switch with Christi is by no means a demotion and certainly no skin off Rogelie’s NOSE.


    Bakit ang daming nabwisit kay Rogelie? Kung kayo bibigyan ng mapaghimalang chance maging beauty queen at papapiliin kung anong pageant ang sasalihan niyo?


    Ngayon niyo sabihin sakin na mas mataas ang Intercon kesa Supra. 😀

    • kung ang usapan eh eh Universe o Supra iisa pa rin ba sagot?

      Medyo naipit kase si Rogelie dun sa tanong eh. Kaya medyo iba yung dating sa pandinig. Kung nag stick na lang sya sa echos na disisyon ng BPCI yun mas naintindihan pa natin (namin) siguro mas napunta pa simpatya sa kanya…tricky yung tanong kaya nabisto na ayaw nya ng switch kung sya lang masusunod

      • Haha. Malamang hindi na. At least, napag usapan siya. Si Pia,Universe kaya sure na mapaguusapan. Dagdagan mo pa ng issue kunwari with PNoy. Si Janicel, napaguusapan ang pinaggalingan at siyempre International siya. Si Colis daw, sayang kasi pang Universe; tapos napunta pa sa Tourism na mababa ang chance mapadala. Si McGarry, siyempre issue ang pagkapanalo niya ng chance ulit makasali sa Intercon.

        Si Rogelie, nganga. Parang mapapachange topic ka kagad pag siya na ang subject ng usapan. Kaya masaya ako para sa kanya ngayong napaguusapan na siya.

  6. Sorry pero tunog chismosa masyado si KRIS AQUINO! HAHA.

    • @joshuisnotmyname nahimasmasan nko…nagpantig tenga ko kahapon lol….sarsi lang pala katapat

      • Minsan lang ako makapagbasa dito kaya pag pasensiyahan mo na kung huli na. Pero first class bitch ka sa grammar lesson mo kahapon. 😀

      • @joshuaisnotmyname ayan na nga nag reply pa ulit. mukang bago eh. now ko lang nakita. wagas kung maka pag “HOY” usually hindi naman ako patola ni hindi ko nga naiisip si Rogelie palagi haha…nakiki comment lang sa thread ng may thread di pa mag ayos. sana nakibaka na lang sya ng sariling post nya. haha para rin akong timang

      • Ayos lang yan. Exercise din yan sa tunay na buhay. Yung mga di mo ma bengga ng sobra sa totoong buhay; dito mo ilabas sa NB. Haha. 😀

      • @joshuaisnotmyname kaya nga more Tagalog more fun ako dito sa blog eh…maraming magagaling dito kaya iwas pusoy na lang din plus mas masaya mag Tagalog. Ewan ko ba may mga nag mamarunong di naman consistent sa grammar.

  7. From a reliable source: Pia and Pnoy are dating. Not so serious though. They go out on dinners, etc. I also don’t think (or I am hoping) that it will be very serious or something that will lead to anything.

    In the eyes of non-pageant fans (even to Christi’s mom – saw this on FB) – Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental is the 3rd best title in BPCI. Too bad about Rogelie’s reply. Kinda off considering Christi is beside her. Agree with all of you as well that we should assign/reassign titles to the girl who will most likely win a crown. 🙂


  8. Basta kabalo ko…
    Bisaya ang siguradong modaug sa International Competition…
    Kung ayaw nyo sa Bisaya, puede naman magprotesta sa EDSA…lol

  9. What the?!!!

    The objective here is to win their respective International pageants….

    Question is….

    Will their current placements an advantage for them to win their designated International pageants?!

    Yun na!

    Additional question:

    Among the 5 queens… who do you think has a greatest chance of winning?

    I bet most of you guys already know the answer. 🙂

  10. Why can’t we just support our candidates?

    The mere fact that Filipino pageant fans are considered the best in the world actually saddens me. We cannot even come up with a unified support for our candidates. Will the continuous bashing benefit any of us at all? Masarap ba sa pakiramdam?

    I pity the candidates who fought hard for the crown and will just be judged and bashed. They poured their time, hearts, and efforts because this is also each candidate’s dream. Who are we to ridicule them? 😦


      Filipino’s are a laughing stock to the world! Their is a difference between being passionate and being ill supportive. From where I stand, pinoys are not supportive. We are not content with anything. We are always ridiculing everything else just because it didn’t please us.

