144 comments on “The Ultimate Binibini Face-Off Matches: My Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Predictions

  1. Binibini 34: Teresita Ssen marquez will emerge as the 2015 MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES on Sunday night.

    MARK MY WORD!!!!

  2. Everybody, let’s wish Bb. No. 19, Christi McGarry the best of luck πŸ™‚ GO CHRISTI, WE BELIEVE IN YOU πŸ™‚

  3. I beg to differ. Just because Pia & Hanna have joined 3x doesn’t give them a major advantage over other more stunning & deserving girls perhaps a slight advantage of being more expressive but that’s about it. I would rather have a newbie w superior stunning physical attributes rather than somebody who maybe more articulate but w a mediocre face & body. And trust me on this if ever for some highly remote chance Pia is crowned MUP which I highly doubt will happen SAY ADIOS to our 5 yr consistent cracking on the semis & I bet my bottom dollar on this. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Pia. I’m just being honest & objective. I’m just so bewildered as to what you guys see so special w her. She’s so plain Jane she’s better suited for showbiz rather than a beauty queen. I live here in the Midwest & have several Mexican friends who are diehard pageant fanatics just like us and they all unanimously agree Janicel our best bet to get our 3rd crown and running behind her is Mcgarry. Peace out

  4. Norman,

    I love your prediction! I have always been a fan of Pia and Sison. For me, Pia is the Victor.

    I have grown to appreciate Janicel lately. She is strikingly beautiful. But what she lacks can be gained through grooming and training, however it all comes in due time. The added pressure of her learning to communicate within a time frame will not do her any good. She may surprise us come finals night, who knows. However learning communication skills isn’t easy. Most english speaking people struggle still to communicate effectively orally and written. To present her with that challenge after winning BBPU is illogical, definitely not impossible but difficult at hand. It’s like forcing a 6 month old baby to walk.

    I would like to see Janicel take the MUP title, however she isn’t ready. To be able to communicate english properly, you need to have depth and substance. She may very well deliver that but will it be effective enough to prove to the Miss Universe judges that she genuinely is confident. If she does win and represents us in Miss Universe, it can go either way, she can sound rehearsed or a complete air head. Preperation is key.

    MUO wants someone who is real. Someone who can relate to the public sector. Someone who is beautiful yet still very human. I hope that whoever BBPCI chooses, they choose wisely.

    PIA for the win.

    Good luck to everyone else.

  5. And Sir Norman has spoken ! And had said his piece based on what he had seen, observed and heard. Quite interesting choices and I must say I agree with some of your choices but not all (lol). With that being said ‘though you, as my favorite blogger have my utmost respect, notwithstanding πŸ™‚
    I am still rooting for Christi to win the MUP title and I have said why over and over again – height, communication skills, sexy bod and a nice skin tone, and she’s a first time Binibini ( fresh and not recycled). Ilove Pia but I’m a little concerned about her age. And I believe BBPCI wouldn’t take on another MJ 3rd attempt at winning a title so let’s give it to her this time because she’s all ready and she finally deserves it. This is not to say that all previous title holders who went thru the same didn’t deserve it because they all did. Shamcey was literally a first timer when she won.
    It will definitely all boil down on how they perform during the finals. There will be surprises and some will be shocking as in the previous years. Ara surprised us all in 2013 and deservingly at that, all because she performed so well during the finals including the final Q&A.
    So I would say, for me, all the candidates are on equal footing for now until their final performance on Sunday that can either make or break them.
    To all the ladies – good luck and God bless you all πŸ™‚
    To all the future winners – you have my full support πŸ™‚
    To Sir Norman – thank you as well for all your time and unselfish effort in sharing what you love most ….. blogging about beauty pageants. Love ya much πŸ™‚

  6. I sooo agree with your decisions! I nly have 3 faves and those are namely; Pia, Kylie, and Janicel! I would be overjoyed if Pia would get the BBPU crown and Kylie for international! Reasons are: Pia because she has this exotic yet strong facial features. Her face is like a latina-filipina fusion!Kylie because I’ve heard that the Internatil pageant will be held at Japan and I just know her pretty looks and the fact that she’s tisay will be an edge there! As for Janicel I do strongly believe that she’s MU material but she needs more training. She young, she’ll be perfect after a year or two. But whoever wins let’s just support our queens , they are all deserving anyways!

