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  1. Osmel Sousa has confirmed that the MVOrg would still be sending a candidate in Miss Earth 2015

    Osmel Sousa asegura que seguirá enviando candidatas al Miss Tierra
    Posted by: admin , March 31, 2015
    Después de semanas de rumores, el “Zar de la belleza” aclaró la situación a través de un comunicado de prensa.

    Comunicado de Prensa http://www.missvenezuela.com/noticias/Default.aspx

    Osmel Sousa no descansa. El Presidente de la Organización Miss Venezuela se encuentra desde ya trabajando en la preparación de los concurso de belleza en Venezuela y la preparación de las candidatas que van a los diferentes concursos internacionales como son: Miss Universo, Miss Mundo, Miss Internacional y Miss Tierra.

    “Ya hemos recibido las invitaciones de los concursos, y aunque ninguna de las organizaciones ha anunciado fecha, estamos trabajando para que éste año tengamos una muy buena participación”, agregó Sousa.

    Recordemos que la Organización Miss Venezuela posee 7 Coronas de Miss Universo, 6 de Miss Mundo; 6 de Miss Internacional y 1 de Miss Tierra, sin contar las Virreinas y finalistas de los mencionados concursos.

  2. Give the Franchise to Sambil. I want an Alexandra Braun prototype. Yung mga pinapadala nila recently eh mga pokpokin na walang laman ang utak. Mahilig sa clean waters.

  3. if budget is the issue.. does that mean that making the MV pageant a reality show series is not making enough money?? i really thought Cisneros was doing even better this time because of the commercials each episode generates. Venezuelan economy is hanging by a thread

  4. any intl pageant isnt the same without a ms venezuela delagate. on the other hand, how about cutting the cost nga by not letting the delegates undergo a cosmetic procedure? surely itll be a breath of fresh air to see an all natural ms venezuela. ano kaya ang hitsura ng walang retokeng ms venezuela?

  5. MVO is being funded by private sponsors, so what is the relevance of economic crisis in Venezuela?

    • Mare, are u really serious about your question? Sad to say, private sector isn’t immune from economic crisis.

      • Te, ang raming mayaman na bakla sa Venezuela ang susuporta sa pinansyal na pangangailangan nila.
        Gagastos ba ng milyones para makapunta sa Pinas?

  6. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Venezuela should not send any rep to any pageant at all until they are better off. I wonder what is the pageant world like without Venezuelan queens?

  7. There are other national pageants in Venezuela that are able to send reps to other international pageants. If I were those, time they grabbed the chance that Osmel is “actually” intending to drop for reasons he does not really want to disclose… Ouch!

  8. They are ditching the more relevant Miss Earth? Wrong priorities. Fame is more important than advocacy. Tsk tsk tsk. What has Miss International done for the benefit of others? Hopefully, the franchise fee is a means to an end which is to help others.

  9. Sayang naman. Parang mas relevant naman now Ms. Earth. Miss International ang walang ka kwenta kwenta now…but siguro nga may mas priority pa sila. Pagamit nalang natin mga gowns ni Madame? hehe Naubos na rin budget nila sa sparkles and righnestones joke!

    Pero kidding aside…malaking kakulangan kung mawawala Venezuela sa roster kase inaabangan ng lahat. Oh well, maybe mas magiging better next year. They can step back and asses their position since they didn’t quite do so well this year. Ika nga eh..pana panahon din yan….on this note…we should be making a killing. Our Asian counterparts such as Indonesia and Thailand are working overtime to topple us down….

  10. If that news is true, that would be really sad…

    However, judging from current events, it would seem like the country and their pageant community are in for tough times ahead: inflation at 65%, low oil prices, diplomatic showdown with the U.S., and people are running out of toilet paper, sugar, medicine and cash.

    Hope remains that somehow the situation in Venezuela would stabilize soon so as to abate the hardships of its people, but with the U.S. declaring the country a “threat to the national security of the U.S.” and President Maduro’s defiance over U.S sanctions, whatever little hope remaining would have to be dashed under the dustbins.

    I feel for the people of Venezuela. And despite what happen here in our country recently, we still have a lot to be thankful for.

    Dios bendiga al pueblo de Venezuela!

  11. Osmel is being smart. Focus your resources on what truly matters. After the brouhaha with Migbelis and the bad candidates for Miss International, it’s only right to prioritize the more prestigious pageants.

  12. Well, that would be a big blow to Miss Earth or any major pageant for that matter if Miss Venezuela is a no-show. I hope it all works out.

  13. this is sad news. since miss earth is new, then they are the first casualty when recession hits a pageant. since it is still in November, hopefully they would come up a fund so that they could still send a rep to miss earth.

    I would lose the MI franchise since the winners are not doing anything and with the pageant starting a franchise fee, they may lose more delegates (the pageant never reached 80+ without a franchise fee, what more if they are now charging ND to participate in this pageant?)

    though the report did not say osmel is losing the miss earth franchise.it only said they will not send a girl this year. maybe next year they will send a strong rep to miss earth and maybe capture their 3rd crown.

  14. I hope Miss Venezuela Org can cope up this situation still early Miss Earth 2015 will be held in Nov. Miss Venezuela for Universe, International and Earth usually they crowned their beauty queens early before in their actual pageants international, winners of 2012 was competed in 2013, winners of 2013 was competed in 2014, winners of 2014 will be competed 2015. except this past few years for Miss Mundo Venezuela, i think it was started 2012 that Osmel crowned Miss Mundo Venezuela at same year of the actual pageant of Miss World. Because of the weight issued of DE Zorsi of Miss Tierra Venezuela 2013 she was not able to compete last year , Maria Alexandria Rodriguez of Miss Tierra Venezuela 2014 replaced her placed. It means Miss Earth 2015 for Venezuelan delegate still floating. There are a rumors that De Zorsi will compete this coming Miss Earth 2015.

    • Nahilo aq sa balarila. Pakisaling-wika na lamang sa filipino, wala nmang masams kaysa makasakit sa bangs.

  15. Poor Ms.Tiera Venezuela😣😣😣. Lage pa naman sila lage pasok sa banga. Sayang!!!

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