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  1. Good AM Kuya Norms. What is the complete name of Janicel Lubina? Is it Janicel JARANILLA Lubina or Janicel JARAMILLA Lubina? Does she have any 2nd name? Thank you. I am trying to complete her bio and in order to post it on wiki, it has to be accurate. Thank you.

    • Also there is debate on what exactly is Mary Jean Lastomosa’s full name. I know it is Mary Jean Al-Shabrami Lastimosa or the other way Mary Jean Lastimosa Al-Shabrami. A certain individual is insisting that her name is Mary Jean Ramirez Lastimosa which i dont she is cuz her dad is from Saudi Arabia. Thank you.

  2. @kuya Fabian
    You’re looking for JOB am I right?
    NOW, book yourself for the first flight to go home to Manila, you’ll be applying for Janicel’s ALL AROUND KASAMBAHAY, PERSONAL ASSISTANT, CAREGIVER, DRIVER, COOK, HOUSE GUARD, ENGLISH TUTOR, BOUNCER, HAWI BOY, CARPENTER, CLAPPER,……
    Dali Kuya Fabian, I heard Ang daming applicants and I find you perfect for that position…….🐷🎀🐷

    • Lol I was not trained to be a kasambahay. Meron bang opening sa ER or Urgent care Dyan sa Cali? sawa nA ako sa maliit nA town lol

  3. To Janicel’s fans inc c2f, pls don’t rest on your laurels. Stop chewing the non-fanatics out and Listen to what they are saying. They may help Janicel in her quest. Everyone now in the Phils wants her to get crown no. 6.

      • She won best in swimsuit….she looks very tall eventhough she is not so tall, she looks very long…very barbie looking body

      • What’s wrong with her walk Fabian? Could you please identify because all I can see is PERFECTION.

      • sa totoo lang sya ang may pikanamanganda ang lakad…ang problema ko lang sa kanya ang communication skills…para bang sya si manny pacquiao minumute ko ang tv pag nagsasalita na ng english 😀

  4. My only wish for Janicel was that she waited another year or two before competing. I do think she had all the potential to be MUP with a little more polish.

    However, I am in love with her attitude. Parang sinasabi niya, “don’t cry for the things you never had, don’t long for what was never yours.” Parang sincere yung appreciation niya for the opportunity that is in front of her now… and that is the quest for the Philippines’ 6th International crown. Her destiny, not anyone else’s. Not Pia’s, not Christi’s, not Rogelie’s, not Ann’s.

    I do like that our queens are admitting they are all gunning for MUP though. Pia admitted as much in her interview and now Janicel too. None of this mahiyain “I’m so ashamed to say what I really want… what will people think of me BS”

  5. She is SO stunningly beautiful. I’ve a strong feeling that Janicel will bring home our 6th Miss International title.

  6. That determination and power! Love you Queen Janicel! Bring us the 6th Miss I!

  7. Ang cute nya during interview. Ok naman communication skills nya… Super sultry & mulata version of lara quigaman.

  8. how i wish Kagandahan fielded her for 2016. Sana they perfect muna her comm skills

  9. More doors will open for this Cinderella.
    Janicel, make mama proud.

  10. I didn’t find anything offensive with the way Kris handled Janicel.
    In fact, I thought Boy was more irritating …. Acting high and mighty … ‘ I don’t remember you’ ; girl in green, what’s your name, hija?’

  11. Wow! Proud Palaweno, and same hometown Narra, Palawan.

    Janicel, Ikaw Na!

    Bring home our 6th Ms. International crown.

  12. She looked more relaxed and confident during her A&A guesting.
    And I agree with what Sir Norman said, she did hold her own against Boy & Kris.
    Atta girl 🙂 Janicel for the win ♥

  13. Even though I wanted her to win the MUP, I believe everything happens for a reason. Boy and Kris noticed her good aura already. In fairness ha, nag improve talaga communication skills niya since her last interview with Tito Boy. I have a really really good feeling with Janicel! GO GO GO!!

  14. I so love my Janicel. Such confidence, such beautiful aura, and warm personality. Magkatotoo sana ang sinabi nila that she will be our 6th Miss Internatiinal winner. Damang dama ko ang magandang kinabukasan sa buhay ni Janicel. I have the same feelings for her the way I had for Mutya Datul. I’m glad that she’s happy with the title she got despite what her mentors and fans wanted for her. Good luck Janicel! I’ll be praying for your success!

  15. As what Kuya Boy Abunda says…..”Mananalo KA Janicel “!!!
    Janicel’s Aura won the hearts of KUYA boy and Madam Kris……
    Beautiful Janicel🐷🎀🐷

  16. Is Janicel wearing a different crown? parang hindi ito ung crown kagaya ng kay Bianca?

  17. I like her in this interview. But definitely i despise and dislike Kris… As usual, she always interrupts when the interviewee says something.

    If we can only turn back the time…she should have given herself two more years before joining BBP. Indeed an MUP material.