  7. Pia for MUP is a big NO NO. Not another over the hill, outdated, stale rep who has ZERO appeal beauty-wise. If she thinks she’s gonna pull off another MJ third time the charm she’s completely wrong coz unlike MJ MJ got consistently better each time she joined. Guys wake up its about time we send somebody fresh, tall, young and truly deserving. Janicel, Colis or even Mcgarry for MUP any of the three I’ll be happyπŸ˜€

    • El Morro

      However, in an international setting in front of judges and an audience who know nothing of her, she still has an overwhelming beauty that rocks. That’s where her experience is to her advantage. Also, like the last 5 MUP’s, the trainers will have Pia prepared for battle to contend for the crown.

      BTW, my 3 picks for MUP are Christi, Janicel and Pia. πŸ˜‰

      Think about it.

  8. The new criteria for choosing the MUP winner.
    (1) you should have won a runner up placement in a BbP pageant.
    (2) you should have joined BbP pageant 3x
    (3) age must be 25 or 26.

    • Para namang sinasaksak mo si Tito Norms ng patalikod. Bashing din yang ginagawa mo at masahol pa dahil kinukutya mo ang kredibilidad ni blogger. Move on ka na teh. Kahit 5th try pa ng pambato mo, ligwak pa din. Haaay.

      • Masyado ka naman affected teh. I am sure sir Norman will just ignore that comment noh. Simply it’s not serious and it is just my foolish observation. Sorry na lang sa mga mabababaw.

  9. very nice prediction as always sir Norman!

    here’s mine
    Universe – Sison or Colis (can’t decide)
    International – Hipolito
    Intercon – Wurtzbach
    Supra – Rabajante
    Tourism – Suiza
    1stRU – Lubina
    2ndRU – Mcgarry

  10. I can’t wait for Pia to clap.
    Nakakaumay na ang mga pileges at stretchmarks nya.
    If Janicel will not win, I want McGarry or WynWyn.

      • Diusmio te, ang tyaga mong maghalungkat!
        Kudos to you te.
        Regarding your concern, how will I, e di ba nga si Colombia ang announced winner.
        Even if Pia won, it still did’nt change my belief na may pileges ang merlat.
        Nga pala te, halungkatin mo rin yun mga messages ko from 2011.

  11. naku kung makapagreact ang iba dito…. kung yan ang nakikita ni sir noman yun ay para sa kanya. matutuo naman kayong rumespeto.

  12. MUP – Janicel
    Supra – Hannah
    Intercon – Pia
    International – Wyn Wyn
    Tourism – Alaiza
    1st Runner up- Christi
    2nd Runner up – Nancy

  13. “This very long post is not meant to please everyone, dear readers. If only I had a reliable crystal ball to show me the accurate list of winners, then I will not hesitate in sharing the cloudy visions.”

    And we thank you dearly for always sharing your very honest thoughts and analysis, Norman. It is what most of us truly appreciate that’s why we follow your blog. It does not matter if what you have written is not exactly what we want to read. Most importantly, you give us the chance to rethink… improving/developing clearer perspectives.

    Forecast, prediction, or whatever it may be called (I would call mine as “my wishlist”), do not require perfection because we are not The Creator in the first place. Furthermore, the chosen judges all have dffferent mindset and each one of them would have their individual picks so expect surprises. This is not a Spelling Bee wherein it would be easier to filter the best speller. I must say that it is pure luck to guess accurately.

    TG — I have not turned kind of fanatic this year that it was easier for me to assess each contestant on equal footing. Just like Norman’s forecast, I judged them based on my own criteria. I didn’t even think of the ideal type of candidates for the other pageants because reality is I am not aware if such really exists. It’s a pure guessing game!

    So let’s wait and see… Enjoy the blog whilst waiting for the grand night. May the genuinely deserving aspirants win!

