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  1. Tama naman si Mr. Richard Warren hindi lang nakukuha sa ganda at sa tangkad ng isang kandidata, actually si Janicel lahat nasa kanya na, but dapat mag-aral muna siya total 19 palang naman siya, baka next year pwede na siya kc ngayon i’m sure hindi siya mapipili for MU pwede siya sa ibang category… for me ang bet ko talaga diyan si Pia, Hannah & Patricia Ejercitado kc yong mga last pageant nila napanood ko talagang confident sila sumagot walang mga kaba, sabagay iba na ang live doon talaga mapapansin kung sino ang confident.

  2. MUP – Janicel
    Supra – Hannah
    Intercon – Pia
    International – Wyn Wyn
    Tourism – Alaiza
    1st Runner up- Christi
    2nd Runner up – Nancy

  3. Miss Universe Org is looking for a SPOKESPERSON who happens to be BEAUTIFUL. Yan ang criteria nila so please wag tayong maligaw. Hindi porket matangakad, magaling magpasarela, exotic ang ganda PWEDE na. Hindi rin porket magaling magsalita pwede na, dapat may sense and dept yung pinagsasabi. So if we are talking about PIA vs JANICEL so alam nyo na sino MAS deserving sa kanila.

    • Wow, you are really trying to justify this case. LOL… Yes, we already know that your bets with awesome credentials are clappers based on beauty standing next to JanIcel. Don’t worry! Majority of her supporters already agree that she should only be 1st runner-up for now. If you guys are still threatened, go plead to the judges of BPCI to make sure that she wouldn’t win a title this year. She is only 19. She could win Miss Universe next year. 😀

  4. I would like to share my predictions using a scoring system from four (5) to ten (10), lowest and highest scores respectively. I reviewed various aspects of the candidates’ posted photos and videos. Among them are the official BB Pilipinas head shots, individual video presentations, interviews, national costume competition, JAG modeling video and photos, Press Presentation, Parade videos and photos, glam shots taken by two different photographers, photos taken at PAL and at other BB Pilipinas Organization sponsors’ headquarters, TV guesting, and more.

    My goal is to capture the element of consistency in all categorical rubrics and in all captured events of all 34 contestants. I wanted to evaluate them with their high (best) and low (worst) moments, with or without makeup, interior and exterior (most especially under the glaring sun during the parade), and in various other settings. Since I am using posted photographs and videos, I thoroughly reviewed whatever photographs and videos were available. Again, CONSISTENCY of looks, charm, glowing personality, nicely shaped bodies, hairstyle, makeup, presentations was strongly factored in the entire procedure. These rankings are evidently unscientific and may not necessarily reflect the real outcome of the pageant. I had nothing to do, and these gave me something fun to spend my idle time.

    In judging the candidates’ GLAM SHOTS, as an example, the candidates were evaluated in five categories:
    1) Face
    2) Body
    3) Height
    4) Hair
    5) Style
    6) Artistic Presentation
    These six rubrics total 60 points. The total points are then divided by six with the average rounded to the nearest thousandth. In the national costume event (video segment), the categories for judging included:
    1) Face
    2) Walking on stage (Pasarela)
    3) Elegance in wearing the national dress
    4) Artistic interpretation in presenting the national costume
    5) Stage command and personality
    Using the photographs to evaluate the candidates in their national costumes, the criteria for judging included:
    1) Face
    2) Grace and elegance in carrying the national costume
    3) Over-all rendition of the national costume as photographed
    4) Commanding stage presence relative with the other contestants.
    5) Choice of national costume- a mark of a contestant’s wit in making decisions.
    The photographs at the parade were notably revealing of who among the contestants looked fresh, exquisitely lovely, poised and glowing amid the sweltering heat, glaring sunlight, and large crowd of people wanting to see them. This event isolated those candidates who remained standing tall from those with melting heavy makeup… unravelling their lackluster and haggard faces.

