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  1. She’s one of the most deserving for MUP for this batch. Pia has enough time to work on her body, she got the bust and the hips. just more on her waist and build some abs I guess. Her face seems so universal, it can look Tisay but at same time has the Pinay aura. Her conversational skills is no question.

  2. Pia Wurtzbach for MUP 2015! Janicel Lubina for Ms.Supranational 2015 or Century Tuna Bods 2015!

  3. If Pia will be crowned MUP, I have no problem as long as Janicel is a runner-up so she can join again. She’s only 19 years old, she still has 5 years more to enjoy pageants.

    Don’t worry Fabian and Aljur,
    I will still support Pia for whatever title she will get including MUP if ever.
    As a filipino, we should still support who ever will win. Hindi yung kung anu ano pa ang sinasabe.

  4. As much as I support Janicel, I also love Pia! I mean, Pia has CLASS written all over her. I admire her spirit and determination, plus she is smart and articulate. The woman has substance. If Pia wins MUP, I won’t complain! Janicel or Pia, destiny will decide their fates on pageant night. I support them both. Good luck to both!

  5. Janicel is over hyped. Reminds me of when Pia first started out in beauty pageants. In the 3 years she has tried out for BBP, you can definitely see that she has grown into a mature young woman. Yeah she has put on weight but from what I believe, it gives Madame Stella and BBP something to work on. They need someone who they can change and mold.

    The only thing that needs working on for Janicel is her communication skills and GOODLUCK to that. It’s like trying to teach a baby how to walk at age 2 months with the time she has until Miss Universe.

    It’s practicality now. And Selecting Janicel as Miss Universe Philippines, is a massive mistake. Each to their own opinions.

    Go Pia! I have been an avid supporter of yours since you first started out. This time around, I feel that your presence has been overlooked but come finals night, I reckon you will be the force to be reckoned with.


  6. What Janicel’s fans don’t realise is that Pia is the only one here who can actually open her mouth and speak PROPER ENGLISH….#ItWillBeQueenP

    I will be cheering for you next Sunday, Pia. You are destined for that MUP crown!

    • What Pia fans don’t realize is that Miss Universe is originaly and will always be a Swimsuit pageant… Who else would look better in a Yamamay swimsuit than Janicel? 😀

      • I watched Janicel’s intro and she can’t even pronounce duck walk. I had to watch the video a few times and take a couple of Advil for the headache. She’s would be better suited for Supra.

      • Yep, after the swimsuit and evening gown is done and Janicel makes the top 5, get ready for Irene Esser 2.0……..
        If we want to place in the top 5 in Miss Universe, send Janicel.
        If we want to win Miss Universe, send Pia #ItWillBeQueenP

      • Yes we want janicel in the miss u with the top 5 finish than a clapper with no placement at all if pia won as bb pilipinas universe.. why?… simply because she doesnt have the body… not imternationally beautiful.. there r a lotmore better girls than her..janicel for miss u… gow

      • Nasa top 5 nga pero pagtawanan naman tayo ng buong mundo sa possibleng Q&A blunder Kay Janicel. Baka maging #1 pa sa blooper reel.

      • Miss Japan fr a few yrs ago, do u think she was sexy enough to rep yamamay ? I don’t think so !!!!
        I just don’t think Janicel has the maturity yet. She is still very childish when she talks. She has all the confidence in the world. But when she opens her mouth , poise and grace is gone.
        She needs 1 more yr to make her case

      • Yamamay was not an official sponsor during the time of Rio Mori… Her win was also prior to the peak of Japan being the biggest economy in the world which is the best way to highlight Trump’s investments in the Japanese stock exchange and other businesses.

      • When Janine won MUP, her body wasn’t competition ready. Same is true with Ara. Pia’s body is not far off from achieving that killer figure.

      • One of the main reasons why I’m not really in favour of Pia winning MU is, she will have a hard time standing out in a sea of Latinas and Caucasians. For the past 5 years that we’ve been noticed by MU, was there at least 1 “tisay” who represented us in the said pageant? She can represent us perhaps at Intercon or MI (tho I prefer Suiza to represent us at MI)

        And her body proportion is quite off. It’s her built already that’s the issue. Sure she can get abs and all that but if her body frame/shape is really like that, then it’ll be really hard for her to compete at MU. Just my 2 cents!

    • Mga kamaganak yata kayo ni Pia eh kung hindi naman either may diferencia kayo sa inyong mga mata o malamang duling kayo dahil kung ang talagang nais ninyo ay ligwak tayo sa MU from the get go eh ibigay na kay Pia ang korona y punto…….mas puede siya sa Miss World dahil doon wala nang swimsuit segment …hindi na niya kailangan ipakita ang katawan niya.