    • it is your blog indeed norman and your opinion is respected. but should your inside info that thepia and hannah will be crowned mup, then i think that our chances for a six peat in miss u semis will go kapoof, with th eformer simply not suited for the title because of her forgetable looks and the latter for her bad styling. there are other clear frontrunners that are newbies that are actually more deserving than these 2, unless well, they outshine everybody come pageant night

  14. universe – sison
    international – lubina
    supranational – colis or mcgarry
    intercontinental – wurtzbach
    tourism – suiza

    *basta dapat isa sa kanila (except for suiza) ang maging mup! πŸ™‚

  15. I would like to see Janicel represent us in Miss Universe. However, I won’t feel too bad if she only places as a runner-up this year. At least she’ll be assured more training, experience and exposure for the next 12 months in preparation for eventually winning MUP, and ultimately MU.

    I really don’t want to see Janicel wasted with a minor title like Intercontinental, or the dreaded death-by-sash Tourism title.

  16. Versoza is so overrated. Ang lamya kumilos and her face is not beauty-queen pretty, but print model pretty.

    MUP should be a toss up between McGarry and Colis. International should be Wurtzbach or Hipolito (assuming they meet the age requirement).

    The rest of the titles are useless anyway, so they can give those to the girls whom they don’t want to return (or can’t return) for another round: Marquez, Sison, Suiza, Ejercitado

    Lubina and Malinao should be the runners-up.

  17. I guess it is really Anne or Christi for Supranational…

    Both have amazing credentials but personality-wise… Ann is way more charming than Christi therefore she could win Ms Suprapersonality which is equivalent to best BWAP in Miss World. Based on looks, Anne’s exotic looks is also more suited since the pageant is usually held in Europe and its what the pageant seem to favor.

  18. DEPTH?!! Definitely YES! And I can’t forgive BPCI if they’d rush a stunning young lady Ms. Lubina this year. Perfect timing it is. Take it from Queen Megan as a reminder. Remember the answer she always gave on her interviews when asked if she really did want to be a beauty queen. The answer is obvious BUT what the others never see is on how she emphasized how she wanted it to be at the RIGHT TIME. No wonder, she came prepared and didn’t disappoint us to taste the glory of having that blue crown that almost everyone, if not all, are not expecting would come after soooo very looong years. My BB #11, you’re a breath of fresh air that comes once in a lifetime and should not be wasted out of something that can be perfected through time (you all know what it is). I respect your opinion Mr. Norman Tinio. PIA is one of, if not the best we can have as MUP rep.

  19. I hope Janicel will not be discouraged if she becomes 1st runner-up this year. I hope she knows that she is being resserved for now so that she would have a higher level of excellence next year. I hope she undergoes grammar and speech trainning or maybe even become an OJT at a callcenter. If she improves her comskills, there would almost be no hurdle for her to win even the TOP plum which is Miss Universe.

  20. I am not a pageant expert, but my bets always win since:

    2011 – Shamcey.
    2012 – NONE. I don’t have a sentimental favorite but i see Janine as a front runner among others.
    2013 – Megan Young
    2014 – MJ Lastimosa.
    2015 – JANICEL LUBINA!

    I don’t usually go with sentimental favorites. Like 2011, Tumulak is a favorite. But she doesn’t interest me. I did not buy Mutya for MU nor Elima for MU nor Yvethe for MU. Ngayong year lang na ito ang peborit ko eh peborit rin ng iba. That’s Janicel Lubina. I really see her as a cut above the rest despite her not so good comm skills. Bet ko siya hindi dahil naawa ako sa story line niya. I don’t usually buy that kind of marketing strategy, but that I see her as a very competitive contender. That despite her weakness, she can rise to the top. So yeah, i’m all for JANICEL LUBINA to get the plum spot for Bb. Pilipinas 2015!

    • Im not bashing janicel ha from the start parang wala ako na fefeel sa kanya since mwp, then this time as representative for MU parang its really not her time to represent us in MU, she needs more time,more training, i can see her as MU caliber but not this year, all i can see to her right now is shes beautifull, tall, sexy, pero parang na pa plain ako sa kanya, bata pa lang sya pero may potential sya but may kulang talaga. For me runner up muna sya then join sya sa 2016 at 2017 dyan sya mangangabog, but somethings changes, happnd un expected, minsan kung sino pa hype pagdating sa finals ligwak sya, meron namang silent killer pag dating sa finals nangangabog. I have a feeling janicel will win a title but not Universe title, but i consider her as runner up, she will do more better next year and may win the top prize.