    Similarly important is the pedigree of communication ability to articulate their ideas sensibly and direct to the point. This segment tested the ladies’ wit and unfeigned responses that easily drew relevant connections with their target audience. Answers to questions must come from within your heart, and without adhering to anything unnatural and textbook answers. There were only two events, where the ladies had the chance to speak. And with a total of 21 categorical rubrics, the results of the Q&A did not really hurt contestants who did not fare as well as the others.
    Contestants are humans and must refrain from excessively using Q&A answers like:
    1) Donating a million dollars all to charity is simply and outrageously being dishonest.
    2) Some judges may not share your religious faith- and using religions and faith can be ironic responses in a beauty pageant that requires parading in swimsuits and everything that is material and unholy,
    3) Spreading peace and goodwill- instead use specific experiences to expound on this issue and establish these experiences to connect with people.
    4) Not changing anything in life because you are content of the person that you are am now had been used so many times. It is old and truly proverbial phony. The capacity to connect with the audience would be telling one’s genuine and honest human perspectives.
    How about these alternate answers…
    “I will invest most of it, share some to my family, take a much needed vacation, and fund an anti-child trafficking project- which is closest to my heart.”

    “I would have started saving money at a much younger age. This is something I would like to change if I could change something in the past.”

    “The Filipinos working around the world as doctors, nurses, maids, engineers, teachers and accountants are my country’s best contributions to the world. They are resilient, hardworking, creative, kind, and happy people; who had to make the difficult choice of being separated with their loved ones to sustain their financial needs and secure better lives.”

    “I believe beauty pageants without the swimwear competitions is contrary to its core essence. I joined the pageant knowing that there would be a swimsuit event. And I hope people respect the choice I and the other contestants have firmly made.”

    Now here are the results of my BB. Pilipinas ranking, as I have described above. My first ranking used three 10 categories (evaluative rubrics) in the first three events, as follows:

    10 Pia Alonso Wurtzbach 98.945 1
    29 Nancy Lee Leonard 98.842 0.103 2
    19 Christi Lynn McGarry 98.642 0.201 3
    12 Kylie Versoza 96.053 2.588 4
    11 Janicel Lubina 95.457 0.597 5

    14 Princess Joy Camu 93.525 1.932 6
    6 Toni Alyessa Hipolito 91.176 2.349 7
    30 Patricia Lae Ejercitado 91.026 0.150 8
    28 Hanna Ruth Lulu Sison 87.742 3.284 9
    24 Ann Lorraine Colis 87.533 0.209 10
    22 Anja Vanessa Peter 86.142 1.392 11
    26 Anabel Christine Tia 86.055 0.087 12
    27 Ina Dominica Guerrero 85.276 0.779 13
    25 Rogelie Catacutan 84.025 1.251 14
    8 Kimverlyn Suiza 82.542 1.483 15
    2 Jenny Feliz Gonzales 80.333 2.208 16

    1 Samantha Bilbin 79.025 1.308 17
    34 Teresita Ssen Marquez 78.977 0.049 18
    4 Renee Soraya Hassani 78.825 0.152 19
    23 Justine Beatrice D Felizardo 78.730 0.095 20
    33 Namarata Neesha Murjani 77.905 0.825 21
    18 Crissa Marie Mendiola 77.626 0.280 22
    16 Marvi Ann Razon De Lima 77.338 0.287 23
    21 Alaiza Flor Malinao 77.253 0.085 24
    31 Mia Allyson H Howell 76.997 0.257 25
    15 Paula Rich Bartolome 75.783 1.214 26
    17 Brenna C Gamboa 75.342 0.441 27
    32 Danita Joan Ruazol 74.950 0.392 28
    9 Maolin Yalung 74.653 0.297 29
    3 Ria Rabajante 74.500 0.153 30
    13 Mae Liezel Ramos 74.183 0.317 31
    7 Enrica Roxiele Guieb 69.400 4.783 32
    5 Cannielle Faith Santos 68.267 1.133 33
    20 Tanya Angeline N Hyden 68.000 0.267 34

    Here are the results of my BB. Pilipinas FINAL, PRE-PAGEANT ranking using 21 evaluative rubrics in 14 separate events.


