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  1. Grabe Ninang, wa-poise na ang mga hitad na queens e one foot forward ka pa rin.
    Ikaw na!

  2. Pia really looks like miss world 2014 rolene strauss lalo na pag kulot ang hair…in that pic parang kaakambal ni rolene….yea shes glowing and one of the prettiest face in MU candidates so far….sorry to say candidates from mexico,venezuela and colombia is walang dating tho they are sexy and matangkad….overhyped na sila masyado…pia is fresh and charming lalo na ang smile pamatay!! Itone nlng talaga ang body like her shape nung 2013…

  3. Not because I am a Filipino is reason enough for me to just blindly root for our pambato. I already like Pia, but what convinced me that she is going to be a formidable opponent to the latina-dominated Ms.U is her strength of character.

    After her 2014 devastating loss, where I think she “tried so hard and got so far yet in the end it didn’t even matter”, she was able to nurture strength and spirit that shielded her from the overwhelming misfortune and fatigue brought about by her defeat.

    With that, I am convinced that she IS going to be a very strong contender, especially after seeing that Tim Yap interview of her last year that Tito Norms re-posted here. And if you also view that recent OPMB interview, you will understand that she is NOT hungry for the crown FOR HERSELF, but IS HUNGRY FOR THE CROWN FOR HER COUNTRY.

    Lastly, I chanced upon an IG pic of hers taken in October last year where one of her friends commented that when she is relaxed, that’s when she is most beautiful.

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Pia Wurtzbach (@piawurtzbach) on

    I think that due to her 2014 “misfortune”, she truly “let go” of everything and just relaxed and enjoyed her 2015 journey.

    Pia, you have the whole nation joining you in OUR quest for OUR CROWN.

  4. A&Q has had success in transforming their MU candidates? What abt MW? They didn’t do anything with Valerie . This girl did not change at all from MWP to MW.

    • FYI Ruais, Rehmann and Young were all trained by A&Q. Valerie may not have done as good as the rest but nonetheless she was in the top 25. None of them really needed transformation as they barely had time to pack their bags to compete in MW after their coronation. Sometimes you just need to think first before you click – words to live by from your fave queen.

  5. Galing ng Aces & Queens.

    Troot iba yung aura ni Pia. Glowing nga sya but my heart belongs to Ann Colis talaga!

      • @Basil Valdez…lam mo naman kanya kanya tayo ng totoong paborito. Parang si Mrs. Spainhour lang and MJ. Suportado naman natin sila lahat pero meron lang talagang bet na bet mo.

        Ano na raket ni Yvethe kaya? Tutuloy ba nya makapasok sa prestigious accounting firm? Balita?

      • Joshua, ako bahala para di sya mapuyat sa audit engagements..patinsa tax season suportahan ko sya basta mag SGV lang sana sya

      • @Basil V katuwa maka kita ng maganda sa office palagi. Kahit babae ako nakaka appreciate ako ng mga girls na magaganda sa office.

  6. Pia’s glowing! She’s ready for Miss Universe. I’m sure Jonas knows what to do. She needs more gym time to lose some weights just in time for Miss U. Saw her guesting in The Buzz with the other queens, she’s an eloquent speaker, she expresses her thoughts easily. She looks classy when being interviewed. Good luck Pia!

  7. Tito Norms, I wanna get an invite to Aces & Queens party and rub elbows with the beautiful people including you. I’m so jealousssssssss πŸ™‚

  8. Just noticed that in the sea of successful beauty queens, be it national or international, two beauties really stood out — PIA ALONZO WURTZBACH and NORMAN TINIO!

    More power to A&Q. More successful international queens #ForthePhilippines!!!

  9. How I wish Colis is the first runner so that she can join again next year…Sayang si Colis! Another MUP caliber

    • Now I am thinking that Yvethe should have been a runner up also last year so she can join again and be MUP. She’s so young pa.

  10. Beautiful People. No exception NORMAN. Including you, NORMAN. It would be nice to learn and work with these people. Thank you Norman.

  11. Question, is the food great and worth trying out? Also, how is Wynwyn but really Norman kudos to her for being humble about not making it. In time I think she will be a beauty queen.

    • The food is delish, Alexa! And Wynwyn is a sweetheart especially when you get to talk to her more intimately. πŸ™‚

  12. I think Wynwyn should have been given a crown. I don’t understand why people say she’s not pretty enough when she is Amonng the prettiest in the pic..
    And Toni should join again. She reminds me of Janine Barredo in 1994 who had the most beautiful face in the batch but was completely ignored.

  13. Norman, I can feel that our third Miss Universe is going to be this gorgeous lady Ms. Pia Wurtzbach. I had that same feeling with Megan Young, and now I’m having that same feeling again. Pia is so gorgeous already, and can you imagine once her Aces and Queens mentor’s are finish with her transformations what they have in store for all her fans. I can tell you her bashers is going to have a heart attack. I feel that good people like Pia deserved the very best in life.

  14. I agree the the comments below, Pia is so radiant.

    Amongst our representatives since Shamcey in my opinion, siya yung tipo ng ganda na hindi “alanganin”. It’s just universally agreeable that she is beautiful. I am very happy she won and no doubt she’ll be a frontrunner in Miss Universe.

    What is making me excited the most is the metamorphosis Aces and Queens got for her. Because really, if you are already this beautiful, una pa lang, what more in the coming months.

  15. Congratulations ladies & Aces and Queens !
    And Sir Norman for being part of their victory party – you look gorgeous as well πŸ™‚
    It was great to see all of you in these group photos – all happy and smiling.
    Btw – where is my dear Bianca ?
    Wishing the A&Q team all the best πŸ™‚

  16. You fit soooo right among the beauty queens Tito Norms.
    Look at that face……..the face! In love? Happy? Inspired? Whatever it is, you’re glowing Tito Norms 😊😘

  17. Hi Norman
    Is it just me or Pia Wurtzbach is glowing. In the pics above, Pia has that Molly Isler and Margie Moran vibe (yeah, a bit dated but yeah). Now I am not sure if that is good or bad but my gut tells me this girl has something to offer. So far, I like what I am seeing.
    Thanks for sharing the pics!

    • You are right, Pia is indeed glowing. Usually, when I see their group photo, my gaze tend to go straight to Colis… but this time, I notice Pia first. Lovely!

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