  18. I still want to see her in miss universe :(. question though, if incase she fails her bid to win miss international, can she still join bb Pilipinas competition once again? or is it too late already to realize our dreams for her to rock miss universe stage?

  19. Guys panoorin nyo ito… tama ba itong gawain ng interviewer? It’s a good thing di nya ginawa ito kay Janicel…baka masabunutan sya ng mga fans LOL

    • The female host is disrespectful, tactless, rude and unprofessional.
      Who is she?

    • I think it’s her screechy voice that is overwhelmingly annoying. It’s like listening to nails scratching a chalkboard annoying. Outside of that she seems like an ok hostess.

    • Kris Aquino is a typical middle aged woman who has learned that people will not ignore you if you are louder than everyone else in the room. The crazy aunt in the family, the annoying coworker in the office, the hungry cougar at the bar.

      In fairness, it works and she seems to know it.

  20. After watching this interview, I believe that she embodies the quality of a genuine Miss International that I am confident that her modesty and determination are the two most important traits that would enable her to reclaim the crown.

    On the other hand, I wish that we drop the “kasambahay” thingy because based on her own story, she only substituted for her mother and though her mother started as a kasambahay, she was more of a trusted caregiver nowadays.

    Viva Janicel Lubina! ❤

      • Knowing her, it would be easy for her to tap that potential and in no time become even more regal than those BQs you know. 😉

      • Sorry I was absent for a while.

        @Fabian, You better not attack Janicel just the way we don’t attack you bet!
        I tell you, mas masahol akong umatake kaya please be careful to your comments about Janicel.

    • @DC

      What’s wrong with being proud of her past?!
      Is there anything wrong with being a househelp even for a short while?!


      What’s your definition of “regal bearing”?!

      Why the hell are you all so obcessed with titles?!..
      Toni Hipolito is a real life royalty but how come Janicel won over her?!
      Are titles, honnors and prestige the only measures of success?!
      Are those the only measures of being a beauty queen?!

      • 👍😅 Fabian is still so bitter that he still can’t prove his reasonings to Janicel’s fans ! Move on with your Papaya Fabian!

      • @c2f. I’m not a beauty expert like you. I just say it as I see it. I can’t explain it in technical terms. ‘ masyadong magulo Syang mag lakad’, it’s not pleasing to the eyes.
        Mutya and Bea have the same trainer/s but they glide well.

      • Nothing wrong with that but just one thing: that it is expected to have a negative impact. Remember when Queen Megan was crowned MW? Someone attacked her on the net saying that she looked like a maid or something like that. Just saying…

    • Whats wrong kung naging kasambahay…si Cinderella nga naging prinsesa…be proud kung saan ka galing…

      • See my explanation above. I am just protecting Janicel of possible insults and embarrassments in the future.

      • @DC

        I see your intentions and I do feel that Fabian is creating a more negative impact.

      • C2f I don’t have any problem with her being a former maid. The regal bearing I was talking abt pertains to the way she talks and walks not her old profession

  21. I really like Janicel, she was my personal pick for MUP but the judges had their reasons, so whatever. Janicel is intelligent and quite mature for her age and carries herself very well and elegantly. What really irks me about watching this talk show is that Kris Aquino seems to act like a trashy host by not letting the guest finish answering their questions before jumping into another one. It’s really annoying to watch and listen to. It’s akin to watching shows like Maury Povich and Jerry Springer. That’s how it feels like whenever I watch Kris Aquino. Boy Abunda is okay though, at least he’s respectful and knows how to be a great host. : /

  22. She’s the only girl who can succeed internationally from this batch. The last time I saw her was in MWP and I did not follow this year’s BBP. At one look from their group picture on coronation night, I only noticed her. The sweet/simple facial features, height, fit body, and likable personality are strong arguments to assume another MI win.

    • Pia will be succesful.
      Rogelie will make waves too … Because she will work out more and she will learn how to put make up on
      Colis and Mcgarry will be great too if they get a good dermatologist and if Mcgarry fixes her teeth. Their close up shots are not good yet.
      Now if Janicel learns how to talk and walk properly and gains a little more weight, we may get our crown no. 6

      • 1. She knows how to walk properly, she won Best In Swimsuit and Best In Long Gown for a reason.

        2. Gain weight? I remember reading a comment of yours saying how she needed to lose some weight after pictures of the swimsuit presentation were released?

      • Sorry Fabian but Pia won’t be noticed in MU… I can see Rogelie and Janicel to do so! This is my honest opinion.

      • @mj: I wanted her to lose the extra fat in her thighs and hips. However , I don’t think it’s necessary now bec she is competing at MI, not MU. I just feel like her face is too small for MI , I could hardly see it.

  23. You can’t fake sincerity can you?? It’s either you’re real or you’re not. I know it’s pointless to turn back time but being only 19, she could have waited- there would have been no harm in studying and practicing for a few more years. But at the end of the day, if you feel ready, then it’s your choice. So this is it- the fight for the Philippine’s 6th MI crown to tie ourselves with Venezuela- and by golly, I think this girl can do it. Goodluck!!!!!