    19 Christi Lynn McGarry 207.692 1
    10 Pia Alonso Wurtzbach 207.620 0.072 2
    29 Nancy Lee Leonard 205.233 2.387 3
    11 Janicel Lubina 205.225 0.008 4
    12 Kylie Versoza 203.342 1.883 5

    6 Toni Alyessa Hipolito 196.875 6.467 6
    14 Princess Joy Camu 196.468 0.407 7
    25 Rogelie Catacutan 195.892 0.576 8
    30 Patricia Lae Ejercitad0on 195.352 0.540 9
    28 Hanna Ruth Lulu Sison 194.256 1.096 10
    24 Ann Lorraine Colis 187.875 6.381 11
    8 Kimverlyn Suiza 179.025 8.850 12
    22 Anja Vanessa Peter 178.564 0.461 13
    27 Ina Dominica Guerrero 178.025 0.539 14
    1 Samantha Bilbin 177.400 0.625 15
    34 Teresita Ssen Marquez 176.850 0.550 16

    26 Anabel Christine Tia 173.275 3.575 17
    33 Namarata Neesha Murjani 171.885 1.390 18
    4 Renee Soraya Hassani 168.882 3.003 19
    2 Jenny Feliz Gonzales 168.235 0.647 20
    3 Ria Rabajante 167.807 0.428 21
    18 Crissa Marie Mendiola 167.345 0.462 22
    23 Justine Beatrice Felizard 167.080 0.265 23
    31 Mia Allyson H’ Howell 166.780 0.300 24
    21 Alaiza Flor Malinao 165.953 0.827 25
    9 Maolin Yalung 164.903 1.050 26
    13 Mae Liezel Ramos 158.783 6.120 27
    16 Marvi Ann Razon De Lima 158.288 0.495 28
    32 Danita Joan Ruazol 156.800 1.488 29
    15 Paula Rich Bartolome 155.622 1.178 30
    17 Brenna C Gamboa 154.292 1.330 31
    7 Enrica Roxiele Guieb 143.000 11.292 32
    20 Tanya Angeline N Hyde 139.950 3.050 33
    5 Cannielle Faith Santos 137.067 2.883 34

  5. I’ve been following your blog for more than a year & check your page on a daily basis. I beg to disagree on Janicel’s placement. I understand your sentiment that she is just 85% prepared but you might have failed to consider that there would be months of training before the lucky girl will be sent to their international assignment.

    • Naligaw ang komento mo. Bakit dito ka tumitilaok? Aber? Buti nga dinagdagan ni Tito Norms ng 50%. Kundi 35% lang siya. It will take two decades or more bago siya maimprub. Kapag may brain transplant na. Gets mo na ba teh?

      • Hay naku, sinabi mo pa! Atat na atat ipanalo imbes pag-aralin muna ng ingles saka isabak! Ewan ko lang kapag nanalo pa yan ha! Sure na sura na magkakalat yan sa Q&A to the highest level hihihihi! Imagine, first time na may interpreter ang kandidata ng pinas sa MU. Hay! paurong ang mga utakels! Ano gaya-gaya sa mga latina? Eh, yung pinadala nga natin sa nakaraang MU e hanggang top 10 lang. Maganda na ang mukha nun, sobrang sexy talaga, may pinag-aralan at good ang comm skill pa! Tapos etong gusto nilang manalo at ipadala ay pang Ms.Bikini Scubadoobeedoo lang. Hay ewan mga baks!!! Hihihihi

    • Nakakatawa lang talaga kayo kung manlait sa iba. Halatang halata na may pinapanigang ibang kandidata, gigil na gigil at takot na takot kay Janicel.

      Ewan ko ba! Yung iba dyan mukhang parang nabrainwash na ng leader ng isang kulto kung maka adore sa bet nila at sobra makalait sa ibang kandidata as if napakaperfect nila at ng kandidata nila e may kanya kanya lang naman tayong flaws.

      • Actually isang tao lang yan… madami lang alternicks… binayaran ata ng isang camp para ipromote mga candidata nila dito….

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