      Why the heck are we so critical. We are not perfect. Infact, to an extent other nations are right. We get so emotional about things we cannot change and we linger on. That is the reason why majority of us are not educationally reformed.

      We all need to accept what we can’t change and support our candidates unconditionally because they are representing us. It doesn’t matter that they are not our choices. Get over it. You can’t predict the future. Whatever happens happens.

      • We Filipinos ought to support each other for the right reasons, it is true. I highly value the Bayanihan spirit our ancestors has imbued deeply in our culture. But we have to take a stance and ask ourselves important questions such as: are we supporting what adheres to our morale? This is not only an issue among us Filipinos. Obama or Queen Elizabeth or Prime Minister Abe are ridiculed countless times as well. Now there are extremists who ridicule to the point of madness, people whose mantra is: “Keep Calm…” to the point of tolerating just about everything it leads to either complete indifference or blind optimism, and people who exercise rationality and realism to assess situations as how they truly are.

        It is not the lack of support which makes a country or anybody really fail. It is I think the lack of the education to form sound judgment and the lack of sensitivity to issues. It is not sufficient to merely “support”. That though does not imply that if one is not a supporter he/she is instantly a distractor. The overused and misused “crab mentality” takes place when a non-supporter does everything out of anything sham/immoral/jealousy, etc. to humiliate or cause damage to others, especially those who do it without any considerable basis.

        As for Rogelie, “based on this interview”, showed insensitivity which is not readily detectable to those who are easily swayed by coated, ambiguous words. If you listen carefully and focused on the content, I think you will understand and you will see what her motive is. And am I to support somebody like this, personally? I do not know with you, but I sure wouldn’t. Now I won’t be one of her distractors, instead I will just invest my support in the other candidates who I believe are genuine and deserving.

  11. Kalma kalma guys….If we don’t agree with Rogelie it doesn’t mean na magsasabunutan na tayo lahat dito. Sa tingin ko hindi naman kami ganun ka bobo para isipin na disisyon lang to ni Rogelie no. Maswerte lang sya na keep nya yung crown nya kase yun na napagdisiyunan ng BPCI. If you love Rogelie so much..bakit hindi ko kayo narinig ng ganyan leading up to the pageant kung ganyan talaga kayo ka die hard kay Rogelie?

    Just accept the fact that she wanted to keep the crown period. The girl is smart and I know she is aware of the importance of a Supranational crown. Bakit nya ibaba sarili nya sa Intercon kung nasungkit na nya Supra? Being Cebuana I’m sure aware yan na after the hoopla with Kris Janson walang ka kwenta kwenta and Intercon.

    Wag na nga rin kayo mag quote ng mag quote ng pagiging talangka. Kayo rin naman hindi nag agree sa ibang candidates. Nung si Janicel sumablay sa kanyang “Narra Palawan incident” post din kayo ng post ng nega. Pana panahon lang yan. Ala nga naman mag agree tayo sa lahat.

    On this note: Rogelie performed well during the Natcos portion. She won the title fair and square kahit na surprising for some including me. If we still have a some reservations about her then let us be. You can’t shove something in our throats by force. Kahit mag iyakan tayo ng dugo dito what is done is done. Nakikisaw saw lang din tayo kaya wag nyong dibdibin kung hindi lahat ng tao masaya sa narinig nila from Rogelie.

  12. RICKY LO: You all know that Pres. Noynoy Aquino is a confirmed bachelor. How would you react if he invited you to a dinner date (any conditions such as no bodyguards, etc.)?

    PIA: I don’t think it’s possible to go on a date with the president without his bodyguards. (Did the president have bodyguards when you were reported to have gone on a date with him?) Yes, because it wasn’t a date for two. I was with a group. You see, I’m a contributing writer for the Inquirer and we had a group dinner, led by our editor Thelma San Juan, with the President and that’s how I met him. Yes, the bodyguards were with him. I don’t know why people are making it such a big deal. What did he eat? I don’t remember. What did I eat? Nothing, because I was on a diet. If ever he invited me (again), hindi puedeng hindi kasama ang crown ko. My crown is my boyfriend; ang tagal kong niligawan ito, hehehehe!

    1 – Pia has already explained in the Ricky Lo article that it was not a date with PNoy. It was a group dinner with staff from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Obviously, she’s just being gracious to Kris when she acknowledges the questions.