      Hannah, Not because shes a runner up last year, because among this batch she has the most exotic filipina looks that can be shine, dag dag lang sya ng wait, enhance nya ung body nya, more sleep, more training, she will become more exotic filipina freshly, ria is exotic also, pero para syang nakakatakot tignan, mas may liwanag ung pagkaexotic ni hannah kesa kay ria. If i will choose among them…il go for Hannah…..She’s one to beat for MUP title.

      Pia, she will not place, she will win a title, but my highest feeling is not for Universe, She will win Supra or intercontinental. Or even international if her age is still eligible.

      Toni and nancy will have a chance to win Intercontinental or even universe title.specially toni.

      Wyn wyn may win a title too, but not the top prize. But in my list shes a runner up.

      Kim is ready for intercontinental, or tourism. Or even runner runner up,

      christi, colis, kylie runner up lang din na fe feel ko sa kanil ds year.

      Iba iba tayo ng gusto, o pagsusuri gamit ang mga presentations nila. But in the finals they will show the real battle, who will be crown? the top contenders or the silent killers?

  21. Congrats mr norman… A very well written forecast… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘…

    • a meztisa with caucasian lineage not effective for MU, rep must be a Filipina looking beauty.

      • Excuse me but the last Filipina who won Miss Universe, Margie Moran, is a mestiza. She even speaks fluent Spanish. And the Venezuelans keep sending European mestizas and they’ve been pretty successful.

        Instead of categorizing our candidates by their skin color or by their ethnic lineage, wouldn’t it be better just to send the best qualified candidate?

      • rep can be tisay but with definite hint of filipina. like megan young. christi is too westernized in terms of features. she will face away with her caucasian competitors

      • Melanie.. Margie Moran is mestiza but she got the queenly aura that Pia doesn’t possess. For me, it doesn’t matter whether our MU rep is mestiza or morena as long as they have the uniqueness to stand out. Megan Young is of mixed race too but she has that beauy queen aura & demeanor.

  22. I agree tia and hassini look greAt. If they make it into the top 15 , they could easily get one of the crowns.
    Problem with Tia , I agree, is make up. Plus Medyo may pagka-baduy Ang style.

  23. Buhay Pilipino talaga! Ni hindi pa nagsisimula ang labanan ay panay away na yata ang mga masusugid na taga-suporta nila. Ang sa akin lang sana kung sino man kandidata ang masuwerteng magwawagi sana ay karadapat-dapat lang talaga.

    • Its not just Filipinos . It’s everyone on earth with blood flowing to their brain. I think whoever gets the crown deserves it. I can only name very few who can’t be honed to be intl contenders.

  24. Nah! MUO is now tired of the 26’s 25’s 24’s. Send the 19yo she’s good to go for cryin out loud and celebrate the 3rd MU from Phils….. Unless Manny P. Wins. … I remember when manny lost it was kind of a consolation for Phils to be 1st runner up and until now i still wonder if it would be the same outcome had manny won, faith or politics? Unless this time if manny and the 19yo win that’ll be so crazy. Good vibes yeeehaaw go Janicel ! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™

    • I don’t think the judges in 2012 had the manny-Marquez fight in mind when they were deciding on the top 5. Janine was simply amazing from beg to end of the competition.

      Now if Janicel could be half as classy and poised as Janine..hahaha

    • I agree Chrome! STILL JANICEL LUBINA FOR MU! She can pull off a Leila Lopez in MU.

    • I think that’s a very naive assumption. Janine was just stunning from start to finish during her edition. If you go back to all the MU editions from Venus’ to MJs, Janine undeniably tops them all. That is why, she placed the highest among them.

