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  1. Im watching BBP at lifestyle channel right now… ddnt notice Anne’s crown almost fell after Parulplaced it on her head… Janicel’s crown also fell…. hmm.. its a sign… 😀

  2. INTRIGA!!!! I’m not sure if someone already wrote about this but… but in Joyce Ann Burton Titular’s blog, she mentioned the following: “The scuttlebutt I heard during the victory party was that contestant #19 Christi McGarry, a Bb. Pilipinas 1st timer was the first choice of judges for the Universe title but due to residency issues, they had to give her the Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental title instead.”

    Is this true? How can this be confirmed? I/m not sure I believe this… especially since Christi supposedly already satisfied the citizenship requirements during the screening. Interesting that Joyce will say that.

  3. FB Scoop: Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2000 Nina Ricci Alagao Takes a Sideswipe at Toni Gonzaga, Recommends She Sticks to Hosting PBB

    • Very fishy!

      I am not sure if Nina thought about her retaliation carefully considering that she would be co-hosting Pinay Beauty Queen Academy. I’m afraid it would affect the viewership of the show negatively… Or possitively I do not know. Was she pushed by GMA? That I have to find out.

      • As I have expected, Nina retracted that comment of her’s and replaced it with an apology letter instead.

        Nina Alagao
        5 hrs ·
        I apologize.

        If it will appease her fans then I apologize, but not without pointing out a few things. Just because I said what I said in my previous post it does not necessarily mean I am not also a fan of hers. I admire her confidence and determination. I have seen all her movies, been moved to tears and burst with laughter with her acts, and will continue to do so in the future. That does not also mean I did not defend her in the past when people spoke ill of her. And best of all I admire her for having stayed chaste in a world where it is easy to be weak and stop adhering to such virtues. When one points out a person’s mistake, that does not say anything about whether he or she hates the person. When a mother scolds or reprimands her children it does not mean she loves them any less.

        On bringing back the past, I find nothing wrong in looking back and seeing how much better life has become. It will be a constant reminder that we should aspire to improve ourselves everyday and with every experienceq. My friends know I have nothing against self-improvement of any kind, whether in attitude or appearance, if it boosts a person’s self-esteem. Going under the knife is something I have yet to explore, and will not judge those who have done it. I believe it to be a powerful tool in making people’s lives better. So if I may have mentioned anything that I don’t suppose is a secret, know that it was not meant to humiliate. It was simply to state that we should allow people room to get better.

        I also did not say that she was NOT a good host, nor did I say that I did not find her antics funny. As a matter of fact I did, although I believe that we should apply humor where appropriate. I commend her for her effort to lift the candidates’ spirits and ease their tension with her jokes, but I wish they were more carefully chosen.

        Vice Ganda earned my respect when he delivered his question in a manner appropriate for a Bb. Pilipinas judge, quite contrary to how he would normally handle such circumstances, what with his bubbly humor and perky personality. Indeed it was a class act.

        People will love us hate us for what we do or say, and for how they interpret the things we do or say. I had my time of criticism in 2000: I looked like a horse; won for being smart not beautiful; didn’t look anything like a beauty queen…it’s endless. But I was gracious in accepting all those criticisms, and used them for my betterment.

        This is not about fame or power, nor is it about the person in general, please do not get the matter out of perspective. I am not nearly as well-loved by fans as her (and that is true now more than ever) and definitely haven’t gained half her fame, but that is not the whole point of my previous statement.

        So again I apologize once and for all, and wish we’d all be open-minded about this. I did NOT criticize her, nor her performance last night in general. It was specifically the Q&A I tackled, and my intention was not how many of you might have interpreted it.

    • Nina, hindi mo ikinagand anag mga komento mo, it won’t matter kung ayaw mo sa manner of hosting ni Toni last Sunday, it won’t change the fact na clapper kang mahadera ka sa MU2000.
      Ano pa kaya kung nagplace ka.
      And besides, kung may pinaglalaban ka, panindigan mo, hindi yung magpa-follow up message ka ng apology.