    2 – PNoy’s ratings now are at the lowest point of his entire political career. I’m thinking there’s a spin campaign here, likely by his PR team, to ensure that he is portrayed in a good light. Which is why Kris is trying to milk the Pia connection for as much as she can. She was just probably told to ask Pia about Noy, and she ran with it.

    3 – This is desperation at its worst. Assuming #2 is not the case, why is she the one pushing Pia towards Noy? Shouldn’t it be the guy who goes after the girl, and not the guy’s sister? So, either Noy isn’t really interested while Kris is being her usual “go-getter” self, or Noy told Kris to do this on his behalf. Either way, to do this on national television is disgusting. Hindi na nahiya sa viewership para lang ma-push ang personal agenda.


    If we wish to have good placements internationally this year…

    We have to STOP THE DISCORD…
    We have to SING THE SAME SONG…
    We have to SHARE THEIR BURDEN…

    Success can only be achieved when OUR HEARTS ARE BEATING AS ONE.

    Please NOTE:

    If Pia wins Miss Universe, WHAT WILL PIA BASHERS DO? Bash Pia some more?
    If Rogelie wins Miss Supra, WHAT WILL ROGELIE BASHERS DO? Bash Rogelie some more?



    If you want to bash someone…just bash the female host…

    • There’s a difference between merely bashing and sharing your sentiment about a person based on particular references. Some hate just for the sake of hating. There’s a fine line between blind optimism and senseless pessimism. In my case I just shared my impression honestly “based on what they said/do”, and I think those are logical assessments. Of course if there is something to be praised we commend it. If there’s something off-putting we have two options: to stay silent or voice it out, and in this case since this website is open for discussion we voice honestly out.

      Just honestly sad about Rogelie because, even though BPCI confirmed they can retain their crowns, she should be sensitive enough for Christi. Of course Christi will not insist, obviously. She should just be sensitive enough, in my honest opinion, if she genuinely cares.

  14. Rogelie also was not among my bets during the pre-pageants but during the finals, I knew she would win a crown. She was among the best togther with Colis. For Pia I don’t care at all that night. I hate seeing her twirling with that ugly gown like a little girl and when the camera zoomed into her face, her protruded small chin became prominent. During swimsuit, she was the fattest one and looked like a “nanay”. Sorry Pia fans.. that’s just me.

    • You are entitled to your opinion are free to post your thoughts here. However, bashing Pia would not make your Rogelie any prettier.

    • I remember you saying Pia wouldn’t win. Your pessimism didn’t get you anywhere. I suggest that it won’t ever. Van you are such a hater. You need to channel your energy into something else if you are going to constantly hate on something just because you didn’t get what you want.

      Like I said before, Pia would win. You can’t do anything anymore. Your opinions are yours and sadly, no one cares?


      • I am not a hater I just consider Pia ugly..If you say someone is ugly, I’ll take that because beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway.

      • Be ready to clap this coming Miss Universe pageant. clap not in the good way!

      • Ajay.. I did not say that Pia won’t win MUP or something to that effect. What I said was if Pia would win the MUP crown, she will not be noticed in the MU pageant and will be the end of the Philippines’ prominence in that tilt. Then it would take decades again for the Philippines to be noticed until we send candidates the like of Janine, Venus or Mirriam

  15. keep shining ROGELIE!!! ang damidami talagang bitter as if they know the whole story!!!!

  16. Rogelie is not included in the list or entry that I submitted to PDI’s prediction contest. I find Wynwyn more deserving than her. Rogelie reminds me of Adobe and Photoshop Version everytime I see her face.

    • Eto pa, nagmamatalino.
      May reference pa ng Adobe AND Photoshop.
      FYI, iisa lang yan, brand ng Photoshop ang Adobe.

      And i’m sure if iphotoshop ko yung mukha mo, tiyak masisira computer ko.

  17. I feel rogelie will be clapper here sa supra pageantmparang ang angas ng dating….i like how christi answering questions sa mga interviews may class and brainy talaga and diplomatic approach…i hope whatever happens to her rein here win or lose sa intercon….hope by next year she will join miss world…dun cya mas bagay kesa jan!!

    • Ayan ng underestimate naman parang ikaw ang judges sa supra, let rogelie join you will know the result, wag pinangungunahan ang decision ng iba.

  18. intrigera lang talaga ang ibang tao. pinag-aaway-away lang mga beauty camps! parang network war bet 2&7, ang jojologs! 😀

  19. Interviews are indeed a revelation. Rogelie really does not want to give up her title and Janicel’s answer to the question about what made Pia win just showed there still is a competition going on between them. Why can’t she just admit Pia is really deserving and beautiful. Kailangan may “siguro” pa and it took her a lot of time to think.