  25. My BBP 2015 prediction..

    Top 15:
    Ann Lorraine

    2nd ru Christi
    1st ru Janicel
    Tourism Toni
    Supranational Alaiza
    Intercontinental Kylie
    International Ann Lorraine
    Universe Pia

  26. Oh no, not Pia and Wynn. Sorry to say , facially they are out of what you call definition of beauty. We will have the back to back clappers again.

  27. Hi Norman,

    Thats is some in depth analysis of the pageant kudos to you.

    Given that it is a prediction, then this is a “who would win” type of post. I am very interested in a “who Norman likes to win”. I think your view as a judge with some insights on the standards/normals/patterns/requirements of each international pageant. But remove any knowledge of pageant politics, personal sentiments, hearsay or any other information you have that will influence your judging (i am not saying you a biased by the way)

    Hope to see a post of this. More power!

  28. I will be happy should the chosen ladies will be crowned on Sunday. Let us just accept for whatever fate our favorite candidates will land. These ladies will represent our country, the Philippines and there should be no reason of not supporting them. Congratulations!

  29. Janicel is Miss Universe 2016!!!

    So I agree with you Tito Norms. She needs to up her game and acquire more skills and maturity. Di pwede and hinog sa pilit. Maasim yun.

    Come 2016, she is ready not just for the BbPU crown, but for the Miss Universe crown itself, especially after a Venezolana noticed her.

    So to Janicel: You’ve got time on your side. Huwag ka madismaya if you end up as 1st runner-up. It only means you’ll really be first next time around.

    • Why not withdraw and come back next year. Baka maging Ms. Tourism pa siya!

  30. Can’t shake this feeling that Kim may surprise us all with a title. I’m probanly wrong, it’s just a feeling. Regardless, I’m ready for this BbP Show to rock the stage, the world. Sunday can’t come fast enough.

  31. I can sense another surprise win on sunday night. Just like the victory of MJ last year majority did not consider her to win the top plum but she did. We are all aware that Mj was a tough fighter and a top performer back then but there was certain force that blocked us to put her on top of our predictions. Now on 2015 edition let’s take a look at a Binibini who will most likely do a Mj lastimosa win. This BinibinI performs really well, she possesses superior presense, she did well in every pre pageant activities. She is Binibini 34 TERESITA SSEN MARQUEZ. I am not a fan of her but gut feel tells me that she will seal the deal on the QandA round. She exudes sophistication and class. She is confident but not loud.

    • Marquez will also bag Miss Talent, Best National Costume and Best in Swimsuit awads.

    • I don’t see her winning MUP. She might snatch the MI crown but now MUP.

      • That was the same thought i had for Mj before. I was not considering her to win MUP, but she ruled the 2014 edition. Lets see. But i STRONGLY believe that stars will favor the woman pinned with number 34.

      • I don’t have doubts last year that MJ will become MUP and she did! She’s a MUP prototype. Marquez is not. She could fit in MI or Supra.

  32. Sana huwag mausog ulit si Pia sa prediction mo tito Norm hay……..but whoever wins, i will support!!!!

  33. Wow, that is such a bold prediction Norman…how about the other girls that you bump off fromt he face off? We almost have the same choices but only different tittles.i agree with the MUP.

    Pia- MUP
    Theresita -MIP
    Hanna- Tourism
    Christy- Supra

    Lubina- 1st Runner Up
    Hipolito-2nd Runner Up

  34. I have this feeling that the winner will be dark horses. I am seeing it from Hipolito and Felizarta. Even from the start I really had this vibrations for Felizarta. Then, Hipolito was growing in me. She really stood out during the parade of beauties.

  35. Do watch the first ever Miss Intergalactic Beauty Pageant with special guest Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler πŸ™‚

  36. Pia will do great and yes, I agree that she should be this year’s MUP!

    Most of the girls are pretty but not a lot is as striking as Pia, IMO…

    My interest in pageantry started in 2009..and since then, I’ve predicted the MUP winners right – except for last year (my bet was Santiago)..i hope that this year, Pia wins!

  37. Great analysis Tito Norms! A little of everything thrown in one good post – science, sentiments, and sensibility from a seasoned blogger. I don’t agree with some of your choices but your line of thinking makes sense. I have three girls I’m rooting who I hope will get noticed by both the audience and judges – my Janicel Lubina, Anne Lorraine Colis, and Christie MacGarry. Of course if Janicel doesn’t win the MUP crown, oh please spare her from the other crowns. She deserves nothing less. Good luck to all our bets!