  24. Even Boy Abunda cannot remember her after two main interviews 1 or 2 years ago. That’s weird. The nose job and veneers changed her facial identity a lot. But that’s a very positive improvement compared to the others. Hope she wins a crown.

    • I don’t believe for one second that Boy Abunda did not remember Janicel.
      Like I don’t believe he does not know the names of the individual BP candidates.
      He is a very big pageant fanatic. Prob bigger than Norman
      Presumptuous to say the least!!!!!!

      • That’s very weird. He just interviewed her, not even 2 years had passed. How could he forget her like that. But I did watch the Bottomline and she looked very different there, probably that’s why. I myself did not recognise her.

      • This is for reference, he did interview her twice so he must remember. But she really looked different probably Boy got confused or what. Spot Janicel at 3:00 mins:

  25. Beauty inside and out! Imagine 19 pa lang yan ha. No wonder at isinabak agad sa international competition. I hope you win, Janicel!

  26. She’s gorgeous here. And what’s good is you can see that she’s no airhead. And although her having been a maid was still talked about, I like her matter-of-fact way of talking about it. Bawasan lang yung drawing ng eyebrows and the hand gestures.

  27. I love her pati yung unang photo on top ang ganda nya. Yung register ng haba ng katawan nya sa screen kitang kita. KRIS AQUINO STILL FU***NG ANNOYS ME

    • You and me both… and I think a million other people. Nakakairita talagang pakinnggan si Kris. Parang and cheap-cheap! Sisiw ang peg.

    • I’m with you on this…

      Although she conducted herself far better here with Janicel as compared to how she treated Neil Perez. During that interview, it was like Neil was not even present for her. Maybe that’s because of SAF 44.

      Regardless, she IS F**KING ANNOYING.

    • True. I cringed everytime Kris threw in a question when Janicel was in the thick of answering the previous one. & it happened too many times! Good thing Janicel was modest & understanding enuff not to get irritated. Kung aq yun magpapause aq ng bonggang bongga at tititigan q si kris ng bonggang bongga. Then when kris stops i’ll give her d meanest grin in the universe.

  28. I really love this girl for MUP! The reason she didn’t bag that crown is beyond me! Not sayang but I really do believe there’s a reason. All the best in your pageant Janicel–you will go places without a doubt!

  29. She seems much more likeable now than in her previous interviews. I think it’s because she’s more natural now and she comes off as sweeter and more sincere than when she was trying to project a “confident” aura. I think she’s much prettier when she’s not so made up though–her features sans makeup to me is more striking.

  30. Contrary to what I’ve heard from other posters, she is actually quite articulate and engaging to talk to. I think she just has a difficult time translating her words from Tagalog to English… but I suppose in Miss International there is no need to use an interpreter as she can just memorize what she needs to say. Though there are times when you see that she still needs to pull the right words together (example is when she referred to her discovery as “nasalubong ako nang ‘gay’ ” — instead of using that man’s name or profession), she seems polished enough that she seems more mature than her 19 years. Very nice.

  31. You’re my Miss Universe Philippines! ❤️ the most stunning amongst the candidates! 👌

  32. Janicel is pretty impressive for her age, I can tell she will go a long way. I like that she takes every opportunity that comes her way to improve her life. Ang mga Filipino naman talaga opportunity lang kailangan at aasenso talaga. Yan lagi sinasabi ko sa mga foreigners na nakaka-usap ko, na tayong mga Pinoy will always seize every good opportunity presented at us just to make life better. Wala tayo sinasayang na opportunity.

  33. She’s a lot more like able here than 2 yrs ago.
    I’m still not 100% with her facial beauty and walk. I didn’t know KF trained their girls to walk that way. Certainly Bea’s walk is exemplary . I think Janicel should get pointers from Bea… Or even Mutya
    God bless her. I hope she wins and becomes really successful . What a nice girl.

    • I have to agree. Para saken mejo exaggerated yung walk nya. About her beauty, passable. Hindi xa maganda hindi din xa panget. But I have to give this interview to her! Hindi ko inexpect na she will be this spontaneous. Iba talaga pag nakoronahan na, ang confidence level umaangat. God bless!

      • Passable lang ang beauty? Look at her almost unmade up face while watching her interview. ganda kaya!

      • @iurqa; i’m sorry but to my liking yes, passable and that is just my opinion.

      • Oh really, just passable, honestly for me she is the prettiest girl in this year’s batch.. She is pretty, Colis is beautiful.

      • @croissant if his presence is just passable, why did you make an effort to reply to his statement?

  34. Ok nman pla comm, skills nya …anyway at least she have a crown….pero may laban din cya kung nag place cya sa universe sa mga Latina ha lalo na cguro kung nsa a&q camp cya….pero oks na din ang MI kasi memorisation ng speech tingin ko kaya nya tska nsa kf cya master na nila ang timpla ng international…goodluck to her

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