19 comments on “Help Joseph Doruelo get into the Semi-Finals of Mister Global 2015

  1. this guy reminds me of alex aquino, our first filipino mr international. laki chande to win it. he has the x factor

    • I agree… pero Alex is our 2nd… forgot who’s the other guy…

      Compared to Alex, Joseph has a bigger…
      Personality! 😀

      • @Mike

        He is the 1st Mr. International of the organization owned by a Singaporean… but the title existed before under a different ownership based in a different country.

  2. IMHO this is a better batch than last year which had that infamous pictorial session in bed including Missosology’s Pawee. With the win by Myamar surrounded by controversy.

    Joseph looks so freakin’ hot and ripped here – seriously, he looks Photoshopped. He’s a shoo-in to place, if not win it all.

    • Umayos-ayos ka nga diyan, teh! Baka sabihin nila isa kang beking walang modo. Merong pila – fall in line behind us noh! LOL!

  3. Joseph is SUCH a cutie. I want to bite him and take care of him. He is such an attractive representative. Gah… If only. hehehe

  4. Mister Global Pa-Bembang List

    Czech Republic
    Puerto Rico

    Pinag-iisipan ko pa si Sri Lanka…di ko masyado type ang fez pero mukhang ang laki ng pang-bembang niya eh!!! Hahaha!

  5. Brasil, Chile, France, Philippines and Czech Republic are my Top 5. This batch is a weak one, I might add.

  6. 21 lang sila, so dapat top 10 ang semi-finalists plus 1 winner ng online voting, tapos pipili ng tuff 5:


    Czech Republic

    Top 10

    Puerto Rico
    Sri Lanka

    On line voting winner

    Myanmar / Thailand

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