  38. Bakit may disclaimer ka pa na NO DISRESPECT? E wala respect mga comments mo. Tonta Viveka!

  39. Upon reading this article, it reminded me of Norman’s prediction last year placing Pia as bpci missU 2014. After Pia not getting the crown last year, this analysis of Blogger made me smile deep inside instead of “baka mausog-feeling” superstitious belief as it also reminded me reading a thorough analysis in Miss world 2014 where Norman predicted Miss Strauss Of South Africa will win.
    However, whichever to Malinao, Colis, Lubina, Sison, McCarry, Kimverly & Pia will definitely my favorite to get the crown.

  40. Imho, sison will get MUP crown, malinao for international, pia for intercon, janicel for supra and mcgarry for tourism

    • OMG, there’s another aj handle in d house! Apir! πŸ˜€

      Nway, i concur with tito Norms’s picks but if neither of Pia & Hannah wins d MUP crown i hope it goes to either McGarry or Nancy.

      I also think Janicel should be reserved & prepped for 2016/17. There’s wisdom in waiting.

  41. I’m rooting for both Pia and janicel. And if we need to continue Philippines’ dominance we need worthy beauty queens. I really think Janicel will improve in the next year especially her communication skills. I agree that she is due for a major crown. She is stunning however bpci needs to set her up for success. This exposure will just enhance her in the long run. Wwhich will give us the opportunity as country to send well rounded binibini every single year. I completely agree with you Norman.

  42. For some reason I don’t see Pia winning the BBPU crown. I think the 5 crowns and the two runners up will be decided among Malinao, Felizarta, Sison, Colis,, Lubina, Verzosa and Hipolito.

  43. I still root for Janicel for MUP. If she does not win, I am not sure if where she would go. Maybe she would continue her studies but she really needs to have stable source of income to help her family so she might try working abroad as welcome officers (not yaya uunahan ko na kaya bitches!)

    Lubina is a diamond in the rough. She could still be honed as our county’s next miss Universe. 1st runner up would be alright for me as well basta wag lang ibang crown!

    11 Pia is for miss intercontinental
    31 Mia or 12 for miss International
    24 Lorraine for Supra
    and anyone for miss Tourism

    runner up for Mc Garry – She still does not buy me with her pasarela skills. She lacks grace and confidence that I only see whenever she sings. Her face though small seems kakaiba
    runner up for Nancy as well.

    But i do not really give big deals anymore. Whoever wins I will support. It seems like this batch has great things to offer. Many of them are potential international beauty queens. So proud of my country!

  44. Pia, Christi or Janice for MUP… any other title for these 3 will be an honor and and a bit of a disappointment at the same time (especially the for the beauty who is crowned Bb Tourism).

    Hannah or Alaiza for International or Supranational but BOTH would suffice as MUP

    For Intercontinental 2015 it doesn’t matter which Bb represents the country. The MIC organizers have probably chosen a winner already. πŸ™‚

    For Bb Tourism? God forbid NOBODY!

    On one hand, crowning 5 titles is a generous tradition in spreading good fortune…on the other hand it makes for a gigantic headache trying to figure out which lady gets crowned with which title…

  45. I was one of those thinking “ugh not again” when Pia screened for BBP this year. But through the course of the pre-pageant activities, especially given the attention of all her bashers, I started noticing what her thousands of supporters see in her. I really think Pia can bring home the Miss Universe crown for the Philippines. I still hope Hannah will get a crown too though, she’s facially stunning and she seems ready to compete internationally.

    I prefer Kylie over Winwyn for International as well. I just find Winwyn quite plain. Not plain as in ugly, but plain as in average. Her height is also a disadvantage. Not a fan of Toni Hipolito for any of the crowns though, because her features are too hard and she comes off as old. Ann Colis, I think, is MUP material, so I hope she doesn’t get the BBP Supranational crown just yet.

