19 comments on “Ria and Soraya: Will RL’s Angels strike a win this year?

  1. Ria’s make up should be not heavy on the eye area.. the blush should be emphasized below the cheek’s bone not above.

  2. Mutya has a camp but her handlers prefer to keep the focus on their talents rather than the trainers.

  3. Ria’s face w/out make-up is such a disaster.
    I used to admire her during her first stint, but when I saw her make-up less feslak, nasindak ako, namuhi at napaisip, hanggang sa mabaliw at mapakagat sa pototoy ng aking bagong iniirog na si Felixberto.

    • Based on Filipino Beauty standards who patronizes Caucasian features that are softened by their Asian blood… Ria is quite the opposite of that which makes her more attractive to the other races than Asians.

    • Basil, only Pia looks like PIA without make up on . Almost every body else is unrecognizable without make up on. That’s why I like PiA. She’s the only real beauty

  4. I hope the two ladies will advance in the semifinals. rabajante is a pinay beauty and cheerful. Soraya is very nice. Good luck ladies.

  5. Ria ‘s bone structure is strikingly outstanding, she’s exotic and exudes sex appeal, but because of her unique facial bone structure, applying the right makeup will be bit of a challenge…
    It could come up too strong or mannish, overall I do like her, she reminds me of Tetchie Agbayani, they have feline facial appeal🐷

    • Kulang lang sa talukap ang mata nya… naaayos narin yun ng RF treatment kahit walang make-up… Kailangan makipag partners din kasi si RL sa mga derma sponsors gaya ng ibang camp…

  6. I love that Ria has greatly improved. Being a Sunday School teacher and a blogger, I hope she becomes rich and famous one day that she could bring her whole family back to the Philippines. If she had that personality when she 1st competed, she could’ve landed a crown but now the top 5/7 is already too crowded that her only hope is if she does an outstanding job in the Q&A while one of the top contenders fumbles drastically. She should definitely be part of the TOP 15.

    • As her sister, I am really proud of what she has became. I strongly I believer that Sel (the name I call her because her real name is Sissel) is really one of the smartest person in the competition. Of course, if at the night of the coronation, she will be noticed by the judges then that will be a good chance for her to prove and represent her purpose in joining the competition. She really worked hard and continuously understanding the process of this competition. I am glad that she is a strong woman who doesn’t get criticism gets into her nerves and mind. I declare that she will get her chance to be in the finals and the rest is up to her to prove her worth. For all those people who are contonously supporting her, thank you. I can say that you are rooting to an epitome of beauty not only outside but also inside. God bless you all!

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