22 comments on “Sunday Specials: Next in line, Judah Cohen

  1. half jewish ba siya? na notice ko lang ang last name niya.. “cohen”

    • I thought about that too… I hope he will be sent to a location where his lineage will not be a factor.

  2. Sasama rin ba at pupunta si Pawee sa Panama? Baka AIDS at corona virus carrier na yan charoz lol!

    Naku wag lang nya maka vibes yong becky sa Mr. World at baka pati dyan ma penetrate nya at manipulahin hahaha grabeh ano may schengen visa din ba siya ‘ta norms?

  3. Kung ganito lang ang katawan na ilalaban sa international arena, hindi malayo masasapawan at hindi mapapansin na naman ang pinas.

    Kailangan talagang well-define ang mga muscles dahil labanan ito ng pa-machuhan. At kailangang maihahanay ang tangkad sa mga kalaban. Di pwede ang pa-cute,pa-charming at puro emote lang.

    Tingnan nio nangyari ka Joseph? ligwak! Naintindihan natin kasi wala syang height kaya doon niya ibinuhos ng husto ang laban. Pero ano? clap clap clap pa rin. Pero hanga tayo sa diterminasyon ni Joseph.

    Ngunit maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na natabunan si Joseph sa mga naglalakihang mga katawan at katangkaran ng mga kalaban. Kasi nga sa finals puro physical attributes ang iniiskoran tulad ng paglalakad, body physique, porma atbp. Kaya with JOseph, expect na natin na hindi talaga sya pasok. Gayunpaman, dahil talo nga sya consolation na lang ang pwede natin ibigay sa kanya.

    Sana sa susunod na laban, magpadala naman ng dekalibreng kandidato para naman interesting ang patimpalak.

  4. I watched the interview of Pia posted by Tito Norms and us mere mortals would not be able to experientially understand what these beauty queens go through “to prepare” for a pageant. On her first try, she prepared for a year.

    OMG, one year ang preparation!!!

    Now what about our Misters? Are our pageant organizers giving our boys the right amount of time to prepare for their respective international competitions? I know Joseph prepared well. And I trust Judah will do likewise, given that he had 8 months to do so.

    But what I am really concerned about are all the pageants in general where they just give the boys a month or so to prepare. How much prep time is enough? Do these orgs have the necessary wherewithal to support what is required to make “kings” out of “boys”. Bear in mind that beauty is expensive.

    Honestly, I think Neil would not have won the crown if the pageant happened in October as originally scheduled. And OMG, he really looked so much better in February as compared to how he looked like when he won in September. I think PEPPs tried their best to give Neil catwalk time and public engagements to increase his self confidence and to mitigate his “pagkamahiyain”. That is what preparation would do. Just review the pictures and you will see what I mean.

    So what is the point of all these lengthy discourse?

    Schedule all local male pageants to ensure that AT LEAST 6 MONTHS PREP TIME is afforded to our boys. That’s what the girls’ pageants have been doing and that’s what we should do for our boys. Our nascent male pageant industry must follow the successful footsteps of its female counterpart.

    And only then can we really be called a “beauty powerhouse”.

  5. His physique is better now, mas fit tignan.. but then again, if lalaban ka with international delegates.. lulubog ang ganyang katawan. konting work out pa. pero kung yan na talaga, daanin sa performance. hehe

    • This guy is doing his best. But bulking up requires not just work outs but also cash outs…

      That’s why in my post above, I was asking about wherewithal.

      • mga beks…..magsponsor tayo ng pang protein workout ni baby Judah? umaapela oh…

      • Hahahha Harlf breed na walang pera? Natawa naman ako. I-drop niya nalang foreign surname na total wala namang kwenta. Born out of wedlock ba ang peg?

    • I agree…..he improve but not enough in international arena!!!! Dapat masculado!!!!

  6. Yep…mas gumanda ang body niya compared to when he won…sige support Judah! Move on na sa nangyari sa Mister Global…

  7. He definitely looks better… but there’s a lot more work to be done if we’re talking about an international competition. We can’t take the other countries’ delegates for granted. But come to think of it, the guys with the hottest bodies and cutest faces are not the ones winning lately, so maybe he’ll have a chance.

    • True that… now, all the more am I curious if anyone for that matter has made an analyses of what a “winner’s profile” is, say for the last 10 years for ALL major male pageants?

      Seriously. kasi padala tayo ng padala ng delegates na tingin naten ay “winner na ‘to” yun pala ayaw ng mga jurados (that is if the judging is fair and square minus the alleged “cookfest” and “journalistic influence”).

      You see in business, companies usually do “profiling analyses” of their competitors’ products, systems, processes, etc so that a determination of how to “demolish the competition” could be had.

      So dapat, we should do the same for our male pageants. Pageants are not just about “art”. It must also have “science” and Just like in life, there should also be the “Art and Science of Pageantry”.

      Sa MU, madali lang and “winner’s profile”… pag latina looking, or kung sa isang tingin lang ay t*t*gasan si donald duck, win na yang delegate. Sa MW, di ko alam. And sa MI at least mas friendly ang org na ito sa ating mga pinoy.

      So sa male pageants…do we even have a winner’s profile? Pag meron tayo niyan, baka sakali mag top 5 din tayo consistently just like MU. Yan kung walang cookfest and ….

      Sana someone can come up with one…

  8. He is meatier now. And he is the man of best substance amongst the winners of Mister Philippines. He has a fair chance of being recognised. Work harder, Judah. #ForthePhilippines

    • I think we should give the guy a chance and support him. At any rate, if he will be a clapper, that is still okay PROVIDED he would have done all that he could possibly have done to get the title. In other words, hindi hao-shao ba…

      If it turns out that he will be a clapper… e ano naman ngaun…basta he did his best, that is mighty fine be me.

      In closing, let me quote Pia Wurtzbach in that Tim Yap interview, to wit: “It doesn’t really matter what happens during the pageant night…it’s what you do AFTER that really defines you.”

      I like that mantra…maybe our delegates MUST adopt it as a rule of law…or dapat tayo na din na mga spectators will live by those words as well.

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