      • Are you plain ignorant? Pia can lose weight. It is questionable whether if Janicel can learn to communicate effectively without being laughed at. OVERALL, I choose PIA for BBPU.

        Janicel is beautiful and all, but she is a lack luster. Her beauty will not be noticed especially for the already said winners for Miss U from other countries.

      • Mukha kayong swuimsuit. E di sa Miss Scuba kayo ulit sumali. Napaka-shallow nyo huh. Pia is way prepared and better than Janicel. and take note, andyan pa si Ann Colis / Christi McGarry / and Alaiza Malinao who are worthier than Janicel in MUP title.

  7. Pia should be thankful…the crown she deserves and will most likely get is Tourism.

  8. Pia, you deserve a crown. Not just any crown but the MUP’s. I may not be your vocal supporter but wishful and hopeful for your victory.

  9. my dear Pia! I was a lil disappointed at frst because of your body. But you persevere and the difference is so noticeable now. I will cheer for you comes March 15. I still believe in you. Good Luck in getting that MUP crown.

  10. I hope she gets the First Runner Up honors. She has joined enough; Binibini has become her career.

  11. Pia isn’t my #1 MUP bet (Janicel is) but if Pia wins the MUP title, think of it this way:

    Ximen(a) – 21
    Leil(a) – 25
    Olivi(a) – 20
    Gabriel(a) – 25
    Paulin(a) – 21
    Pi(a) – 25


    Good luck to all the girls!

  12. Pia Wurtzbach for MUP2015!!! Janicel Lubina for Ms.Supranational2015!!!!!

  13. Tourism or Intercontinental. Sa bagong format ng Miss U, kung susundin ang format last jan 25, let’s say pasok si Pia sa Top 15, ligwak agad sa Top 10 at swimsuit portion ang basehan. Ngayon, kahit sino pa bet ng Philippines kung bazzura na naman ang gown, kahit makapasok pa sa Top 10, ligwak na naman sa Top 5 at ang basis ng judging eh evening gown portion. Kalowkah! Hanggang Top 10 na naman ang kapalaran ng Pinas kung hindi mawawala si Bazzura sa Bb. Pilipinas.

    • Well you should realize Venus, Shamcey, Janine, and Ariella wore gowns made by Bazzurra as well and they managed to crack the top five, and the worst of these gowns was worn by 1st runner up Janine. How do you explain their top 5 finish?

  14. Beauty with sense and substance. Miss Universe Philippines and Miss Universe crown worthy.

    The end.

  15. Last year she was so fierce…you could feel that hunger to get a crown and she was too bold in saying all she wanted was the MUP title. Perhaps He just wanted her to give a lesson. Now I can sense that humility from her. I believe she is deserving of the top crown and I hope He grants it to her this time. God bless this woman.

  16. People can hate all they want on Pia, but there are a couple things to recognize. First being that out of all of the candidates this year, Pia is quite possibly the only one who can construct a COHERENT sentence in English without sounding like she is scrambling. She also has the backing of Aces & Queens and 2 years of preparation and deep reflection for why she would want to compete in beauty pageants again. There is no doubt that Pia is the best and most prepared candidate to represent the Philippines in any international pageant–it’s just a matter of which crown will land on her head come finals.

      • Unfortunately the past 5 winners have a higher english proficiency than the majority of Bb. candidates this year. You’re foolish if you think communication skills, english included, doesn’t matter in selecting a Miss Universe.

  17. So sweet and a very good conversationalist. Hindi pinupwersa ang sarili. Yan ang mga nananalo sa Miss Universe.

    • Che umasa kapa jan sa walang korte ang katawan mong idol isa lag ang expression ng mukha at laylay ag pwet a talo pa amg baklang nagpa inject ng balakang… hi di ata nauso sa miss u ang walang korte ang katawan.. panu na sa swimsuit nganga a d manlang tau papasok sa top15.. pia mag boksing nalag cya d na cya nadala sa bagay nasanay na yang pumalakpak…

  18. I have faith in her Sir Norman, hope the stars will conspire and make way for a crown #Pia4ever 🙂

  19. Miss Scuba or Miss Diversity Culture for her! Spoiler, kung baga sa halalan panirang boto ang mga repeaters! ahihihi

      • No, MUP or first runner up for Janicel.
        If Pia will be crowned this year of any title, I have no problem as long as Janicel will be 1st runner up.

        Don’t worry ALJUR, FABIAN,
        I will still support Pia if she will compete internationally.

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