    Not liking Rogelie and Janicel in this interview. Sorry but these two I do not see winning. It’s not about being negative or pessimitic, it’s being realistic. I mean just listen and look at them. :/

    Pia’s reaction on Pnoy meanwhile is too much of a tease. She’s hinting clearly they can be together as she can’t answer the questions honestly and straight. :/ Please Pia, do yourself a favour and cut ties with the President. 😦

    • Pia is just being polite. She handled it well when Kris put her on the spot.

  20. Haynako, attention:
    @Laila, @Daming Engot, @Basil Valdez

    at sa iba pang nag-aksayang panahon mapansin ang kanilang tinding hate kay Rogelie Catacutan – Miss Supranational Philippines, eto ang masasabi ko sa inyo:

    Obvious na obvious naman na hindi kayo masaya sa pagkapanalo ni Rogelie, pero ginawa nyong tambakan ng mga hate nyo ang blog ni Tito Norman. Wala kayong magawa kaya dito nalang kayo nag-express. Freedom of speech nga pero I’m sure hindi intensyon ni Tito Norman na gawin nyong baryo fiesta ang blog nya kung saan bato lang kayo ng bato ng mga comments.

    I have to admit hindi sya part ng bets ko, infact nilaglag nya yung favorite ko (clue: last), pero I was there. Nakuha nya attention ko sa evening gown, eleganteng elegante very queenly. Tsaka pagkatapos sa QnA, dun ako naconvinced na parang this girl can win it. Nag shine sya that night and I admired her kasi she came out of nowhere.

    Naiinis lang ako to visit this blog and see negative posts from people like you. Badtrip talaga, instead of happy hormones nakakabweset basahin. What’s with the hate? Sa mga videos ng mga Binibining 2015 queens, they’re all very charming specially si Rogelie, Ann and Pia, na parang happy na happy sumagot ng mga tanong. Ang cute rin ni Christi (queenly nya infairness) and Janicel (ang honest nya bout sa pagkukulang nya, humble sya).

    Instead of bashing, why not support our queens? If you don’t want to, THEN DON’T. Wala namang nagpilit sa inyo. If you have nothing nice to post, then don’t post nalang.

    • You have a point there, I’m sorry I was one of the posters who posted something that definitely would offend some people. I just could not stand it when I heard how the two of the candidates reacted. Meanwhile before I post though I always read the question above: “Care to share your thoughts about this post?” And I just thought about sharing what I honestly saw and heard in the video.

    • @Roy Pernitz grabe ka naman…medyo lang. Di ko naman hate si Rogelie. What’s done is done. Walang diktahan ng pwede i post kaya ka nga nandito para mag post rin eh. kanya kanya tayo ng opinyon. nainis lang ako ng slight pero di ibig sabihin makikita moko mag babash kay Rogelie pag time na nya sumabak sa pageant. You cannot expect full support from everyone kase kanya kanya tayo ng manok. Chillaz ka lang dyan ang haba ng post mo baka atakihin ka…wala pa tayong pinag lalaban. Kaka panalo pa lang ng mga girls….at most kung may gusto akong kalbuhin hindi si Rogelie yun…si kris Aquino capish?

  21. Rogelie is trying to be relevant. She is the most boring title holder this year.

  22. What’s it with people against Rogelie? May ginawa ba sya sa yo? Natalo ba kandidata nyo dahil sa kanya??

    Juicekolord ang totoong sama ng ugali ay yung mga taong bitter na bitter at hindi pa rin mtanggap ang katotohanan.

  23. Ewan ko kung ako yung bingi o sila. Ang sabi nya willing sya na maki pag palit so anung problema nyo? Eto talagang mga tao ito eh mga super NEGA. o hindi maka intindi!!!!!!!!

    • She’s just trying her best to be “diplomatic” but that’s hypocrisy at its finest. If she genuinely cares about her fellow Beauty Queen she must have just switched with her knowing that it may lead to very complex issues in the future. Later on pala biglang madisqualify si Christi, and also she should have considered giving Christi a chance to experience another adventure. Not a winner attitude. Definitely will not win.

      • Ang sa akin lang siguro hindi na problema ni Catacutan kung ano man ang naging disesyon ng BPCI…. if agency decided to switch the crown between her and christi without a doubt she will Obey.