    Janicel can use the training as a runner up. Aside from the obvious communication skills critique, it seems like she needs to learn how to project in photoshoots as well. Her official photos so far don’t do her justice.

    Again, I hope Justine Felizarta does get a runner up position. I think she’ll make a great MUP after a few more years of training and experience.

  46. Mamaya ko na to Pag aaralan. Off topic lang…ms. Japan nanalo na si ms. Nagasaki. Half black half Japanese. Mukang mag iingay kase she is different. Sa labanan ng Bb. Kahit sino na. OK na ako. I will set aside my sentimiento. I hope they choose someone really striking and can deliver. Poleng’s reign is so forgettable nag aabang na kung sino isusunod sa kanya.

  47. Bb. Pilipinas Universe face off:

    Janicel VS. Ann Lorraine VS. McGarry

    Sorry for the fans of Miss Pia W., but if she wins, no issues for me, I will sincerely support her. Good luck to all the ladies at sana yong mag deserving ang mananalo talaga at susunod na magbibigay karangalan sa Pilipinas. God bless everyone!

    Meanwhile, enjoy the videos…

      • lol! siguro parehas na pageant yan at para di tularan si joseph na pageant patty, sumigaw pa talaga ng mulawin sa presentation ng natcos nya. pampalubag loob yan siguro or pang kalma, para tigil away na at maghintay na lang sa resulta ng mananalo sa finals night ng bb. anyway basil, sino ba betsina ang mga betsina mo top 5 na mananalo sa bb. pilipinas 2015?

  48. If Pia will bag this year’s MUP, I’ll be happy for her and support whoever our rep for Miss Universe, For my lovely Janicel, I know she won’t be ignored and placing a runner up will hone her well the Bpci way, although I’m still rooting for her to be MUP, I just don’t want her to be another mortality for this year’s pageant by awarding the China Rigged Tourism Eklachure, I won’t settle for any other title for lovely Janicel except mup.
    Ok my Janicel, I’ll be your sponsor for your college degree, take up Literature and English studies @ Ateneo nang manahimik ang mga “righteous and scholars” kuno ng Lingua Franca shit……. Bwahahahaha🐷

    • Great idea Miss Lavinia! πŸ˜€
      You can definitely afford it! That’s like giving away your loose change… πŸ˜€

      I just hope she won’t aquire the snotty culture of students there… If she does, I would seriously slap the accent out of her. πŸ˜€

      • @C2F
        Bwahahaha……mag open Ka na ng Beauty Camp, IKAW YATA ang “Osmel Souza” ng Asia… Dama ko siya Closer, I’ll be your number one supporter and one of the sponsors ( if I can afford ) Push natin iyan My Friendβ€οΈπŸŽ€πŸ·

      • Eh ano naman….. Kung hindi puwede, eh di I sponsor ko ng STUDENT VISA DITO SA California, mamili Ka JANICEL …..
        Los Angeles:
        Loyola Marymount University
        University of Southern California
        All California State University system

        San Francisco / Bay Area:
        Uc Berkley
        Uc Santa Cruz
        Stanford University
        University of San Francisco
        All California State University in northern, southern and central California

        Wala pa ang east coast nyan, alam kong may Admissions examination SA Ateneo, at may program din sila for UNDERPRIVILEGED na couldn’t afford their tuition fee, she can hurdle that path and let me tell you this once and for all, KUNG ANG ATENEO HINDI MAPANG HUSGA NA KATULAD NG SCHOLARS AT RIGHTEOUS NG LECHENG LINGUA FRANCA BULLSHIT…… WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO DISCRIMINATE JANICEL RIGHT AWAY….. And THIS GIES WITH YOU TOO ALJUR WHATEVER…… πŸŽ€πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·

      • Go go go Lavinia! Feeling ko mas manlalait pa yung mga questionable din ang mga English speaking and writing skills. Di naman importante talaga ang flawless English eh or impeccable accent and diction. Confidence lang in speaking your mind ang dapat!