  4. Sana hindi nagka title si Ann Colis. Her face and skin tone are pang Miss Universe. Sayang talaga.

    • Agree. I thought I was the only one in our family who’s rooting for her. Turns out everybody’s asking “Who’s number 24?” They’re all stunned lol.

      The girl was so effortless, sa sobrang effortless natabunan in a way ng mga makikita mong nag-effort. I guess a bit more “landi” factor would have secured her a higher placement. If she swayed her hips a bit that would have done it. But Pia’s a good choice as well. It’s just that Colis is the one that would grab your attention first.

    • Ann Colin had the face of the pageant. She exuded effortless beauty and quiet sophistication. A class act.

    • I agree Trevor , Colis is absolutely stunning and MU material. Ako rin nasayang na napunta sya sa Tourism na ewan kung magkaroon kaya ng international competition sa ganyang title. she was so regal and mesmerizing last night. She did well also during the Q and A. i just hope this year she can compete in Tourism competition (if there is any).

      • COLIS!!!!! Till now may vision ako ng kanyang tanned skin and flowy white dress…bat ba nila sinayang to?

  5. I salute this year’s batch for making this edition worth remembering. Winner or loser, I congratulate everyone for a job well done. ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. What I can say is Colis and Lubina were the only two whom I consider as MU material

    • at least lalaban si janicel sa international e si colis, the dreaded tourism crown! sana nagpalit na lang si colis at sison para pwede pa siya join next year! ang ganda ni colis ay pang miss u!

      • COLIS!!!!! WAHHH!!!!! Yung look nya kagabi yun ang pang Miss U!!!! Tisay na kulay Pinoy na basta ang WOW lang

  7. Sana palitan ang mga crowns! Lalo na yung sa intercontinental. Susmarya Stella wala na ba pambili ang BPCI?

      • Parang Necio lang. now i am not sure if the crown is big or if she just has a really small head.

  8. What I reaaly liked about last night’s show was the hosting skill of Ara Arida.
    Para lang nasa plasa ng Barangay hosting a Miss Gay Contest.
    Haaaay Ara, ikaw na!

    • i promise myself not to bash ara anymore pero diosmio! naman, hirap na hirap siyang magsalita kagabi, minsan nga parang ngongo pa, di mo na maintindihan… next time sina shamcey at venus na lang dapat… at huwag na rin nilang kuning host ang banlag na si toni g! i-ban dapat ang bruhang yan sa bp! 😡

    • Sa BbP, pag 1st runner up ka, ibig sabihin pang anim ka kasi lima ang korona.
      Sa MWP at MEP, pag 1st runner up ka ibig sabihin pangalawa ka kasi isa lang ang korona.

  9. Hi Mr Norman, just one question, When a Binibini wins a title, who takes care of her preparations/transformations for her international pageant, BBPI or her camp? Thanks

    • Norman is probably busy confirming numerous engagements he has to attend to within the next few days so allow me to share his most possible answer:

      After winning, BPCI is officially in-charge of all trainings and transformations BUT if the winner is affiliated to a beauty camp, her mentors closely watch!

      Right, Norman?!? 😉

      • I see. Thanks DC’15. I’m jusy curious as to how far can the mentors would have to intervene in the preparations.

      • coz I believe, technically after winning a crown, they are automatically under a contract with BBPI so I’m not sure if the mentors would still have a say on how the Binibini will be trained.
        Thanks again DC

    • It will be good to see them next year. Also Laura Leehman and Lorraine Kendrickson

    • Me too – would love to see both of them in 2016. Especially Alaiza. I must admit she was not in her best element Sunday night. Hopefully she joins again next year and have A&Q prepare and train her further.
      would love to see her compete in MU2016.

    • For this partial list of MU contestants, my top 3 is puerto rico. Venenzuela and philippines, columbia looks like paulina in some of her photos. Body nalang ni pia ang kailangan na ma enhance its the hardest part and matagal ma achieve. Her pasarela she can make it better easily. Sana bgyan sya ng magandang gown. With right make up and hair style.

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