12 comments on “A farewell recording for the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Queens

  1. Paalam na din sa winning streak ng Pilipinas! Balik na naman tayo sa mga thank you girls!

  2. Hey it’s BBP season again!

    I like the following girls:

    Janicel- Her face and body is for Miss Universe but her comskills needs more trainning. She is young therefore another year will give her more depth and substance. I hope she becomes 1st runner-up so that she could win Miss Universe next year!

    Winwyn- Her whole personality, aura, drive, determination, substance, everything is spot-on except for her height… I don’t mind her winning BBP-International this year.

    Christie- Awesome credentials and her bonestructure can be perfect for Victoria’s secret. She needs to work on her butt cheeks though. I just see a bit of a problem with her face… its a bit of an unconventional beauty but if she wins, I’m sure BPCI will have it fixed. I don’t mind that her eyes are a bit far apart, I think its more on her bite. She’d be perfect for International but she lacks charm when she talks.. Supra?

    Toni- Seems so charming, she’s also perfect for Miss International. I also like her Filipino ancestry… it’s very regal. But I also don’t like the idea of spreading Christian values to our tribal people. Tourism or Supra perhaps?…

    Patricia- Nice personality and oh so sexy! I think would be good for Supranational.

    Ria- Her improvements are phenomenal! She is also good for Supranational.

    Pia-looks saggy this year but we can’t deny that she has the comskills and experience. With more ab work outs, she could win Miss Intercontinental.

    Hannah-I’m bored. MTQI?

    Rogelie- too unnatural. 2nd runner-up

    Nobody seems to completely fit the Miss Universe brand this year except for Janicel… If she wins BBP-Universe, would Dale Carnegie be able to whip her mind into shape till the next edition of Miss Universe? If she doesn’t win, who shall we send?… Anne Colis seems to be a good alternative. Her face has the Miss Universe vibe but her bone structure is not winnable at all. Alaiza has the body proportion and bone structure but right now, her face and personality screams clapper. Since when did Kylie get fat?..I would love her for Miss International but she also seems bland.

  3. I wonder what will happen to these girls after 3/15.
    Even the successful competitors only show up during pageant seasons … If at all.

  4. Poor sweet Parul! Her dream of competing internationally was never fulfilled. Since she was awarded a “crown”, she does not have a chance to compete again, either in BPCI or in another pageant system (unless she quits). She was always such a trooper… always supported the other binibinis and showed up in all the events. She will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

    • It won’t matter if she has place in your heart, nag-aapartment lang sya te, kaya bahay ang i-provide mo hindi puso!

      • Gagahh ka talaga, basil. LOL! Bakit ako pa ang magproprovide ng bahay sa kanya. Yang ganda niya nayan I’m sure she will have a problem finding a Sugar Daddy that will give her everything she deserves. 🙂 Besides, “a special place in my heart” is all I can afford…

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