      • Lavinia, hindi nAman yung english ni janicel Ang problema . Para Syang maglalako ng kamote the way she talks.
        She has no grace and poise at all. Let’s wait 1 more yr lol

      • @Dawn
        Alam mo IYAN Mars….. Atenista ka !
        Nice to see you Mars here in our playground, have a great weekend Mars πŸŽ€πŸ·πŸŽ€

      • aljur c pia ang i enrol mo dun tas kuha cya ng bs agriculture kc panlaban ang muscle nya sa farming..

  49. I agree Sir norms with your MUP and Int’l. I know this is just a prediction, anything can happen. But with Pia as the MUP, I can’t help but smile. This is the only time I secretly root for someone for the highest honor. I didn’t bother much with previous Bb. editions. To Pia, ayaw tugoti nga maapektuhan ka sa mga nandaot nimo. Nahibalo ko nga makuha nimo ang para sa imo.

    • Tama ka gud.Pia, ayaw tugoti nga dire ka magdaug. Unta mag-daug ka. Bahala na an Diyos ha imo. πŸ™‚ —sorry had to respond in my own version, I miss it, haha πŸ™‚ Paghinay! πŸ™‚

    • Karon ra pud ko mucomment ani nga batch, si Pia pud akong ganahan na mag-MUP, sukad pa sa Day 1. Wala gyud nabag-o. Para kanako, her deciding to join this year meant a lot – after last year’s great loss, to decide to join again would take a lot of courage, self-trust, and character.

      Although kulba ko gamay kay murag nanambok si atey sa sugod. Pero nakita na nako iyang best form sa previous editions, so I think kaya ra niya ibalik basta maningkamot lang gyud sya.

      Pia, kung makabasa ka ani day, tarunga gyud sa finals night! Ipakita gyud na mao na ni imung last chance, mao na ni imung ginahulat dugay na. Ug bisan pa daghay mukontra, daghan pud mi nga nagtuo kanimo. KAYA KAAYO! Claim the crown. Own the stage. And have fun on your coronation night. πŸ™‚

      For the other titles:
      International: Christi McGarry
      Supranational: Nancy Leonard
      Intercontinental: Kylie Versoza
      Tourism: anyone can wyn this
      Runners up: Janicel Lubina, Ann Colis

  50. Amen, Pia or Hannah for bb universe,,there both polished and ready to go to miss universe..,,,i rather have macarry for 1st runner up,,,and save her for next years bb universe since she has fantastic communication skills..and is amazing aswell…and lubina,,,is wonderful but her communication skills are painful…give her 2 years and she will not only win bb universe but miss universe aswell…rather not waste her to miss international…lets face it,,,Miss universe is the only real pagent that matters in hearts and minds…Glad that you suprised us with the 2 hannah or pia who deserve to go to miss universe…since i remember you having so little faith in Mj lastimosa last year….i very happy with ur list this year norrman

  51. I have been following your blog and lately you have been missing. No disrespect but Janicel has proven herself worthy of a crown. I want her to be MUP but she will get a crown if not. We’ll see.

    • I have no problem with Janicel winning if the judges find her the most deserving of the MUP title, kagandahan. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the reply. And I know you don’t have a problem if she wins. And I also don’t have any problem if she doesn’t win. She is still very young and could always go back to the drawing board. My only regret is that she is so hot she can’t just be eliminated. BPCO will give her a crown. She may even choose to transfer to another pageant (and I hope she does after her stint, win or lose in Binibini). Pia on the other hand is ready in some ways but not completely. Many are rooting for her because of her age. MTQI is always a possiblity. More power to your blog! Hardworking man!

  52. Janicel is my bet for Miss Universe but 2016. Not this year. She deserves the MUP crowb but not this year. She needs to polish pa. But I disgaree with Pia being the next MUP. Siguro ung Tourism ang nararapat sa kanya!

  53. This is my favorite article to date. We share the same thoughts. Pia for MUP.

  54. No disrespect since this is your blog but YOU ARE SO WRONG. Janicel or Cristi for MU. Pia will fail again… So stale and old na

      • Hello! We can’t all be right! There will only be one MU . Talk on Monday and let’s see who’s right. Sorry but Norman is so wrong on this one. I respect him but his predictions are so traditional and beauty pageants internationally are moving in a different direction. More modern more of spokesperson thus Cristi is the best pick

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