      • Wow as if you are the owner of the magic wand and you believe that you are the center of the universe. isa kang unique example na talangka sa pilipinas.

  24. Kris Aquino has got to be one of the most annoying people in the word! Ang cheap! Chaka Khan! Walang kalikadesa! Baduy!

  25. OMG!!!! Pasaway tong si Rogelie! Why? Because sa Europe yung pageant? Sus….
    Christi is more diplomatic … the judges had no clue that she competed before. BPCI should have given at least a heads up to these people. Hindi naman kaila na ang daming mga repeaters na sumali. Kagaguhan. Nahihiya tuloy ako for Christi. Sabagay….ibig sabihin mautak din tong si Rogelie. Mautak na Magulang. Bat nga naman nya i gi-give up yung nabigay na sa kanya? Problema na ng management yun but still….kinda nainis ako ng slight.

    Nag comment lang ako pero hindi ko pala kayang tapusin yung interview. P***ang I*na….hindi ko masikmura si Kris Aquino! Bat ba nya palaging bini-build up si Pia kay Pnoy Abnoy? Kairita!

    • Hoy putak ka ng putak hindi mo alam what really happened.


      How dare you sabihing pasaway si Rogelie?

      • @Captai Pawee sya na mismo nagsabi at nag explain na ayaw nya ng switch…kung medyo off sakin yung statement nya anong problema mo? Ikaw ba si Laila?
        Kung anong gusto mong isipin ko…di mo pwedeng diktahan! Libre kang nakaka comment dito. Ako rin libre mag comment. Kahit ipagpilitan mo pa that she was “willing” i capital letters eh hindi nga sila nag switch diba napag bigyan nga sya so ikaw anong pinuputak mo rin?

        By the way My name is Laila so i would highly appreciate it if you would address me as so and not HOY!

        I channel mo yang energy mo against Kris Aquino. Natuwa pako sayo

      • @Captain Pawee papatulan kita ng slight just because tinawag moko na HOY


        It should be :

        AT THAT time wala pang resolution ang BPCI, she told the lawyers and Christi that she WAS willing to switch HER (no with) Supra title just so Christi may (hindi can) compete internationally. She WAS willing to do the switch, which at that time was the most sensible solution to the problem.

        Minor errors….unlikely typos… just be careful with your use of tenses and be consistent…ergo….these should not be even capitalized…

      • Hoy “Laila”, nakatikim ka lang ng reply sa post mo, naging teacher ka na?

        Anyway back to topic, wala ka ring magawa kung magcocomment ako sa post mo. Yung mga post mo ang tipong pasaway. Alam ko may kandidata ka, pero pinakita mo lang na bitter ka by saying pasaway si Rogelie at ginawa mo pang dahilan ang Europe. Ba’t mo pa i-divert attention ko to Kris na mas sarap kang kalbuhin. Wag ka nlng mag-defensive pa. Natuwa rin ako sa’yo titser!

      • @Captain Peewee? replyan din kita para makatikim ka ng reply mukang eto gusto mo eh…o ayan….dagdag mo sa achievements mo…

        Bago ka dito? Pag patuloy mo yan dadami mag rereply sayo

      • Ok namn pala si christi gusto nya switch title. Pero si rogelie ang may ayaw. Wala kay christi at rogelie ang bet ko and im not a bitter ha. I didnt noticed rogelie before pero nung finals sabe ko she can win a crown.since rogelie want to prove her ability to fight internationally, pero baket ayaw nya ng switch title kung talagang kaya namn nya lumaban kahit anu pang title yan. Dbale kung tourism ang switch sa kanya kung ako d talaga ako papayag. But if intercon ok namn, anu namn problem don? this pageant is old na and wala pa tayong crown sa intercon, if im not mistaken. If she really a figther and has a dream to win the crown international and truly deserving she may be prove her best kung anung title man yan dapat open sya to represent her country in any title gave her. malay nya sa intercon pala sya palarin kaya may ganyang issue ng switching na nagparamdam. For christi maybe its her time na for intercon crown, evrything has a reason. Kung eligible pa talaga sya sa intercon at accept ng org. She might win this year.

  26. So, it was actually Rogelie Catacutan who refused to switch titles, even if it meant subjecting Christi Lynn McGarry to the awkwardness and humiliation of competing in the same pageant twice.



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