9 comments on “Sunday Specials: Ready for Miss Gay Manila 2015?

  1. Ang saya naman nito. I wonder, other than Thailand, are there countries in the world having the same pageant? Sana the winners are called Ms Manila Gay Universe, Miss Mla G World, Ms Mla G International. But am certain mas more creative ang NatCos nila as compared to Bb Pilipinas, as in costume to the max. Mabuhey!

  2. I know everyone’s been waiting for this.
    Very excited for your “journey to the crown”

    It’s gonna be great!

    Pageants are a celebration of beauty. Miss Gay Manila will not only be that,. It is also a recognition to the LGBT. That there are more than two genders. And all are equally beautiful, unique, and entitled to equal rights.

    This pageant is rightfully yours; to celebrate the wit and exquisiteness that is Filipino gays.

  3. Wow!!!

    So I guess a lot of lady boys will join this pageant, what with it being sponsored by the City of Manila itself. Susunod sa yapak ni Kevin Balot.

    I wonder if we will revive Mister Gay as well, especially after Mr. Pogay might have increased acceptance/tolerance of so-called “macho gays” and after we hosted Mister Gay World a few years back.

    Cheers to the organizers and participants and may you and your new queen spread the message of respect and unity in the face of gender identification diversity.

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